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LIVE Trading & Making Over $14k

LIVE Trading

LIVE Trading & Making Over $14k

All right, everyone. We’re going to do our midday market recap. We’ll go over the trades from this morning. I’m finishing the morning of $6328.4. I have no trades on LFIN which is the one that we’re watching right now. This for me just … It’s not my price range, 45, $50. It’s crazy because, on Friday, we traded it when it was way down here at $8, $9, $10. Even then it was starting to get a little outside my wheelhouse and look at it. It squeezed up on Friday all the way up to $25 this morning. Pre-market high, 44 bucks. It’s just continuing higher. This is a recent IPO with Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain connection. It’s definitely strong.

However, you have to be really careful trading these because they don’t trade the same way as small caps when they get into this price range. This is a really good example here where I was watching it on this one-minute bull flag. We were consolidating sideways. You can see here how it suddenly dropped two points. It dropped from 46 all the way down to 40 … actually 43.75. Then, it went sideways, sideways, sideways. Then, boom, popped all the way back up. You’ve got 2, 4, 6 camels in a row where it squeezes seven points, six points.

This is difficult price action to trade because it’s not as predictable. I think in part it’s because there’s just not going to be as many traders who are willing to trade this because the price is so high, only has 3.3 million shares of volume today in contrast to DSSS or DSS the stock that I made the bulk of my profits on. This one has almost 10million shares of volume. You can see my P$L here, $6328. These are the five stocks that traded. DSS up just under four grand. CPAH up 1300, SRAX up 725, MLNK up 389, and MOSY down 122 bucks. That’s where I’m finishing the morning here. I’m breaking over $50,000 in profits here on the month of December, which is awesome.

That makes this my third best month of the year, best month being 81 in November; 68,000 in February and now 50,000 here or whatever it is, 52,000 in December. I’m hoping that we continue to see great momentum, but this was also, as you’re pointing out there, the day that I crossed over $300,000 in profits. From my account, that’s started on January 1st with $583. From $583 up to 300 grand, that’s quite something. You can see here I knew I needed to hit $230,000 because I already took 70,000 out of this account earlier this year, so 230 plus 70 is 300 grand. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be over that level which is really cool.

I said over the last few days my goal was to hit 300 grand. I knew that I would hit it just focusing on equality setups, not swinging for the fences, but just going for my go-to traits. It’s just so happened that we’ve had incredible opportunities in the last two weeks. Last week, I made $33,000. Starting this week was six grand as a nice continuation of that momentum. Today is my 10th consecutive Green Day. In these last 10 days, let’s just see how much I’ve made in these last 10 days. In these last 10 days, I’ve actually made $52,000 in 10 days. Not bad at all. It’s pretty awesome.

Anyways, let’s look at the trades today. Let’s start to break it down. First trade of the day was on MLNK. I’ll turn these scanners off here for a minute. MLNK was on the High of Day Momentum Scanner. Let’s see I can scroll back here. This one was a surprise stock. It wasn’t something I was watching pre-market. It’s not one that I would typically be all that interested in, but the bell rang. It started squeezing up as you can see here, MLNK. This one back this up here. This was a little bit disappointing because I got in. I saw it hitting the scanners. That was it like $2. I got in. I tried to take 5,000 shares at 233. I only got filled 127 shares at 232.

This is just one of those times where it popped up too fast. I didn’t get filled. I then decided to add at 258 and 260 and then sold it 267, which was fine. It’s a profit, but if I had filled 5000 shares at 232 way down here, by the time it was up at 252, I’d be up a thousand. By the time it was up at 72, I would be up $2000. That’s just a bummer that I didn’t get filled on my order there, but it is just the luck of the draw sometimes. That was the first trade. I said, “You know what? $389, that gets me on the leaderboard. I’m happy with that.” Green is good. Let’s look for the next trade.

Next trade was SRAX. This one hit our scanners. It’s a stock that we’ve traded several times in the past. As soon as I pulled up the daily chart, I knew that if it could break over this level here of 640. We would have room back up towards $7 to $8. 640 was a spot I was watching. I jumped in right off the scanners at 616. It hits a high of, let’s see, 639. It actually hit that resistance level. When you have a spot that’s a critical line in the sand, the fact that it’s a critical line in the sand means it is resistance. If we break it, that’s huge. We will continue higher, but, oftentimes, we hit those levels and then we come back down. That’s what happened here.

Fortunately, I was able to make $725 on it with an entry 615, 617, and 618 and selling at 32, 29, 34. The rest I was sold as it dropped back down at 609 and 605. So 725 bucks there. With those two trades, I’m up over $1000. I’m 10 minutes into the day. I’ve got my thousand-dollar daily goal. I was feeling good about that. Then, I saw a DSS. DSS, we were watching. It pops up on the scanners and starts squeezing up. Someone in the room said, “Hey, this has cryptocurrency Bitcoin blockchain technology.” I jumped in. As soon as I saw hiddenness scans, I jumped in as you can see here at 187, 188 and 191. It ends up hitting 195 and getting halted on a 10-minute circuit breaker hall.

It’s now halted for 10 minutes. It resumes. I add at 244. At that point, I’m up 44. Well, now I’m up let’s see at that point, I had … Once I added, I had 10,000 shares with an average cost of 202. My average cost went up to 202. It was a little bit disappointing because what happened here is we hit 52. We dropped all the way back down to 213. I got nervous. I sold most of my position as we drop back down, as you can see here at 47, 38 and 25. Then, it came back up and broke back over the half dollar of 250. I added back at 249. I sold at 69, sold at 74. Then, I added back at 69 and sold …. Let’s see. Sorry. I added back at 69. I guess at 58, tried to sell at 68, didn’t really get filled, ended up selling at 65 and 51 and losing a little bit on that last trade.

It just that it did this false sort of tap and then pull back. That made me feel like I needed to sell and take profit because I didn’t want to be in a situation where I was up 4 or $5000. Then, I gave it all back. I’ll tell you right now. I see you guys talking about LFIN. I’m not going to have FOMO on this. I’m not going to give in to the fear of missing out. I’m not going to say this isn’t an impressive move. It’s halted here. It is for sure, but we know that these just simply are harder to manage risk on.

I’m not sure how many of you guys are trading it, but I’m really happy for anyone that was able to manage risk and felt comfortable with it. For me, this is another day where I’m walking away with $6000. I don’t feel that I took a lot of risk. When I was looking at LFIN, I was looking at taking 500 shares, just 500 shares. I was thinking I’m nervous because this thing could drop like three points the way it did right here, the way it did right there. Instantly, I could lose 1500 bucks. I don’t want to lose 1500 bucks. I don’t want to risk that much.

My biggest loss today is $122. This is me really managing my risk and knowing the type of stocks that I can trade where I can control risk. It’s great to see it going up. I just still have that issue of the best way to manage risk is reduce your size. That’s the simple explanation. You’ve got a stock that’s parabolic, that’s got big spreads, reduce your size, even if it’s down to just 200 or 300 shares and that’s fine. You lose two points, 200 shares. It’s only 400 bucks, but for me, it’s just hard to wrap my head around this type of move, literally from $5 all the way up to $62 in two days.

It’s an opportunity, but what I usually would say about this is this train already left the station. I wasn’t on it. Instead of trying to jump on the back and risk getting my foot cut off or whatever, I’m just going to wait for the next train to leave the station. We know that there will be another one. There will be stocks that because LFIN was so strong, traders are going to jump on the next stock that starts to move. I can turn the scanners on. We can just keep an eye on these alerts because it won’t surprise me if we see another stock start to hit these scanners because this one’s strong.

Look. SIEB, let’s look at this. Come on. Why do you think this is squeezing up right now out of all times? Unless there’s breaking news on it, I’m going to say that it’s probably sympathy to LFIN. That’s what we see as we see these sympathy opportunities. One stock is strong and next thing you know, two, three, four, five others are strong.

Instead of trying to jump on the train that’s already left the station where I can’t manage my risk, I wait for the next one. LFIN, I’ll just look at the level two on this. Let’s see. This one was halted at 11:17 and 18 seconds. If it’s a five-minute halt, it will resume at 11:22 and 18 seconds, more or less. SIEB. Look at it. Go. Same kind of thing. Again, on this one, again a second stock that’s above $10, it’s also outside my wheelhouse in terms of price. If we look at the level two on it, 1560 by 1583, 1560 by 1574, 51 by 76, 16 by 76, that’s a big spread. If you buy it right now at 73, 2000 shares, you’re down a thousand bucks just across the spread.

This is where you can run into some issues. You watch this. The high is 87. The level I would usually watch would be to see that break, over 87, but 83 on the ask. You see some buyers. That’s the green. 83. Looks like 87 is going to break. If it breaks 87, it should go straight to 16. The problem is if you’re a buyer up here, what’s your downside risk? Your downside risk is all the way back down to 15. Look at that. That’s 1595. How much profit do you have right now? You’ve got 10 cents of profit if you got in here at 87. What’s your downside risk? It’s back to 15. Ten cents a profit for 90 cents of risk is not a profit-loss ratio that we can stand on.

If this gets over 16, 1620, 1630, there you go. There’s that pop, 1639. Why does that happen? That typically happens because someone shorted the stock and is now marketing out. They’re bailing out with a market order. That creates a squeeze. 1627 by 1658, 1652 on the ask, 24% gain. Let’s look at this here. Here’s the resumption on LFIN. So resumed exactly five minutes later. There’s a four-point drop. Dropping four points, down to 57, 55. The spot I typically would watch these is over the high of the halt, but in this case, it had already moved so much before the halt. I wouldn’t trust it. Here SIEB is halted as well with an H. The halt price on this was, let’s see, 1658 at 11:22.

This resume at around 11:27 five minutes after the halt. Look at that drop down to 57, popping back up. The high was 62, so watch it around 62. 6140 by 62, 6344, 6299 and look at these spreads. Again, I’m not saying there’s not potential here, there’s not an opportunity here. I just think there’s lower risk opportunities on some of the other stocks that we were trading earlier this morning. We look back at DSS. You can see here, this type of pull-back five-minutes setup. Entry would have been at 236. Your max loss is down here at 215.

You’re risking 20 cents. That’s, to me, easier to wrap my head around. 27 cents of risk, the potential back to high a day. That’s a good profit loss ratio. I don’t know if LFIN has risk of getting halted on a T12, which would be halted pending. It’s like pending, I guess, responding to Nasdaq inquiry, but this is obviously getting to be ridiculous from $5 all the way up to 63. It’s a recent IPO. I guess that’s what it’s got going for it with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin blockchain connection. High is now 64, 6480, 65.

You see 65 breaks. What’s next? 6591. 6591 breaks. 66. Just looking at the level two in the market depth. It’s up 198% on four million shares of volume. It’s a big move. It’s cool to watch, but just sitting here watching it, even if I got in for the first candle to make a new high, which would be here at 62, my risk is down to the low of that pullback. That’s five points a risk. Here, you’re at 67. That’s five points of profit. I guess you get your one-to-one ratio there. We’re going to watch the time here because we know SIEB will resume at 11:27 and 36 seconds, five minutes after the halt.

This looks like it’s about to get halted again. You see the way the level two is pinned here at 6825. That’s going to be another halt. There’s the H, halted again on another circuit breaker. It’s halted because it’s going up 10% within five minutes. Now, SIEB. Again, this is where we start to see sympathy. You see one stock that’s really strong. It’s not surprising to see a second or third one that opens up a bit. So high on SIEB before the halt was 1658. 1658, resumption, you watch it. I would typically say around, well, there’s two ways to trade these. One is wait for a pullback. Then, the first candle to make a new high would be the entry.

If it opens below 1660, I would add a 1660. If it opens at 17, I might add around 17. If it opens in 1750, then it’s just off to the races. You have to wait for a pullback. For me, I watch these. I say, “Well, wait.” Usually, when they’re this extended already, I’ve already started to miss the train. I got to wait for a pullback. Let’s see. Resumption is about probably 30 seconds away. If it resumes at 11:27 and 36 seconds, so you can watch this out of that halt. LFIN is going to be halted until 11:30 and 36 seconds if it’s a five-minute halt.

Just watching the level two here, I wasn’t expecting to have this much volatility during the midday recap, but might as well just watch it and see what happens. 1705, that would be a spot to watch, high before the halt, 1658. Watch how fast these will move. I might trade this, I’m not sure. I’m at 1658 looking for this to break over 17. Again, this setup here is you look at that first pullback. Then, you expect out of the halt that it’ll squeeze higher. This right now is stalling a little bit. Downside risk is back to 16. Upside target over $17.

Just watching the level two. This is an interesting resumption because it’s not exploding as much as I sort of thought it would. You can see there’s some sellers at 1619, 1699. There’s 17 on the ask. You see that chop? It’s bouncing around a bit. You can tell that the level that needs to break would be 17. If it can’t break that level, that’s a problem. With this, you see how much it’s jumping around. 1609, 1648, it’s all over the place. The high is 17. That’s the level to watch for a break.

Let’s watch this and see what it does. The load of the pullback right now is 1583. On these ones, any stock coming out of a halt has a lot of risk. We’ll see what this does here. This is sort of what LFIN did out of the first halt. It dropped and then it popped back up. Right now, it’s touch-and-go. Is it just going to pop over 1650, go straight to 17. Then, 1758, 18 or is it going to drop. You can see it going either way, especially with the LFIN sympathy. That one’s 6825 was the halt.

I’d watch to see how it behaves around 1650, 1640 on the ask. Then, obviously 17 is critical. LFIN is at 68. Let’s see. 25 resumption should be in about 30 seconds on LFIN. High, the last one minute candle is 1643 on SIEB. I’m usually watching the first one minute candle to make a new high. I’ll put LFIN up on another chart so I can see both of them at the same time. 6825 was the halt on LFIN. There’s the resumption. I would watch the 79 level not that I would … I wouldn’t buy this. I’m not a buyer of LFIN. It’s up too much. There’s 70 on the ask, 1699. This is pretty much … There’s 72, 71 by 72. That one’s continuing higher.

Now, watch the sympathy if it carries over here to SIEB. Now, we want to see this break over $17. 74, 75 on LFIN which is incredible. This is the first one-minute candle to make a new high, high as 87 there. We’re looking for this to break over $17 on SIEB. LFIN hanging out right around 74. You can see here 75. You’ve got two stocks both side by side. I’m showing a lot of strength. 74 is right now a little resistance on LFIN. 7350. We want to see this. There we go. You see the high there, 23. Whenever I see that break, I sell half, tried to sell it to 23, didn’t get filled. I hit the bid at 17.

You’ve got a high now of 1783, now, 18, now this one’s starting to open up of course. 1825. Well, it’s the luck of the draw there. High is 1825. I wasn’t sure this would continue that much higher since LFIN is dropping back down, but this might get halted a second time up here with a high of 1843. If it does, I would just hold through that halt. You can see the way it’s trading here at 1843. Looks like it might get halted. When you see the price pinned, it is what happens right when we’re about to get a halt.

Now, I regret selling half or three quarters at 17, but look at that 1729. This is again that downside risk where you can see these go both directions. High was 1879. Then, that candle dropped all the way down to 1730. Now, traders just pausing for a second. LFIN high is 7650. On these ones, obviously, you got a couple factors here. SIEB up here, I was looking for that first break out of the halt and for it to go higher. Obviously did a false breakout on me, didn’t go right away.

I’ll put this back up higher. High is 1879. So 1879 is the new level that’s in play. 17 was a big level, but remember what we talked about those levels is that when we break them, we can also see false breakouts where the stocks will drop back down. Still, $366 unrealized on these 250 shares. Seeing if this will break over highs, you’ve got LFIN $80 a share up 262%. That’s great. I’m not capturing my profit on that one. I’m trading sympathy on the different one, one that I feel I can manage my risk on a little bit better even though SIEB being above $10 is also a little bit tricky.

I was going to break over 1850. Again, on this, if it was a different time of day and the price was a little lower, I would add. I would be more aggressive, but my problem here is that look what happened. It dropped from 1879 all the way down to 1730. That’s a dollar and a half drop. The risk there is just … that makes it really tricky to me. That makes me more hesitant about adding the high. If we get a high daybreak, we might get to 20 bucks. This looks like it’s going to be halted again. See, how it’s trading here, 8245, 8245, you’ll see the H pop up here in one second. If it stays at this price, and there you go. That one’s halted.

Now, I think that … Remember, guys, if you have a thousand shares of LFIN at 80 bucks, that’s $80,000. The $88 would be $88,000 tied into the trade. There’s a lot of risk there. Don’t forget what happened to DRYS that it was halted for months and resumed 50% lower. This, I think, is I don’t know if it’s capturing short sellers squeezing them out, traders who shorted it at 50 bucks, 60 bucks or maybe there’s long traders jumping in, but just remember the risk.

Stop out of the rest here because it looks to me like this is breaking down. 716 bucks, that’s fine, puts me up over seven grand on the day. That’s nice. You can see here. The risk is we’ve got that pullback and the five-minute setup is getting extended as well. LFIN, watch this on resumption. High is now 8245. This is like a spectator’s thing for me. I’m just watching it. I’m not going to trade it. Just watching.

Again, just to reiterate what I love is that this shows strength in the market. That’s what gave us an opportunity on SIEB. What might give us opportunities on five, six, seven, eight other stocks whether it’s today or it’s tomorrow. Right now, 1138. We’re getting a little close to the lunch hour. I rarely trade at this time of day at all. I don’t usually trade during a midday recap, but that was a nice little opportunity there. I’m glad you guys are able to see that. The halt was 1136. Resumption will be 11:41 and 38 seconds.

Remember, five minutes. It’s a five-minute circuit breaker halt. Well, there are some people I suspect who will have shares available to borrow on this whether it’s with Centrepointe or something one of the more boutique firms. It’s not going to be easily available too short, but there will be some people that have it. Also, remember that what goes up must come down. If we see this stock drop 10% in one candle, it will halt going back down. Oftentimes, they will resume quite a bit lower. Keep yourself prepared for that downside risk.

SIEB, it was a fun trade but not doing much at the moment, kind of sideways. Back to LFIN, the one that’s really in play. Watching the time the way this particular time in sales window works is it links to whatever’s in focus. There we go. So 41, we’ve got a little bit of time left. I’ll just load this again, the layout.

Let’s see, 11:41, 38 seconds. About 30 seconds away from resumption. 36, 38. Just watch that and watch the clock up here in the top. SIEB back down. That one’s not holding up. We should get resumption here. We should see quotes. There we go. The high is right at high of day of 83. Now, we’ve got 85 on the ask. It’s not impossible that this could tap $100, 10,000 share of 84, 87 88, 90. There we go. 90, 30. This could get halted again here on another circuit breaker.

I would probably be personally … I was still holding. I would be selling into these types of halts because this is obviously parabolic. Parabolic, straight, straight, straight, straight up. Then, you have the downside risk. We’ll keep watching this until we get that first candle to make a new look because I want you guys to see what that looks like. There’s another halt. It’s halting because it’s hitting 10%. Our [inaudible 00:34:41] the scanners here. I see it. I look at it. Is it fit into what I like to trade? No. Could it be sympathy? Could it get some momentum because of how strong this one is? Yes, but I don’t think this is the one. Just keep waiting.

This is exciting for you, guys, to see because we haven’t seen a stock do this type of move. It’s been at least six months. This is a good opportunity for you, guys, just to watch and learn. Again, if you’re not trading it, you’re just watching from the sidelines. I’m watching from … I’ve been trading for years and years. I’m still just watching from the sidelines because, to me, I just felt like the risk was too high. There’ll be a time I’m sure where I feel comfortable being aggressive on these, but you don’t want to get aggressive on these before you’re ready because if you do, you can lose. You can blow up your whole account in one day. I’ve seen so many traders do it, traders who short this who are thinking, oh, it’s going to hit resistance at 50 bucks.

Well, look. This just went from $50 all the way up to 100. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t extended at 50. It was. It was extended at 60, at 70, at 80 and 92, but it’s going stronger. It’s irrationally strong. This is the thing where the market can be irrationally strong. It can also be irrationally a weak. We don’t try to rationalize it. We just try to trade it. That means we need to manage our risk. We cannot be stubborn. We have to have the discipline to get out when it’s not working because this type of … Obviously, we know that there’s a lot of traders out there who like the short stocks. They’re squeezing up like this.

A lot of them would have said right here, 47, 48, that this thing is extended because it was. There’s no question about it. That’s fine. You shorted here what you covered in the first pop. You don’t hold and hold. You don’t add more, add more, and add more until you’re holding your entire account short up here at 79 bucks because what happens if this thing goes to 150? I don’t want to be coming down on people who are having a bad day who are read on this because I know how frustrating it is. I’ve had lots of bad days in my career, but for beginner traders who are just watching this thing for the first time, let it be a lesson to you that stocks can go crazy.

They can be weaker than you think is logical. They can be stronger than you think is logical. You can’t be stubborn because you’re not going to overpower the market. You can’t. You can’t always afford to just sit and hold through these types of moves because if you can afford, let’s say, you shorted 10,000 shares at 50 bucks, how much are you down right now if you short 10,000 shares at 50 bucks? Half a million dollars. Half a million dollars. It’s not that hard. It can happen really, really fast.

Anyways, we’ll watch this on resumption. High is 9660. Halt was at 11:42. Resumption will be at 11:47 and 33 seconds approximately. Again, no long bias on it. No short bias just watching. If I was still holding it, I would obviously be selling into the squeeze. There’s no way I would be short. If I was holding, I would just be scaling out small pieces, my indicator to sell would be if I saw that it was about to drop a full 10%, if it drops 10% which right now would be about a nine-point drop, I would sell because it can resume a lot lower. Basically, I would say the trailing stop right now would be down around probably $85 because if the traders who get this right who’s short it up here and it halts going down, they will do well. It’s a very high level of skill to be able to nail that type of drop, but it will most likely resume lower and be back around the nine moving average, which could be 30 points lower right here.

Even with a thousand shares, that’s $30,000. Watching for resumption here in three seconds, two seconds. There’s a resumption, 9862, 102 on the ask. 100 and 195. I would watch right now. If it breaks below $90, I would be all out. There’s 105 on the ask, 103 by 105. Don’t forget about the fact that this can get halted pending SEC investigation. If it does, it could be halted. I’ll show you an example. For six months, the stock WINS, W-I-N-S, was halted from June 7th until December 4th. Just remember that that is risk.

109 by 112, high is 112, 63. 112, 63, it looks like it’s about to get halted again. See how the price is pinned here, very close to getting halted again at 112, 63. Incredible. Now, we’re going to have another five minutes circuit-breaker halt. One halt was 11:48. Resumption will be at 11:53 and 32 seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this halted on a T12 waiting for response from the company. No. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but it could happen. Like it happened with WINS, W-I-N-S, this was halted for six months. It halted at $230 a share because, look, it went from $20 to $230 in four days.

The exchange, the regulator said this is crazy. Tell us why your stock is up this much. It took the company until 12/04, December fourth, before the exchange would reopen it. That meant if you were holding this whether you were long or short, your money is tied up for six months. Not only as your money’s tied up. If you’re on margin, you’re collecting interest every single day. That was the risk.

Now, when it resumed, it went all the way back down to $46. Sure, if you were short, let’s say, you shorted 1000 shares, that’s a huge drop. You made 150,000 bucks, but don’t forget. You’ve got interest to pay on $230,000 held over the period of six months. Yeah. You made money on it, but that’s a risk. Remember, DGLT. DGLT, this one, when was this. I think this was back in, wait, was it June or am I confusing this with a different stock. Maybe it wasn’t DGLT although it was.

But there was another one earlier this year that was halted for a really long time. DGLX, is that it? No. That’s not it. I don’t know. I thought it was DGLT also, but I’m not seeing it on the level two. Wait. Here we go. Yeah. It was halted on August 16th on that day when it squeezed all the way up from 20 cents to a dollar. It was halted by regulators. It resumed two and a half months later on October 6th. It hit a low of 30 cents. I came all the way back down. Also, you got to remember as awesome as trades are like this to nail, if you get to the point where you nail them, I’ve shown you guys day after day after day, you can make a great living in the market without even touching stocks like this.

It’s just simply because these ones for beginner traders carry a lot of risk. You mismanage yourself on a trade like this. You could be out of the game. You’re done. You’ll never come back. That’s just the sad reality. I like to show these as examples for you guys, but, oftentimes, I’m not trading these stocks. LFIN, no trades on it today. WINS never traded it. DRYS on the day that it went all the way up to 110 bucks and then got halted, didn’t trade it. I was out of the office, but I wouldn’t have traded it anyway because the risk was just too high, came all the way back down.

Let’s look back at this resumption here. We were halted at 48, 32. Resumption should be 53. I’m just going to open up here. Let’s see. Open our Nasdaq halts window just so you guys can see. You can see Nasdaq halts LFIN, LFIN, LFIN. These ones are all halted on LUDP. That’s fine. What we don’t want to see is halted on T12. We wouldn’t want to see that unless you’re short. Then, I guess maybe you’d be okay with seeing that.

Ten seconds from resumption. Again, remember, if it drops 10 points right, 10, 12 points, it could get halt down circuit breaker going back down. We’ve got 118, 120, 125, 125 on the ask, 123, 87 on the bid, a dollar and a half spread, 127, 70 by 125. 125 by 127 here. A little resistance up here. 129, 129, 84. It looks like it might get halted again. 129, 84. See how the price is pinned here. You can see sellers going through 129, 84, but there’s a bid holding it up high enough that it’s up 10%. It’s holding here. It looks like it’s going to get halted. There’s the H.

Now, we’re halted again. It’s almost like watching a car accident because there’s someone in this trade who could be getting hurt really bad right now. It’s like I hate to see it, but it’s a lesson that I guess we all have to learn at one point or another. Hopefully, you can learn it through watching. I fortunately, say knock on wood, have never gotten caught really badly in one of these stocks because I don’t short, but I did my one trade the worst loss I ever had was a $30,000 loss. I bought a stock that had just squeezed up like this. It dropped. The bottom fell out.

It turned around. I lost 30 grand. It happened like that. It happened so fast. I was down 15,000. I added more size. Next thing I knew, I was down 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. It was like I was seeing tunnel vision I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is this real? It was. I was the worst loss I ever had. I was buying a stock like this that was up a lot. I gave in to FOMO. I didn’t have the discipline to wait. I just gave in. I guess I had that lesson in my own way, and $30,000 was a bad day for me, but stuff like this could do a lot more damage than that.

The halt here, LUDP at 11:54. Resumption should be at 11:59 and 17 seconds. Again, five minutes later. This is obviously turning into a really long midday recap, but might as well just keep going with it and let you guys watch this video down the road and just be able to watch LFIN. Again, I’m a guy who’s going to walk away today hopefully with $7000. I didn’t take the risk on the highest risk trade of the day. Yeah, maybe if I traded this, this would have been the best day of my career, but you have to be willing to take the risk. On this one, I didn’t want to take that risk.

I started January 1st with $583. As of today, today’s the day. I just crossed over $300,000 in profits. From $583 to $300,000. It wasn’t buying lottery tickets and hoping that one stock would do this and just holding one huge position from down here. It was taking small profits along the way. SIEB, look, if I held that thinking that this one would go to 25, 26, well, I’d be back to break even. I’m a little surprised that we’re not seeing any sympathy momentum, but it must just be a combination of the time of the day and the fact that traders are so absorbed with LFIN right now.

Resumption here about a minute away. Nothing else on the scanners. 58, 48, resumption should be around 59, 16. This is still showing a LUDP volatility halts. We’re all good there. Remember, 10-point drop is the risk. LFIN high now is 39, 37, 38, 39, $140, $142. 142, 82 by 142,82 looks like this could be another halt. Nope, not yet. Not halted. Be careful. It’s dropping here 129, 51. That’s the biggest drop we’ve seen so far. If it goes below 125, that would be a 14-point drop.

I would be bailing out here because this is turning around. This is the first candle to make a new low. There’s a good chance this is now going to be halted going down. It will resume lower. H, halted. This is the first halt going back down. We tapped off $140. We knew that that was a risk that this could halt coming back down. It halted. The low is showing it 126, 125. Don’t be surprised if this resumes lower. FTFT on the scanner. I don’t see anything here. I’m not going to trade that.

11:59, so resumption will be 12;04 and 47 seconds. LFIN resumption here about a minute away. Again, I would look at support on this maybe around the nine moving average down here, $100 a share. I think that the risk here is that, obviously, traders who just happen to be in really high are going to mark it into it. It’s also possible some short sellers will try to just hammer the bid here. I don’t know. You still have the risk of it going back up. Seven, six seconds away, be interesting to see where it resumes.

It hasn’t resumed yet which is very interesting. This might end up being a 10-minute halt, which honestly would sort of be crazy that we had all of these five-minute halts going up. Now, a single one was a 10-minute halt.

Now, the first one to go down is a 10-minute halt. I didn’t even really know what to think about that, but that is very interesting. I’ll just check, just double-check on trade halts. It’s still showing … That’s interesting. It still shows the whole time as 12:02 but it still shows as LUDP, so volatility trading pause. It hasn’t changed to a T12 or anything like that. I would say the resumption now most likely would be 12:09 and 47 seconds right around there.

Watching for resumption. I’ve got about two minutes. Robin, are you long or short. Thomas, I think there would be definitely some traders I suspect who have shares available. Well, we’ll find out. I’m sure people if they made money on the short side will talk about it. We’ll find out.

The resumption coming up in a little under a minute. Now, whenever we’re looking at these types of patterns, this is a topping tail, that long topping tail shows weakness because even though the stock squeezed up, it couldn’t hold that level. It came all the way back down ended up closing red. This is a very telling sign. It’s a reversal indicator. Confirmation of the reversal is the first candle to go red after this, so breaking below 25. This will almost certainly break below 25 here. It’s probably going to open lower than that. Watching resumption, still no resumption yet.

This is very interesting because now we’re 10 minutes, and there’s no resumption. It’s still showing as a volatility halt, but at this point, it’s anyone’s guess. This could now be halted for hours. It could be halted for days, weeks, or months. We just don’t know. There’s no telling right now. Obviously, that’s the risk. This account right now has $224,000 in it. Even just a thousand or 2000 shares that this could tie up my entire account. Yeah. We don’t know what’s going on here. If this change to a T12, then, we would know it’s halted pending response from the exchange or a response from the company, but it hasn’t changed to a T12.

Right now, it’s just waiting. Let’s see. Very interesting. I would say, yeah, at this point, we just don’t know. It’s very interesting how the volume on the top of the squeeze there when you look down at these volume bars, it’s quite a bit lighter than the volume that we had in this first push. I think it’s just because it just kept squeezing higher and getting halted, squeezing, getting halted, didn’t really give a lot of traders a chance to buy it or to sell.

CLNT on the scanner up there. Well, this one is a little tricky because you look at the daily chart and you see three really big red candles. The high here is 727. However, obviously, seeing some sympathy momentum carrying over. I put in an order. I’ll jump in at 750, long at 750. This is jumping on the momentum because it’s squeezing up. The high is 773. Typically, on these, put out an order at 773. That’s where I would look to add.

My only thought here is that, okay, well, obviously, this seems like the first stock that’s getting some sympathy momentum. High as 80. I would watch possibly around 8 bucks to add. Just add it at 795. You can see squeezing into a halt there. This is the way the market has been where we see one stock that’s strong. It was LFIN. Now, sympathy carries over on to the next one. Why is that? Think for a second. Why would that happen? It’s because traders who missed LFIN are like, oh my God, look at this next stock that starts to squeeze. I don’t want to miss it.

It’s that fear of missing out. Even if you maintain the self-control not to give in to FOMO on LFIN, which is good, the next one you see you’re instinctively going to be more aggressive because you have missed the last trade. I know I was like that on after DRYS because I missed DRYS. I thought, okay, the next one is going to be the one that I look at. I’m just going to check CLNT, see if there’s any news on it or if this is purely a technical breakout, press releases, news on the 14th. I don’t see anything today.

Now, the only reason that I’m trading this stock is because LFIN is so strong. That’s the only reason. I wouldn’t have traded it if it weren’t for what happened right here, but it’s just knowing that traders jump from one to the next. When we see one stock that’s really strong, usually three, four, five, six others are also really strong. In this case, jumping into the next one that starts to move. The high is 795. Daily resistance is at 861. Then, at 12:40. It’s 12:40, yeah.

[SCON 01:08:28], you see another one hitting the scans. I’m not going to get into it because it’s a little bit too cheap. I look at the chart and, right away, I can see, yeah, this isn’t something I would really like. Just leave it alone. Going back to CLNT, the high is 95. Typically, on these ones, on resumption, I look to add possibly out of the halt. If I added it eight looking for it to pop right over eight and then see from there where it goes. If it opens at 830, 840, could end up being a really nice winner for a squeeze into 850, the half dollar knowing resistance is a little bit at 862 and then above that level, you’ve got lots of room.

Let’s see. Halt time on this was 12, 14. Resumption should be 12:19 if it’s a five-minute halt. LFIN still halted. I’ll just keep that one on a chart over on the side. We’ll see what happens with it. I don’t know, Robin. The quotes shown during trade halt’s not always accurate. Mine shows 73 by 130. CLNT shows 808 by 847. You just never really know. Watching on resumption here, which is about a little less than a minute away, and let’s see. I’ve got my trade warning on this. I’ll just increase it to 15,000, so I can be more aggressive if I want to be.

I’m going to put my order at 8:50 because I think it could open that high, but I’m not sure. Back on my mind target, 850, there’s 875 on the ask. Look at that. You can see I’m putting out orders because it opened so much higher. I just put out orders to sell. I’m out three-quarters. The high is 875. Over 875, I’ll add back, just added back at 875 for the break of $9. Looking for the break over $9. There’s 930. So 926. High is 930.

Next order would probably be around 9:30. Let’s just see what this does. These trades are so quick. You can just see how fast these stocks move. High’s 924. Watching it back over nine bucks. My average is 38, as you can see here. Sold summit 24 High, the last candle’s 97. The question here is will get back up over 9. Putting orders up on the ask. Try to sell into strength rather than selling on the bid as much as I can.

Still watch the first one minute candle to make a new high. High, this current candle is 865 with a pullback of 807. This candle has 12 seconds left on it with a high of 865. Watching for the first one-minute candle to make a new high, there’s a 864 on the ask. High is 65. We need to see 65 break. They’re 65, 75, 81, 97 on the ask. High days 924. I got a partial fill only 100 shares there. Sold the rest, 55. Didn’t get any fill at 97, but, hey, there’s $7200.

This is jumping right into a stock off the high of day scanner. This is a false breakout here. The first Campbell made a new high. We hit all the way up to 97, but we didn’t hold that level and then drop back down. That puts me up 14 grand on the day. LFIN still halted. SCON popped up, dropped back down. CLNT, the question will be can it get back over nine bucks. See. I was a little aggressive adding up there at nine, but I thought it was going to break over that level. This is a thing. You have to push it a little bit. You have to be aggressive when you see opportunities.

LFIN is obviously an opportunity that we missed. I looked for the next one. We got two here. SIEB and then CLNT considering it went all the way to 924, probably could have done better on. Now, LFIN hasn’t changed. It still says it’s a volatility halt so on that one, we just don’t really know when it might resume. It could be any time, which is tricky. Charles, LFIN could resume after hours. It’s possible that it would. That doesn’t usually happen that often though. It would probably resume during regular market hours.

I don’t know if we’ll see another one off the scanner. That gives us sympathy opportunity like CLNT did. TEUM hitting the 200 moving average here, a little bit of resistance. APPN, no, not an LIFN. I was just watching it. I’m all back to cash now up, up 14 grand on the day. Let’s see. Well, why don’t we look at our December trading challenge here? I was up 6000 before the midday recap. Now, up $14,256.17. Not bad. Around 60,000 on the month, not bad at all. Mike hasn’t updated his trades yet today, but I know he had a trade on AKAM. John up three grand on the day, not bad.

Roberto, up 976. A couple other traders here. Justin in the red. Dean, I talked to on Friday. I know that did that typical thing where he had a red day, which was a frustrating day because that put him cut back. He was in really good shape here. He was up, let’s see, 11,000 on the month. Then, on this day, he gave back half of it. He was up only he’s 4600. Frustration gets the better of you. He tries to get himself back into the green and, boom, goes into the red. He emailed me saying he’s really frustrated about that. I get it. I’ve done this so many times. You guys have seen it.

I’ve really gotten better at it, but it’s so typical that after a red day, you try to get yourself back into the green. You get aggressive and, next thing you know, you have a snowball day. You’re down three grand. You hold. You add another couple thousand shares and next thing you’re down 4, 5, 6, 7, $8000. It just gets worse and worse. Let’s just check out CLNT here. What it’s doing?

Right now, flagging on the five-minute. We could watch the first five-minute candle to make a new high. We tap that resistance at 861, but we’re able to break through it. $9 is a little tricky. Anyways, for anyone that’s gotten into that situation of taking a trade and having a bad day, then having it get worse and worse and worse and having one day give back three or four or five good weeks. Know that you’re not alone. It’s happened to all of us, almost all of us at one point or another. What you need is really to get good at being disciplined, setting stops and following those stops.

When you have a stock, you’re in a trade. It goes down. You’ve got a bailout. It’s not fun. No one likes to take the loss, but it’s always better to take a loss. When you’re down a thousand and holding it and having yourself be down two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 or more because those days just get really painful. You just got to get really good at keeping tight stops and then not getting impulsive. After a loss, not just jumping into the next stock that starts to move because you want to make back the loss, but having the discipline to say nope, I’m just going to sit tight, and I’m going to wait.

Anyways. CLNT forming a five-minute setup. I would watch the first five-minute candle to make a new high, which would be over 816 although I’m not sure if that’s going to really do anything. I don’t think I’m going to go into it, but that’d be a maybe. LFIN, we’re just sitting and waiting. I don’t think I’m going to wait for it to resume because I don’t know when it will resume. It might be … I don’t know how long it’ll be. I don’t know how long I have to sit and wait. I don’t see anyone saying anything about it. I don’t know if anyone really knows. Probably, nobody knows. All right, guys.

Well, I guess that’s just about it for me. I’ll probably check in later on LFIN and see if I can add to the midday recap. Just sum up whatever it ends up doing unless it ends up being halted for the rest of the day, but this certainly looks like a rehearsal indicator. It’s probably going to open a lot lower. I don’t think there’s going to be many traders who are going to lose money on the long side because the only way that would be feasibly possible is if you bought it for the first time between 125 and $142 a share. That’s the only way you’d lose money on, maybe. Well, we’ll see where it resumes, but, hopefully, you took profits. You didn’t chase it up here.

9500 shares on CLNT. Then, I scaled back and added back, but that was my max size, I think. I don’t think I went higher than that because when I opened at 847, I wasn’t sure I wanted to add over 850 because it was already so high. Let’s see, CLNT. Yeah. I started selling at 874 and 868 and 858. Then, I added back at 875 and 897 sold some at 319, only got a partial fill. Then, I had to sell all the way back down at 824 and 858. Anyways, I guess that’ll be it for me today finishing the morning up. $14,256 not bad. Today is my tenth consecutive green day. It is the 229th trading day of the year. Today’s the day I broke over $300,000 in profits.

Starting with $583 on January 1st and breaking over 300K. My total profits on the year including the profits from my other trading account beginning of the year right now is 343,000. Yeah. I don’t think we’re going to hit 400K, but $343,000 is not bad. It’s not bad at all. Last year, I made 222,000. This year was a better year. Thanks to two really good months. I made 68,000 in February and 80,000 in November. Well, now 57,000, 58,000 whatever here in December isn’t bad either. Three really good months, but I remember, June, July, and August in those three months combined, I made only $21,000. It just goes to show that you’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to have the discipline. Sit tight. Wait for your opportunities. Sometimes, you’re going to have slow patches. You’re just going to have to be patient.

Then, you’ll have months like we’ve had here November and December where all that patience will pay off. It definitely feels really good here and finishing the year in really, really great shape. Anyways, that’s it for me. I will see all of you first thing tomorrow morning back here in the chat room. All right. See you guys in the morning.

All right, guys. I’m just going to leave this here. If it resumes trading while I’m at lunch or whatever, that’s fine. I’ll capture the screen recording and then post it. If it resumes, then I’m back. Then, I’ll give you guys my two cents on it. I’ll just let this sit here for a bit.

There’s the resumption. All right. I see the resumption there that is painful to watch literally resuming at $64 down, 50% off the highs. That’s a much bigger drop than I expected, but by the dip, yeah. It’s a dip. That’s for sure. You know what? It’s not at all impossible. This will pop going back up and that there is an opportunity there, but let’s see. Yeah. There, just popped going back up. You’re not wrong. It is a strategy, but, boy, that’s a huge win if you’re short and that could have been a really, really painful loss if you were adding in the $80, $85 area.

It was a circuit breaker halt. It just took a long time for it to resume because it took them a long time to match up orders. That’s most likely what it was. It was just the computer trying to get the quotes lined up. My guess is they were having a hard time flying buyers. They finally found the buyers there down at 64. They matched it up and resumed it. Definitely, for you, guys, who sort of have watched this whole thing unfold and I recorded the whole thing, going to watch it again later. You can just see how much risk there can be on this. You know what? This didn’t get halted on a T12, at least not yet. It hasn’t been halted for days and days and days, but that’s a big drop.

Now, it’s dipped all the way to 57, squeezed up to 64, a little bit of a pop on the rebound. Why would it pop up like that? Anyone who’s short is covering. When you just made 60 points per share, you’re going to cover quick as a market order. They’re covering. That creates buyers. That’s why it pops up. That creates the pop. You might get another, a little bit more follow through on that because of traders covering, but I’m not sure how much you’ll really go. Anyways, just a good thing for you guys to watch and to see that level of volatility. What goes up must come down. This one came down with one big, big jump.

The whole thing … Honestly, it’s crazy how we have these circuit breaker halts because if we didn’t have those halts, how would this price action a bit different? It would have still squeezed up, and it would still drop down, but it wouldn’t have jumped with one big drop like that. It would have been up and then candles coming back down. Having that type of gap is crazy. Even having these gaps on the upside is crazy because you know that this thing could open another five points higher if it does get halted. That makes short sellers cover into the halt because they’re thinking, oh my gosh, this could get halted again. It could resume even higher, I got to get out.

Long traders with FOMO start jumping in because their thing and this could be the lottery ticket. This thing might open higher. The circuit breaker halts are a funny thing in the way they have sort of influenced trading behavior, but in any case, I guess that’s about it for LFIN. We can watch this resumption here. Let’s see. Halted … Let’s move this over. Halted at 12:50 and 50 seconds. Resumption should be 12:55. You can see where it resumes maybe popping up a little bit before basing out. We’re still in the whipsaw, the volatility, but yeah, anyone.

Like I said, this was the spot to watch it for a short. If I had shares available, maybe I would have gone in with like a 100 shares or 200 shares, small size because this was a very obvious short indicator; very, very obvious. I didn’t have shares available to borrow which is probably for the best because you just got to be careful, but for anyone who got this who really knows their price action solid entry, that was a home run. That’s absolutely a home run. Let’s see.

Resumption coming up here in about 20 seconds. I put my camera over on the side. We’re coming up on resumption here five seconds if it’s a five-minute halt, which it probably will be. There’s resumption around 70. Look at the spread, 66 by 70, four-point spread, three-point spread, 68 by 69. The low is 65, 70 by 7150. 7170 on the bids, 7150 on the ask kind of grinding up a little bit, some short covering most likely. Looks like it’ll be halted again here.

You can see how the level two is sort of getting pinned at 7150. Yeah. I don’t know if there might be traders who are buying this who are trying to bring down their cost average if they’re in up around 80, 90 or 100, but this is not your typical go-to setup. Vick, that’s a good lesson, man. It’s good that you’re learning that on the simulator. That’s what’s they’re for. That’s why we have that tool so you can practice so you don’t make these mistakes with real money.

Resumption on this one will be at 1:01 and 34 seconds approximately. Now, this isn’t a typical bounce movement. This is just sort of … It’s playing off the covering of short sellers that those who profit will cover on the ask. It’ll push the stock back up. That’s the only setup here. It’s not your typical go-to pullback setup. We’ve got, let’s see, 58, 56, so two minutes left. High 7150. We’re about a minute away from resumption. It’s able to drop like this just simply because there weren’t enough buyers to balance out the sell orders. Enough people were trying to sell whether it was a market order or whatever. There just weren’t enough buyers to balance it until it came all the way down to 60 bucks.

About 30 seconds from resumption here. Interestingly, it looks like this is going to be now 10-minute halt. Again, I don’t know why they’re interchanging between 10 minutes, five minutes. Resumption will be around 106 and 34 seconds, about three minutes away if it’s a five-minute halt which … or 10-minute halt, which I assume it would be.

A lot of traders like center point for shorting. I would also just remind you, guys, wherever you’re at today, just to be grateful for what you’ve got. There’s always going to be a traitor out there who’s going to make more than you. I could say that even for myself, about $,14,000. There’s people who are going to make one $140,000 today on a stock like this, but don’t lose sight of the fact that any profit that you make from the market consistently, it’s an incredible gift to have the skill to be able to do this day in and day out. You’re going to have some great days. You’re going to have some bad days, but the fact that we can make a living sitting here each morning trading the market is really just awesome.

You know you’ll get better and better at it as the months and years go by. Yeah. Maybe it’ll be a point where I feel comfortable trading a stock like this and being aggressive on it. Right now to me, the risk sort of outweighs the reward, but you see there’s hope. There’s definitely potential. There’s room for growth for all of us.

Resumption about a minute away now. There is definitely a strategy of buying stocks that drop like this on the bounce. There’s definitely something there. I’ve done it several times. On this one, well, we didn’t really know when it was going to resume. I wasn’t watching it super, super closely. I just saw all of a sudden it was trading again. That made it hard to buy the dip on this one, but there’s definitely strategy in that. About 30 seconds from resumption. Yeah. At the end of this week, there’ll be something four times. Let’s see where this resumes. It should resume there at 75. Two-point spread there at 72 by 4. Now, 75 by 7796 holding around the two-point spread 76 by 80, 82; 79 by 81; 79, 82 by 83; 8050 by 82. Big spreads.

High is 8293. Tapping the 20-moving average on the one-minute chart. High is 85, more buyers. Surprising that there’s this many; 86, 68. We could get into a circuit breaker halt range here if this keeps going, 8860 by 8860. It looks like a circuit breaker halt here. Nope, not quite yet. 87 by 8860, 86 by 8860, 2.6 point spread. 8810 by 8860. 8860 is the spot. You can see we’re having a hard time there. That’s going to probably be a circuit breaker halt. If it gets stuck there, that means there can’t be sellers. It has to just be buyers at 8860. 89, 8974. So 8974 looks like it’s the new threshold.

Remember, every minute threshold goes up a little bit because the price is going up. It has to be a 10% move. It’s over the average price of the last five minutes. The average price is always changing. Every second, the average price changes. Right now, 9974 looks like it’s the edge of the bands of volatility. Being outside those bands for more than 10 seconds triggers a halt. If we’re outside for eight seconds, then, we come back within. We will not get halted. Here’s a halt at $89 Wow.

For me, I didn’t see any long entry in there. Those of you that traded it, that’s fine, but the only entry would have been on the dip right here that popped up. Through here, I just don’t really … can go back to like a 10-second chart. I don’t know. I just don’t really see anything in there. Hey. Go lay down. Hey, lay down. Lay down. That was a really loud bark. Sorry about that.

Well, it looks like another ten-minute halt. Resumption will be 1:19 and 17 seconds. Well, level two when it’s halted might look a little different. Just make sure you have Nasdaq to all of you. Great job for those either bought the dip. I mean really pretty awesome there. Let’s watch this presumption here. Halt price was, look at that. Resumption at 95, 99. A quick tick down to 91. I wonder if it’s going to get back over 100 bucks. Geez, 95, 99. That’s the spot to watch. Obviously, a red candle here. No. That’s going to be a circuit breaker halt going back down.

Well I think I’ll leave you guys to it. If you guys want to keep watching this, you’re more than welcome to, but this is just going to be, I think, choppy here. I don’t see opportunities to trade this. At this point, I wouldn’t be a trader. Even if I just don’t see the setup here. The only setups I saw were possible dip buy out of the first halt dropping down knowing that shorts will cover, maybe continuation on it. If you had a cushion, you were willing to be aggressive. The five-minute setups that I liked, I liked this one here a lot at $40 this morning.

This was a really good setup here because we retested the high of day. We pulled back consolidation, but when I looked at it around that time, I just thought, “Well, I almost bought it earlier. I didn’t get filled on my order.” That was right out of the gates. It’s my very first trade. I was glad because look what happened. Two minutes later, it went from $41 all the way down to 36. I said, “You know what? 1500 shares, which is what I tried to buy. That could have been pretty bad. You know what” Maybe it’s better I just leave this thing alone.”

When it came back up here to 41 right through here, I saw it. It was like, “Well, it’s interesting. I actually had an order at $42 right here ready to go.” It dropped down. Remember, I said it’s flagging here. It dropped down to 40. It popped back up. Then, boom. It took off. It then did another flag here where I was watching it again. Look, it dropped down from 45, what was this, high of 45, down to 43. Then, it took off. Had an order at 46, ready to go, didn’t take the trade because at that point, I felt like, geez, I’m buying it at 46. A second ago, this thing was down at 44.

Then, from there, it’s just … I didn’t feel like I could manage my risk on anymore. A chart to study, a trade to study and maybe there’ll be a day where I’m willing to be aggressive on these, but for right now, I’m finishing the morning up $14,256. I didn’t have to go outside my trading plan. I didn’t trade a stock over $10 today. I followed my rules. I had discipline. I didn’t give in to FOMO. That’s a good day.

That’s the name of the game. If you can do this consistently not given to FOMO, stay focused. You’ll be a successful trader. All right. Hopefully, this has been fun for you guys to watch LFIN. I’m going to upload it to YouTube. You guys can watch it again and again. That’s it for me. I’ll see you all in chat room first thing tomorrow morning.

Hey, I didn’t see you there. While I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade, hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.