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Mid Day Recap

This morning we watched $AQXP (a stock that traded at 1.50 2 days ago), hit a high of $55.75.

Profits from Traders in our Room

how-much-did-you-make success-in-aqxp

In my career as a trader I’ve never seen a stock make a move like this before. It was absolutely amazing. We applied our standard trading strategies, first the Gap and Go Strategy and then the Momentum Strategy. In total we walked away with over 9 points of profit in trades alerted live in our trading room.


My first entry based on the 10 sec chart at 18.67


Mid-day Market Recap. Recorded in our online trading room.

Today we shorted the strength in the market and locked up some HUGE winners. It’s been a long time since we hit this many back to back winners. Great work everyone!!

Mid-day Market recap. Recorded in our online trading room.


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