Mike is a full time technical momentum trader and Warrior Trading’s Director of Education. 

Mike graduated from the Florida State University with dual degrees in Behavioral Finance and Real Estate. Following his graduation, he then went on to learn the world of Private Equity where he raised capital, financed, and brought public several small start up companies each year for several years. During that time, Mike became enthralled with the financial markets and its unlimited opportunity.

He began his day trading journey similar to most in that he jumped in with little to no experience in fast money trading and also like most, lost over a large sum of money, over $100,000, very quickly. After nearly 3 years of trial and error and a self taught approach, he finally was able to turn the corner to profitability.  

Mike finds his success in trading momentum and is most active during earnings season where he looks to capitalize on stocks with major news catalysts. His sense of discipline and meticulous attention to detail in the planning process is what separates him from other traders.

He leads thousands of traders and helps them navigate all types of markets each and every trading day while also taking on select groups of students where he helps mentor them to success.  Warrior Trading has become a home for Mike, and thousands of other traders, as a result of the positive and collaborative atmosphere.