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Over $15,000.00 in 1 hour!

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Over $15,000.00 in 1 hour!


All right, everyone. So we’re going to start breaking down our midday market recap, awesome start to the week here. A sort of a surprising start because the watch list this morning really wasn’t anything that exciting. We’ll go over, I’ll pull up the gap scanner here and we can just go over the stocks that we’re watching this morning. So here’s our gap scanner. Let’s see. Let me just do historical time so I’ll do the scan at 9:15 AM. You’ll see, this is what we’re looking at this morning. We had CBIO, CHFS, RIOT, a couple others, YTEN was on there although I didn’t actually look at it because the volume was only 3,500 shares.

So going into the open this morning, the only stocks I was really watching, I had DPW on watch for a possible break over pre-market highs which were 3.70. Of course, the bell rings and it sells off so no trades on that one. CBIO, I was watching but when the bell rang, you can see that it sold off, even before the bell rang it was selling off. So no good on CBIO. We also had PXS on watch for maybe continuation.

That one didn’t work either. So the couple of stocks that I was watching this morning didn’t work out. So at that point, I was sort of like, “Well, all right guys, reminder, if it’s 9:35 or 9:40 or whatever, I think it was 9:33 and we still haven’t taken a trade, just kind of temperature of the market, what kind of day are we having.” You can see DAVE, D-A-V-E, hit our scanners. Popped up. Got halted. Ended up going from like 5.50 all the 9.50, a huge move but I didn’t trade any of that. It happened a little too fast.

So the first trade for me was YTEN at 9:33. So let’s back this up here. All right, so all of a sudden we see YTEN hit the scanners, that was right here at 9:33 and it was at $2.95. So it hits the scan and I see it kind of popping up and I’m thinking, “Okay, there might be something there.” Then I see it go 95, 3.18 and it’s just started taking off. So I’ll show you guys the PnL here.

Finishing the morning up $15,442.86. That was pretty much all on YTEN. So I got along on this one right here at 3.46, 3.48 and then I added at 3.90 and 3.91, okay? So basically adding into the squeeze. It squeezes up as you can see here from $3 all the way to 3.91 and then it resumes higher and I add at 4.40. Then I’m selling at 4.70, 4.68, let’s see, 4.94, 4.70. I add back for the break of 5. I sell on the other half, other side of 5, 5.13, 5.27. I add at 5.40 and then I sell finally at 5.66 up there.

Adding back at 5.92 again. Now actively trading it, going in and out on one-minute pullbacks, selling at 93 and 6. Adding back at 90 and finally selling at 6.04 and the rest at 5.79. So I had I think one trade in there that was a small loss and then the last trade was an entry, 5.58 and selling on the move here up around 6. Actually, there is one more in there. But in any case, definitely actively trading it. This wasn’t one entry, one exit. It was getting in, taking profit, getting out, getting back in, getting back out. So when we look back at the one-minute timeframe, what I typically do with these types of stocks and you can see here, we got this move from $3 all the way up to 6.18, boom, there’s 100%.

Pull back, consolidation, I’m scalping in this area, getting in at 5.80, selling on the move up to 6.05, getting back in for the first five-minute candle to make a new high at 5.70. Selling on this move up through the highs. I mean, we hit a high of 8.67 which was just phenomenal, I mean, a huge move. So on this one, yeah, I think did a pretty good job. $15,000 is not bad at all. So really crashed it here. You can see these are just those go-to setups that we talk about all the time, first pullback, squeezing up. This first entry was basically just jumping in right off the scans. It hit the scans, I saw it and I just jumped on.

Now, this is the thing that’s a little bit tricky because there is a time when we can get away with jumping in stocks right off the scans and there’s a time where we’re going to get crashed doing that. So on this one, what I saw was that number one it had history of making moves. Number two, it did have news because it was on the scans earlier this morning. As it broke through the 200 moving average, I thought, “Okay, this is one for me to be a little more aggressive on.” So the very first position was like 7,500 shares. Tried to get 10,000, didn’t get filled. Added so I was up to 10,000. Selling, adding back between 7,5000 and maybe 11,000, 12,000 shares at max positions. So not bad at all.

I think I might have, actually no. I was going to say I think I gave back a little profit on this one on one trade. Yeah, I had one where I lost $562. But I took one, two, three, four, five, at least five separate trades on it and so my average winners on those five trades were 45 cents per share which was really pretty incredible. So that was YTEN. Then after that trade, I was kind of looking for the next one that would start to give us an opportunity. So I’m watching the scanners. HMNY, I saw it on there. Wasn’t too crazy about it. YTEN, all over the scanners as you can imagine squeezing up. Looking for others.

PXS popped up for a moment. Didn’t hold that level. DAVE resumed higher but I didn’t feel comfortable trading it. Flow was low. That’s fine. The volume was too low and it’s a five-cent tick stock. So if I pull it up here, you’ll see that it trades in five-cent increments and actually the spreads were kind of big on it. So I left that one along. Again, just kind of watching the scans, waiting for the next one to pop up. ADMA, I saw, didn’t like the daily chart.

Then here, we’ve got NETE. So NETE pops up and I jumped in that one pretty quickly. My entry, let’s see, it popped up and got halted. Let’s move this back over here.so NETE, it pops up and gets halted. It was halted at $5.04 and it resumes higher and I jumped in with 5,000 shares at 5.60. It resumed at a low of 5.46 and starts squeezing up so I jumped in at 5.60, target with $6. I sold half at 6.01 and then it was halted again. So now it’s halted again on the second circuit breaker and it resumes and squeezes all the way up to 7.41. Now, when it resumed, I added at $7 and 7.19 which was a little high and I added again at 7.41. It then dipped down a little bit and so I sold at 7.20, 7 and 6.76. So on this one, I kind of was like not happy with what I did there. I went from being up pretty nicely on it to giving back a little profit.

Then I got back in it at 6.80. Let’s see. I was looking for this kind of big move but as you can see, we only hit a high of 7.41. So when I added up there at 7. I mean, I literally added at high of day. I thought this was going to go, because it went from 6.15 all the way to 7.41, I thought it was going to halt a third time and possibly get up towards $8. So I was a lot more aggressive on this one. Partially because I was already up $15,000 on the day and I didn’t feel like … I kind of felt like, “Look, if I lose a thousand bucks on it or even two thousand bucks, it’s no big deal.” I’ve got such a big cushion on the day, I can afford to risk it a little bit.

On this one, I was hold about 10,000, right around 10,000 shares with an average of 6.84. I believe it was 6.84. That was after I added up here at 7.41. So 10,000 shares with 6.84 average. I thought it was going to halt around 7.50 and my kind of back of my mind target was $8. That would have been another $10,000. I would have been up 25 grand today. Now instead, I gave back 400 on it. But risking 400 to make another $10,000 to me, that’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. That’s good risk-rewards ration. This one just didn’t hold up. I mean, that’s really all it did is it squeezed from $5 up to 7.41 and now it’s just pulled all the way back.

Now if you can get over the VWAP, the volume weighted average price up here, well, then it might have a chance to making it back to high of day. So going into the afternoon, you certainly watch it around the 6.24 level. But I’m not going to go back into it. I’m going to take my money and be done for the day. So this is the only one that I regret a little bit because if I had just held the 2,000 shares I was still holding, whatever it was back here, 5.60, 2,000 shares at 5.60, I could have sold at 6.60 and 6.70 and finished the day up $3,000. I had opportunities to keep profit and instead I said, “Well, I’m going to try to roll this profit into a bigger winner,” and I just happen to not be right on this one, despite the fact that it made a big move, I decided to be much more aggressive, buying it literally at high of day.

So today was I think the right day to kind of pull out a bigger share size and be a little bit more aggressive because we just had this big move on YTEN and often times when we see one stock make a big move, we’ll see a second and third one make big moves. Certainly, maybe I should have just said, “Look, from $5 to 7.50 is already a big move. Just be happy to capture profit in that.” So in any case, I was a little bit more aggressive on this one but I don’t regret that because I think this was the right day to be aggressive. This is how you turn a $15,000 day into a $25,000 day. It’s how you turn a $25,000 day into a $45,000 day. That’s just how you do it. It’s not by stopping after trade one. It’s by continuing to be aggressive on trade two, three, four and five because the market is clearly is being incredibly strong.

So today was a great day on YTEN and on NETE. For those of you that got in, capture profit and got out, then I’m sure it was also a great day for you guys. I just was a little bit more aggressive on that trade. So you can see here our December leader board for students that are trading with me here in this challenge. So $15,442 for me today which is my best day of the month, my best day in almost a month actually as well. Mike, up $4,827 today on BLUE, an awesome trade. Higher priced stock if you guys know. Let’s see, but you can see here on BLUE, he was short, right around I think it was 2, somewhere around $207 or something like that. You can see right out of the gates, this thing dropped from 220 all the way down to 194. Big range, huge opportunity there.

Roberto up 1,300 bucks. John, up five grand. A couple of our other students. We’re waiting for them to punch in their PnL today but right now the team is sitting up $33,000 and I thinking that that number is going to increase as more traders post their profits for the day. So what’s really nice here today is that I am now surging back up through my personal all-time highs for the year. So as you guys know at the end of November, I had a couple of red days. Let’s see. I’m trying to remember which days they were. It was the last Monday, it was Cyber Monday, two weeks ago today actually. I lost $15,000. It was the worst day I’ve had in eight months. So because of that lost, I had been kind of working myself out of the hole for the last week. Last week, I finished with let’s see, even though I lost three grand on Monday, I finished last week with $10,000 total profit.

So I was still in the red by 5,000 versus that big pullback. But now, I’ve officially recovered from that day. So let’s see where am I at. I’m now up about $11,000 versus the low of that pullback. It puts me up $312,000 on the yeah. $278,000 on my account that started with 583 bucks on January 1st. So from $583, $278,846 as of right now. So I’m $22,000 away from that account hitting 300 grand. Really, just a couple more days like this and that will happen. So almost a third of the way to a million bucks. We’re just going to keep grinding with that account. Certainly days like today helped a lot. So it puts me up whatever close to 30,000 on the month here of December which is great especially considering we still have basically three full weeks left of the month.

I mean, we have the day off on Christmas, two weeks from today. But otherwise, we’ve got three weeks left. So $10,000 a week maybe for the next three weeks. I might be about to get over 300 grand by the end of the year which would be cool. But hey, remember, I set a goal for the month of December and it was just to get over $300,000 in total profits by the end of the year and I’ve done that now at 312,000. That’s because in January, I was still trading in my regular account because I figured, well, the $583 account, this is going to take me forever. I’m only making $150 a day so I still want to make money trading. I’ll trade in my regular account until the small account is big enough to just consider it a regular account and that took about six weeks. So I’ve got an extra six weeks of profits from my old account which I’ve now closed down but that was $33,000 or so.

So anyways, we’ll see what we can do. But again, got to remember, it’s easy for me especially to get a little aggressive on a day like tomorrow where I’ll say, “Look, I’ve got a big cushion on the week. Who cares? Let’s do 3,000 bucks. Who cares? I can start taking higher levels of risks.” So I need to bring it back down, reduce the risk tomorrow. What’s the goal tomorrow? Same as today, 500 to $1,000. If we end up seeing an awesome opportunity, then sure at that point, I can start to be aggressive. But until we see those opportunities, I’ve got to bring it back down.

Now I think one of the reasons that YTEN was so strong was because it had news so it had a headline this morning. It was already gapping up. It was already starting to move pre-market. I just didn’t really notice it until the bell rang. NETE in contrast, I didn’t … Well, actually I guess there was kind of a headline on this but I’m not sure if it was as strong. You know what, it’s still holding its 50% line, even though it’s a little below the VWAP, it’s still holding up relatively well. So there might actually be an opportunity on this later in the day. I’ll miss it because I’m not going to trade the afternoon but if it breaks over VWAP, I would keep a closed eye on a high of day, a retest of high of day.

All right. So anyways, that’s where I’m sitting today. Up 15 grand, not bad for a Monday morning. Hopefully we’ll see a continued momentum going into, well, as we continue the week. I mean, this is a great way to start the week. So let’s just hope that it continues tomorrow. All right, everybody. So that’s it for me. You guys have seen the quarter million dollar December challenge update and I’ll let you guys enjoy your afternoon. All right. So I’ll see you all first thing in the chatroom back here tomorrow morning for pre-market analysis around 9 AM. All right. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.