How to Use the Fantasy Stock Traders Platform


You will receive an email from [email protected] with your username and password within 24hrs. Check SPAM Folders.

How to Set up the Platform

Click here to Download the Fantasy Stock Traders Platform

You must have Windows 10 to use this software.  If you are using an older version of windows the platform should still work but you may notice performance issues.  If you are using Bootcamp or running Windows on a Mac, you may also have performance issues.


If you have any errors during installation, please refer to these support documents here:

IF YOU SEE ERROR “AGREEMENT RUN FAIL”  It means you need to install Java on your computer.  Download Java for Free here. (

When you first login to the platform you will be prompted to sign NYSE & Nasdaq Disclosures.  If you are a professional trader (with a license), you have to disclose that and you will be billed pro rates.  Everyone else who is non-pro will have no additional fees.


Login Credentials

Username: will be sent via email from [email protected]

Password: will be sent via email from [email protected]

You have the current settings on your account

Max Position size: 5,000 shares

Max Positions at once: 20

Overnight holds are enabled

Account size: $25,000

Max Loss before Locked out for the day: $1,000

Buying Power: $100,000

Commissions Rate $.005 per share (5.00 per 1k shares)