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Do you own a business in the Fintech space?  Do you have a website with a large following?  We are interested in working together!


This is APPLICATION ONLY – Email [email protected] with the subject line “Partner Program” and let us know about your business, your website, and why you feel you would be a good match for our partner program!  Apply now to get started!


Warrior Trading Partner Program

As we grow, it’s important for us to build relationships with businesses that we feel complement our services and will benefit our members.  That’s why we’ve built a Warrior Partner Program.  This allows us to create mutually beneficial relationships with our the strongest companies in the industry.  This partner program is designed to benefit both partners.  We are currently working over  dozen companies including eSignal, Lightspeed, Benzinga, and Trade-Ideas to name a few.


Benefits for Partners

  • Opportunity to be seen as Sponsor’s of Warrior Trading via email, live in person events, and website advertisements.
  • Featured Review by Warrior Trading (we will write product service review with your approval and promote this on social media along with a video).  You have right to refuse publication of a review if it doesn’t meet your standard or you aren’t happy with our rating.
  • Featured as “Premier, or Top” recommended services by Warrior Trading in emails that are send to our entire membership base
  • Opportunity to offer coupon codes and special promotional offers to our members
  • Potential Opportunity to generate commissions ranging from 10%-20% from sales at Warrior Trading tracked by your affiliate link.
  • Opportunity to present educational & sales webinars to our community.  We will promote this to our email list & our 460,000 followers.  We will provide you with leads for those who opt-in to these webinars.
  • We will be paying out commission ranging from 10% to 20%.  Partners who earn 20% on products such as our Warrior Pro Trading Course, will earn $500 from each sale.  If during a co-sponsored event we generate 10 sales, that would be $5000 in revenue for our parner.


Requirements of Partners

We ask our partners to build out pages featuring Warrior Trading as an educator ( http://www.trade-ideas.com/about-us/partners/daytrade-warrior/ ) and ( http://www.esignal.com/partners/education-partners.aspx ).  These pages should feature the Warrior Trading missions statement, slogan, story, etc.  It should also feature Call to Action to visit Warrior Trading & can highlight our services.

Co-Market events that we host together.  We would like to host a special webinars for your clients on a monthly or quarterly basis.  We would ask you to send them emails announcing upcoming event by “Warrior Trading”.  During these webinars we would present educational content then offer an opportunity to join our community.  Anyone who joins Warrior Trading during these events would be tracked and our partners will earn commissions.

Provide us with a testimonial from your business that we can use on our website.  Example “Warrior Trading has been called “one of the TOP teachers in the educational space for traders and investors” by Dan Mirkin, CEO of Trade-Ideas.


About Warrior Trading

Active Members: over 2500 members located all around the world.

Social Media Followers: over 460,000 between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, Instagram, etc

Mission: Warrior Trading is one of the largest communities of active day traders and investors.  Our vision for Warrior Trading is to be the #1 resource for beginner to experienced traders who are looking for actionable trade ideas, breaking news, and daily market education.  All of our students enter a structured learning path designed to teach them our proven trading strategies and systems.  Our mission is to help 50,000 traders on their journey to trading success by 2020.

We’ve been a featured on HuffingtonPost.com, Investing.Com, SeekingAlpha, MarketWatch, TalkMarkets, and dozens of financial blogs.