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$SAEX +$3682 in 15min (From $48 – $75.00 per share)

$SAEX +$3682 in 15min (From $48 – $75.00 per share


This week has been a record breaking on 2 stats.  The first is that I had my biggest winning trade of the year +$10,522 on $MPET (click here to see that trade), then today, I had my biggest point gain of the year with an entry on $AEX at $48.00 per share and an exit on the move up tho 70.35.  My best exit was +22.35 PER SHARE.  Can you believe that?!  What a crazy crazy trade.  Just imagine, if I took $2k shares instead of $200 I could have made $36k in 15min.  That’s the power of the stock market, and it’s the potential for those traders who learn to master momentum trading strategies.