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Short Squeeze on $BOSC +$1432

$BOSC Short Squeeze

Riding the short squeeze on $BOSC I locked up over $1100 profit in the first 10min of trading, and added an additional $300 for a total of $1432 on this name today.  This Gap and Go setup was STRAIGHT off the watch list pre-market.  The FREE watch list.  It doesn’t get any easier than this and there is really no excuse for not taking this trade or locking up profit.  If you are ready to learn how to trade these strategies, we’d love to have you join the chat room!  Each morning I offer my pre-market analysis from 9am-9:30, then we start trading when the bell rings.  I trade actively through the morning session until the lunch hour, where we do a live recap of the trades from the  morning.  My goal is to teach you to be a successful trader.  To that end, we conducted a survey of our students and found that over 80% were profitable trading the markets.  This tells us the strategies we teach work not only for us, but for thousands of our students.



My Total Profits on $BOSC


$BOSC Chart

gap and go

$BOSC was from the Watch List


$BOSC 1.68mil share float gapping up 15% on news.  Watching possible long over 2.50, or 2.80 (pre-market highs), or possibly the first 1min candle Opening Range Breakout.  Headline: B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2016