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Enjoy 10-15min of daily education brought to you by Ross.  Wondering how Ross traded today?  Trying to figure out where he got in or what he used as an exit indicator?  Don’t miss today’s episode of Behind the Trades.  Learn the tips & techniques Ross uses each day to trade the markets.

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Up +$845 Today in a Slow Market | Ross’ Trading Recap

What’s up everyone? All right, so here we are, Tuesday morning, another green day, $845 of profit. Can you guys see that? Boom, not bad. So progress is being made, not the biggest green day that I’ve ever had, but a couple small green back to back days is good, just sort of keeping up […]

Up $500 Bucks After 3 Day Trades | Ross’ Trading Recap

What’s up, everyone? All right, so back at it here Monday morning. Another green day, $577 of profit trading YUMA. I took three trades, green on two out of the three. Unfortunately, my third trade was a $1,200 loss, and so I went from being up 1,700 to up only 500. At that point, giving […]

5 stocks in 5 minutes | Arsh’s Trade Analysis

Hey, what’s up traders? It’s Arsh. I’m back again with another episode of 5 Stocks in 5 Minutes, a video series where I share my top five watchlist stocks of the week. And today’s video, I’ll be recapping many of the trading ideas I’ve shared in the last few days. Some of the stocks we’ll […]

California Trading +$3,289 | Ross’ Trade Recap

Hey, everyone. All right so here we are finishing the week, for me, with another solid green day. So progress is being made. The last few days, I’ve been trading on my traveling trading station. Those of you guys who have been asking about it, it consists of one laptop and two ASUS USB monitors […]