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Enjoy 10-15min of daily education brought to you by Ross.  Wondering how Ross traded today?  Trying to figure out where he got in or what he used as an exit indicator?  Don’t miss today’s episode of Behind the Trades.  Learn the tips & techniques Ross uses each day to trade the markets.

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First Day Back -$4K | Ross’ Trade Recap

What’s up everyone? All right. So, I’m finally back in my office after three weeks away and here’s something that’s really crazy. When I left three weeks ago, I locked the door behind me forgetting that I was the only one with a key and I locked my entire staff in the office. They’ve been […]

Arsh’s 5 Stocks in 5 Minutes | Arsh’s Trade Analysis

Welcome back traders. It’s Arsh. I’m here again with another episode of Five Stocks in Five Minutes. I’ll be sharing five of the most important stocks on my watch list and I hope to help you understand how I analyze and search for trades in the large cap stock and options market. While these videos […]

Green from the Golf Course +$525 | Steve’s Futures Pulse 174

Hey, what’s up, fellow traders? Trader Steve here. I’m out at the golf course and wanted to give you a little recap of the trading activity today. When I was back at my primary trading station, got down 675 in the E-mini S&P, but found a nice little opportunity to get long in the copper […]

Finishing The Italian Trading Challenge +$6K | Ross’ Trade Recap

Hey everyone. All right, so we’ve come to the end of the Italian trading challenge. It’s been, well it’s been an amazing three weeks. It’s been a little disappointing as far as trading is concerned. Of course, started with a red week, first week of vacation. That’s never fun. Second week, made back all the […]