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Student Success Stories: Exchanging the 9-5 Grind for
life as a Day Trader

Two Years Ago I Was Trapped In The 9-5 Grind

Two years ago…I was stuck at a career in the auto transportation management which engulfed all my time away from any freedom, family for personal desires in life. I knew I would need a change in my life as I was starting to lose myself in the daily grind and unhappiness. Then one day I was browsing YouTube and found a random “what is day trading” video. At that moment a light bulb went off in my head and I could not get enough of the videos. I watched every piece of content I was able to get my hands on.

Eventually I began to come across education courses and I browsed at reviews and their trial content which made me feel like they were promising too unrealistic of a dream. After some time reading about education courses I came across Warrior Trading and they really struck home with me. They emphasized on the education and the realities of day trading. I was hooked and decided I would take a plunge to change my life. I joined Warrior Trading and never looked back!!

Accelerating My Learning Curve

         The material I learned during my education at Warrior truly accelerated my progress and understanding of the markets. I found it easy to grasp and adapt to my own personality as a trader. This growth curve I think would be greatly prolonged if not due to the proper education I received. They make you very aware of the process and emphasize to you that there are no overnight riches. There is a learning curve that includes self growth; both as an individual and as a trader. If you are willing to put in the work and dedication to the process then the possibilities are truly endless!!

An Awesome Day

Becoming An Inner Circle Student

In my education I decided I was ready for the next step in my progress. I applied for Warriors Inner Circle program and much to my surprise I was accepted into the program. That by far is the best decision I have ever made! I was able to meet 1-on-1 with the mentors and put myself out there with my thoughts, concerns, and help I needed. One of the best parts of making the inner circle leap is the the GREAT and long lasting relationships I made with those like minded as me which I now can call my close friends.  

My Turning Point

I can remember this day vividly as if it were today. I was at the inner circle meetup and had a sit down with Mike (large cap mentor) and we were discussing goals for the future regarding my trading and progress at the time. During our conversation he gave me some great advice that only experience can teach you. He told me “if you can follow the process and survive through summer time markets then you will do great”. Then he told me some keywords that hit home with me “I believe in you”. After that I responded with “I will work for Warrior one day”. I set my eyes on that goal then got to work with new motivation on really focusing on the process. I really think that day played a big part in my progress and how far I have come as a trader.

What I see for my future…

I firmly believe that I am still in my infancy stages  as a trader and have so much to grow. I love the journey I am on and fully expect to be here for years to come. I get great joy out of helping other traders who are in the shoes I once was and still am. This is one path where we never stop learning or growing within ourselves. The markets provide an endless stream of opportunity if we are just willing to learn a well taught process.

I thank you Warrior Trading for the great education you provide and changing my life!!