Student Success Stories: Making $140k in 6 Months

From DEA to Day Trader

Hey everyone! To give you a little of my background, I was originally raised in New Haven, Connecticut.  I currently reside in Washington, District of Columbia. I attended U.C. Berkeley and received a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics, and I also attended Cornell University and received a Masters in Financial Management. I’m a former U.S Army Veteran and served as a Scout Sniper within the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, TX. I am a former Uniformed Police Officer with the NYPD and later served as an Agent Recruiter with Drug Enforcement Administration. After a long and intense career, I began a journey of learning to invest for 8 years prior to day trading; within short and long-term buy-and-hold investment strategies.

The PDT Struggles and Finding Warrior Trading

I became interested in trading after receiving a PDT warning from my broker.  Unfortunately, I realized my most profitable gains were from some of the securities I purchased and sold the same day. The idealistic thought process provided emphasis for me to pursue further education and training from various books, seminars, and trading mentors. The thought of evolving liquid capital at an increasing rate to add to a long-term portfolio is what motivated me to push forward with trading. I attended many seminars and underwent rigorous mentoring from some of the most competitive names in the industry, however I lacked proper education until coming aboard with Warrior Trading in 2016.

Drew Student Success Warrior Trading

Inner Circle 2017 Paved The Way

I started off as a student under Warrior Trading, and later evolving my trading talent by focusing on small and large cap equities. I attended the Inner Circle in 2017 and had the opportunity to meet with and work with Ross, Mike and the rest of the Inner Circle team. In the last three years alone, my portfolio has net more than $230k, and in just the last 6 months I’ve net more than 140k (more than 50% of my profit from the last 3 years). With Warrior Trading’s mentorship and my investment knowledge prior to coming on-board, I developed my own short term swing trading strategy.

My focus in trading is an emphasis on not only seeking well-defined set-ups but also selecting well-defined measurable risk within a market from a “swing trading” contrarian and VCP (Volatility Compression Pattern) approach; while incorporating outperforming sectors and names behind all trades.