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Student Journey: The transition to Day Trader

Warehouse Manager Looking for More in Life

Hi Everyone! I am Maxwell and I’m an 8 month member at Warrior Trading and below is my trading journey!

Before trading I was working as a warehouse manager for an e commerce company earning no more than £8 an hour. It wasn’t an exciting job and I always knew I had so much more to give and needed something that truly tested me, this is where I began to research trading.  I knew trading was the path for me, the excitement, the analysis, this is where I wanted to be and was determined to make it happen.

At the age of 24, I had saved enough money to put a deposit down on a house, but instead I decided to take the leap and use this to start my trading career (girlfriend wasn’t too pleased). This is when I found Warrior Trading and my life changed in ways I couldn’t imagine. One week into the course, after realizing that Ross and the team were the real deal, I left my full time job and put all my efforts into trading, it was the best decision I have ever made and now, at 25, I haven’t looked back since.

Learning how to Day Trade

Many people have the illusion of online trading courses being all about a company getting your money and then the user not getting anything out of it in return, I cant exaggerate how far Warrior Trading is from that perception. Their hands on approach to the learning process cannot be matched anywhere else, the mentors Ross, Mike, Roberto are always there when you need them.

The course itself is so in depth that I went from knowing nothing about trading to now being a full time day trader in less than a year, 8 months with Warrior Trading is all it has taken to completely change my life and I credit that to the layout of the education and chatroom at warrior trading. I now have and reach a daily goal of $300-$500 (which is growing every month) and have freedom beyond what I thought was possible.

My ‘Ah ha’ moment

I started paper trading in the Warrior Trading Sim and I cannot express enough how valuable an asset that is for beginner traders. This is where you build the confidence to really put the skills learned to good use without having to risk hard earned money. After mastering what Warrior Trading had taught me, it was time to go live.

I discovered during one of Roberto’s mentor sessions that his way of trading large caps with Mike suited my personality perfectly and I felt like I could relate to him in many ways. My “ah ha” moment was when I was getting in and out of trades at the exact same time as Roberto, I remember thinking “wow, I am really, really getting this and this is happening for me” I now had the belief and that is a key factor in trading.

The Transition

I could truly spend hours writing about how my life has been changed by Warrior Trading but I will keep it short. I now have some days where I trade for one hour and get to spend the rest of the day living life how it should be lived, on my terms. I would never have imagined the profits I would see from trading and this is all thanks to Ross and the team, it was the best decision I have made in my life and my future as a trader is looking better than ever. I cannot thank Warrior Trading enough for what they have done for me and if you are interested in trading, this is the place to be.