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Net’s Journey to the $100k Club

My name is Net Jacobsson. I’m a former early Facebook executive with a long background from running and scaling startups globally. At Facebook I ran international business development, mobile business and some early M&A explorations. Prior to facebook, I ran operations for a Chinese browser company, business development for ICQ (AOL) and worked in user experience at Ericsson Mobile Communications.

The past couple of years I have been active as a ventures capitalist through a Global Seed fund I co-founded. However, I left it two years ago in order to focus on my own investments and spend more time riding my mountain bike which is my real passion. Although I have been active in technology companies over the past 20+ years, my background is in psychology which has turned out to be very helpful over the years.

I first started out with swing/day trading almost 2 years ago. Prior to that I had mostly been a passive value investor in equities holding over at least five years. After having read a couple of books on day trading I started to sift through the vast amount of YouTubers teaching day trading, most of whom where pure trash. However, through this process I discovered Ross Cameron and Warrior Trading. I found Ross videos very simple, transparent, straight forward and entertaining.

Inspired by Ross, I quickly set up my own trading station and was soon deep diving on charts, indicators and scanners. Initially, I mostly started to trade small caps following Ross strategies. My first daily goal was to make $500, but pretty quickly I raised it to $1000/day. However, I soon realised that I was much better at big caps mainly because I had a deep and wide background in tech and didn’t like the hyperbolic volatility of small caps.

So after having moved over to big caps, being active in the warrior chat room & learned from Mike and all the rest of the active mentors there, I started to find my own trading style.

So what is my trading style?

  1. I mostly day trade stocks that I wouldn’t mind to also swing.
  2. I trade off the 1 minute chart & keep an eye on the volume, S&P and VWAP.
  3. I take bigger positions on average 1000 stocks
  4. I only day trade stocks that move with at least $1 increments (bigger moves)
  5. I seldom care about negative news and daily swings if it is a company I believe in long term.
  6. I don’t trade stocks that have great news and hyperbolic moves if it is not company I would consider holding over days, weeks or even months. You don’t want to get caught in the red in a Pharma stock doing a hyperbolic move and the falls back never to return to a decent level in the future.
  7. I only trade the opening until lunch break, then potentially check in for power hour.
  8. My day trading style consists mainly of momentum trading and scalping.
  9. I never short.

While I have learned a lot from both Ross, Mike and all the great mentors at Warrior, my own trading style have developed organically to fit my unique circumstances and style. I would say its pretty much a combination of day trade trading and swing. That means, I typically only trade stocks that I would consider swinging anyway.

Although I am now on an average of 90% success of my trades, I have had my own share of losses. Some of them pretty big. Initially mostly by following others trades i.e I did’t go through the process of picking the stock myself. Lately, my losses has mostly been the result of wrong setup of hot keys and selling the wrong lot (I often hold several positions of the same stock I trade).

I am still kind of amazed how things have developed over just two years when my first daily goal was $500, then $1000 and now the past half year $8000-$10000. Although my performance have been consistently high over a longer period, I am under no illusion that it will keep on going like this forever. I am well aware that the biggest battle in really with myself and that battle is very dynamic. The ego is the biggest enemy.

My Edge

I think that my edge is really the background I have in psychology coupled with the many years of operational experience both as an entrepreneur as well as a global tech executive from global growth companies. Since the biggest challenges as a trader is the constant battle with yourself, it is really helpful to understand what makes us tick. Likewise, with my background in tech companies and as a venture capitalist, I understand how these companies works and what the market opportunities and challenges are. That gives me extra confidence to act on a trade, even when a catalyst might bring the stock down or technical indicators might not point in your favour.

I am really glad that I came across Warrior Trading and keep on learning a lot from Mike , Ross and all the mentors while still developing and polishing my own trading style. While I don’t identify myself as a trader ( I am still active as an entrepreneur and investor) I have enjoyed (and earned) a lot through trading and being part of the Warriors family.