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Student Success Stories: Day Trading from the Czech Republic

“Hey, I’m a Day Trader”

My name is Petr Červinka and I am a Trader. You can’t even imagine how many years I wanted to say this. Not just “Hey, I’m a Day Trader”. But truly mean it in every sense of the word. “Hey, I’m a Day Trader. I make a living trading on the stock market and it’s amazing job, it’s an amazing adventure, and once you know how this business works, you will love it too”.

The Learning Curve Began with Learning to Speak English

Since I am not from an English speaking country I had a language problem. In the Czech Republic, our English classes in elementary and high school were fairly useless and I had to do most of learning on my own.  In order for me to trade the US Markets, I needed to first learn to read, write, and speak the English language.  That was an extra step in the learning curve.  Be grateful if you are already fluent in English!

What Creates a Good Life?

Here is the philosophical question I was asking myself. What creates a good life? What is the value in getting an education? Is it to find better work? Is it so I can afford a mortgage? Is it to take care of family? In the Czech Republic the philosophy is first go to school boy, than find a job, make some money, and try to take care of your family and live. It’s about trying to stay afloat.

But this is exactly the scenario which I didn’t want to be part of…just staying afloat. So when I finished high school and also graduated from university, I found a job. I worked as a forklift driver, then a lorry offloading guy, then maintenance handyman at elementary school before I found my way to computers.

Earning Double Income from Working and Trading

I ended up getting a job as a computer network specialist. It is great job that I enjoy, gives me satisfaction, and allows me to provide for myself. I’ve been working from 7am to 3pm. So you may ask, since learning to Day Trade did I leave this job? Answer is no. I don’t have to quit my job. Since I’m from Europe, the US stock market is open from 3:30pm to 10:00pm our time. I can finish work, get home, and start trading.

This helped me a lot on the beginning because even if I had a difficult day trading, I knew I’d be okay because I still had my regular job.  I’ve been trading since I was 24 years old, and as of today, I still like the sense of confidence of having 2 incomes.  So I don’t feel I need quit my day job just yet.

I Started Trading in 2009 and Struggled to Find a Good Teacher

I started trading in 2009 but with the broker in the Czech Republic and we had a very limited options. So I bought Apple stock and left it for few years. In fact I still have some shares and its still good investment but this is not a day trading. This has been a long term investment and the returns have been smaller. But I wanted to be a day trader.

I didn’t want an average life of university, then work, then buy a house / pay mortgage etc. The idea of being able to trade the market and make a full time income kept me looking for

As I was researching day trading I found StockTwits. You cant even imagine how many fake gurus and mentors I have met there. So many stock alerts, services with profits “over 100% per week”. “Just pay here $100 for our service then $1000 for our mentoring”.

I spent so much money and wasted so much time on these fake guru’s. And still I didn’t know how to trade. It was pure gambling or following someone who just wanted to make some money thanks to my poor knowledge.

Ross’s $583 Small Account Challenge Caught My Eye

Then I saw Ross trading $583.15 small account challenge. And I thought “Of course, another guy offering service like the others. Again someone who would like to take my money and I will end up with nothing”. Well, I was watching his challenge and I quickly realized this was very different and that I’d finally found someone who knew what he was doing.

Right then and there I wanted to join Warrior Trading but I couldn’t afford it. While I saved money, I kept watching Ross’s YouTube videos and eventually I joined the chatroom. Later on I have received an email. It was from someone named Roberto Barbaro and it was regarding his Traveling Trader project. He said wanted to meet me to talk about the experience of day trading from Europe! I was so happy because I had never met any other day trader in my life. Our meeting was life changing. We were talking and talking and those few days we spent together weren’t enough. Roberto left and I immediately jumped into the course.

Becoming a Warrior Pro Student and SIM Trading

I have finished the course around autumn 2018 and I started developing my strategies in the Warrior Trading Simulator. Looking back, I can’t even imagine how I was doing it before. Without proper training, without all the time in simulator.  It is no wonder I was struggling. I finished SIM trading in January 2019 and that’s when than I started with real money.

Starting with a $690 Account

On January 24th I started with $690 in my account.  In March I made $4,433.89 and by April, my account was up 1,000%.  I’d made $6,900 in 42 trading days.  Not quite as much as Ross’s $100k in 45 days, but I trade with smaller size and I honestly I can’t even describe how amazing it feels just to reach this goal of being a profitable trader.

Since April I’ve made another $20k and I hope to reach $100k in profits this year.  I set 3 goals for the next 12 mo.

Goal no. 1. 1,000% growth $6,900 profits.

Goal no. 2 is 10000% growth $69,000 profits.

Goal no. 3. is 100k in profits.

I believe all of these goals are within reach.

This is just the beginning of my story as a day trader. My biggest advise is to never settle for anything less than being the person you want to be.