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Student Success Stories: Becoming a $100k Club Member and Day Trading in Europe

I didn’t Believe It Was Possible…I’m Happy I Was Wrong

Everyone has a unique story. A story that can explain why you end up here, in this exact moment, reading these words. Maybe you’re just here to chill out or distracting yourself from your reality but for me, this place has been much more than that. It’s been all about inspiration. In fact, inspiration is what made me believe that a much better life was possible, a life where I could live anywhere in the world and do it on my own terms. Honestly, it all seemed too good to be true but it turns out I was wrong, very happily wrong and I’m still thankful for having pushed any doubts away and fulfilled that ambition of becoming a successful trader.

What Drive You Every Day?

What drives you every day? This one has been a tough question to me for a larger amount of times that you can think. In fact, it required me quite a while to realize I wasn’t fitting well in what I was doing. And in the overall life I was living. And you know why? At that time, I already had a Master’s Degree and worked for about 8 years in a 9-5 decent paying job in the automotive engineering field in Detroit, Michigan. I had moved thousands of miles away from my home country of Italy in order to get to that point, but still something did not feel quite right inside myself. While I thought about making a chance, there was a part of me telling that I had gone way too far down this path to start from scratch again.

Long story short, I am so glad that I haven’t listened to that inner voice. I now gladly consider that step back as a sort of “stop loss” where I cut investing in that professional career and jumped in a brand-new lifestyle. In other words, I traded the certainty for the uncertainty because I wasn’t excited anymore about what that path could have given to me (as well as what I could have given back, subsequently).

Making $8k in 1 Month Day Trading From Europe

Becoming a Member of the Warrior Pro Family

It is fair to say that if Warrior Trading had not existed, I wouldn’t have never made it this far, this quickly. Everything from the quality of the Warrior Pro courses (that is where I started) to the kindness of the customer support and the thorough details given away daily in the community (special thanks to Ross and Mike!) helped me defining the strategy I can count on today.

A Journey to Unconditional Freedom

Personally, I define the trading career as the best ticket for a journey to unconditional freedom. I’ve been able to travel the world thanks to trading just by bringing my laptop (and a lot of willingness to explore) with me. I’ve been catching flights, taking trains, riding cars, making friends and visited incredible cities that I had never seen before and every single stop has been decided by myself only. Isn’t it by itself a pretty self-explanatory of the unbeatable beauty of this career?

My New Mission is to Transfer Knowledge

Finally, I believe my mission today is not only to becoming a better trader every day but also to be passing every “secret” I got to know to passionate beginners who are at the beginning of his/her journey. Transferring every drop of knowledge that I’ve been given is what drives me every day. The ultimate goal is to help others becoming consistently profitable traders. Because there is not a better feeling than the reward of seeing others successfully turning their dreams into tangible reality. That’s the main fulfillment I’m looking to achieve today and for many years to come