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Student Success Stories: Becoming a $100k Club Member

Greetings Warriors, Jess here! I am a Warrior Pro member and part of the $100k Club at Warrior Trading! Below is my wild journey to a becoming a successful day trader.

Before I started Day Trading…

Before I started trading I was and still am self employed as an online retailer at large 3rd party selling sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Walmart. I found great success over the years growing a small selling account to a very large high volume seller but with the growth came long hours and working very hard with the high demands of selling requirements from the corporate websites and reduced margins on profits I decided I didn’t want to work under these conditions the rest of my life and the added risk of hopefully having a business like this still around years from now.

Passing up $250k for a chance to get rich!

I have always been interested in the market using a Scottrade account I would buy and sell stocks like AMD with little to no profits but it was some time in 2013 when I received a glossy mailer for a new up and coming OTC stock that is “undervalued” called (VEND) fresh and healthy vending. At the time the stock was trading at around .70 to .80 cents per share the mailer called a $22 price in the coming years. I had capital to play with so I figured what the heck why not give it a try, knowing nothing about pump stocks.

I loaded up 5k shares to 10k shares all the way up to 22k shares or so position at around a .70 to .80 cent average and I waited.. and waited.. nothing.. then the stock over 1 week hits a high of almost 11 bucks! My position was now worth around a quarter of a million dollars! Yes ($250,000 +/-). But I was told a target of $22 so I held the entire position, thinking to myself if its up this much why cant it go more? I wanted that $500k out of pure greed.

Over the next days / weeks the stock dropped and there I sat back to my initial investment of back at 88 cents. My thought to myself at the time was well at least I didn’t lose it all. From there that’s what sparked my further interest thinking this cant be the only stock that has done this, there must be someone out there that knows how to trade these that I can learn from…

Finding a Day Trading Mentor in Ross

I found some of the most popular trading mentors (at the time there were only a few) and they were great. They provided the large picture of how these stocks trade and why. They taught me how to buy and sell, I made money I lost money I would break even. The chat rooms were overpopulated, I would ask questions with little to no response. I needed more detail, more fine tuning, refining and a true mentor to teach me what I was doing wrong, where I was struggling and most importantly how to fix it.

That’s where I stumbled upon Ross. A humble day trader with a beard doing it all from his farmhouse. I joined slowly and cautiously thinking it was going to be just another trading educator with the same information. I emailed Ross and he immediately responded with answers to all my questions (before I was a member) he analyzed some of my trades and pointed out strong faults. That’s when I became a Warrior Pro member and never looked back. I went through the entire trading course in great depth, now I trade long and short large caps and small caps. I have the privilege to trade for only a few hours per day living on my own terms.

I have been with Warrior Trading since April of 2016 and I’m so proud to be a part of the verified $100k Club! Next stop is the $1 million club! It’s not if I make it, it’s when.

Till next time!

-Jess B