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Swing Trade Alerts in October – Out of This World

Swing Trade Alerts in October near record setting accuracy for Warrior Trading students!

I can’t believe the emails I have received from our Swing Trade students this week, realizing success on our options trades.

If you have been trading with us in the chat room or as a trading course student, you know by now that we pride ourselves with the high accuracy our alerts bring, but more so, the depth of education and understanding of the markets. Swing trading with us is more than just trading alerts, however. It also comes with a level of responsibility and expectation that shows the level of commitment of people who want nothing but continued, sustainable success. Those of you who have read this blog on failure, will understand.

To be honest, trading has never been easier than when I decided to make the switch to include swing trading in my portfolio. There is something truly peaceful about setting up orders ahead of time, setting and forgetting them, and walking away. Rinse and repeat is a mantra we love to use as traders, and it is no surprise as to why, when we are CRUSHING trades month after month with minimal stress and commitment. Members can see the current YTD accuracy of our alerts and other metrics HERE.


Take a look at our swing trade alerts from the past week and decide if you could have made money on these trades. What is it worth to you, to take a closer look? It could mean everything. If you recognize these names, do you think you could make money trading them part time, just a few hours a week and with a small account? I talk to students every day who thank us for helping the figure out how to do just that!


Trades closed this week:

AAPL was a 2% win

MCD was a 89% winner (earnings iron condor)

CAT was a 56% winner (earnings iron condor)

V was a 89% winner (earnings iron condor)

NEE was an 8% winner

TSLA was a 90% winner (earnings iron condor0

LUV was a 44% winner, but find out how traders in our chat room made near 200% on this trade HERE.


Video recap of some of the last swing trade alerts in October!


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