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Swing Trade Watch List 12/22/16

Swing Trade Watch List for Thursday December 22, 2016

Mastering routine is the pinnacle of existence for a trader. The ability to robotically, no, systematically react consistenly in our approach to the markets is what we struggle to master. Whether we are swing trading stocks or options, or simply building out a swing trade watch list, it doesn’t matter. The end game is always to make money and to minimize risk. The market conditions following the Trump rally and subsequently, the Santa rally, have been notably choppy. Things aren’t necessarily more volatile, but they are definitely less clean and seemingly more indecisive. Day traders for example, have seen some unusual trends and momentum plays resulting in big wins and big losses, all on the same names. The markets are nothing if not irrational, and that is fine. But, keeping in mind that we as retail traders are NOT in control, we do have an obligation to harness the opportunities that present themselves. That is how we make our living. In my case, building out my swing trade watch list is a daily task that feels like a chore at times, but when I hit 2 out of 3 winners on trades the next day, from ideas that came off that watch list, I am on top of the world.


This video is just a short glimpse into what I do each day, to find opportunities to keep me trading and in the business, ideally for many years to come. The thing about having a scalable straegy is, if you can manage risk, you can make any amount of money you want. If you can make $100, you can make $1000. Nothing changes. If you wonder how I avoid failure, well I don’t. I am only 75% accurate. I do however, strive to never fail on these points. If you guys have any questions about the swing trade watch list video for December 22, 2016, don’t hesitate to email me!


Swing Trade Watch List Video