Swing Trade Watch List

Swing Trade Watch List

February 22nd Watch List

APTO – A nice consolidation and flag along the EMAs. This has a history of big runs as well. Looking for an entry around the 1.20 area, stop 1.12. Target is 1.43-1.50, with an add spot at 1.30 area.

BAC – After watching MS leave the building without us, I am excited about another opportunity in BAC. While flirting with 52w highs, there is still room to go back toward resistance at 27. Looking at buying up some options for this. The Apr17 monthly 25 calls should do the trick. Maybe a spread to make it even cheaper.

AXDX – On swing watch for a move back to 28. Beautiful bull flag begging for a breakout move higher. Long entry is over 24.35, stop 23.90. Target is 26 and then 28.

February 21st Watch List

P – A former winner for us on watch again as it trades at the same level it did before for us. Looking at this for a long over the 13.60-13.70 area, stop 13.20. Target is 14.10 and then 14.75.

SSI – A slow mover with plenty of range before earnings. Looking for a long over 2.70, stop 2.50. Target is 2.90 and then 3.00 before the little gap.

MS –  A low IV financial name with plenty of upside room if markets hold up. Watch for a test of $46.75 highs. Looking at a Apr17 monthly 46/47 call spread for a debit of .50. Alternatives are long the stock over 46.20 or buy the Apr17 monthly 46 call @ $1.96 or better.

February 16th Watch List

STON – A big gap fill candidate before earnings kick off. Long entry is over 11.30, add spot over 11.46-11.50. I like this for a move to 12 short term and then as high as 15.

APRI – One of our students found this opportunity. Looking for a breakout of this range over 2.87, stop 2.65. Target is 3.20 and tehn 3.60. A recent positive catalyst gives this some hope.

ARWR – On watch for a move back toward 2.50 and then into the gap. Long entry is over 2.16, stop 2.00.

CERU – Trade from earlier this week on watch for a nother test of that 1.68 area. Long entry is 1.45-1.50 area, stop 1.32. Target is 1.70 and then 1.90s.

NVDA – A nice short candidate as it bear flags. Short entry is under 108, stop over 110. Target is 104 or the 50 EMA support. Look to flip long at that spot. Will use options for this one depending on volatilty.

February 15th Watch List

OMER – On swing watch for a move back to $12. Looking like a long entry over 11.25-11.35, stop 11.00 initially.

Earnings: GDDY, TRIP

February 14th Watch List

AKS – A bullish flag trading at the EMAs in a hot sector with lots of upside. Hmmm. Long entry is over 8.90, add spot 9.00. Stop will be 8.50. Target is 9.50 short term.

NM – A shipping sympathizer with a relatively clean chart, minor room. This one is in and out, tight risk controls. Long entry over 2.03-2.06. Stop is 2.90. Target is is 2.20 and then 2.43.

EFX – On short watch after this big earnings runner failed to make new highs and has plenty of room to pull back. Looking at Apr17 monthly $125 puts. Very illiquid though, so will keep an eye out. Short the stock under 129.90. Target is 128 short term.

Earnings: SODA

February 9th Watch List

LPX – Long entry on this gapper is over 21.08, add spot 21.16 before we take off to new 52w highs. Stop will be 20.75. Target is 22.00 short term, 23.50 long term.

PXLW – Long entry over 3.82, stop 3.60. Target is 4.20 and then 4.50. Nice window with no resistance. Possible add spot over 3.89.

February 8th Watch List

BIOC – A previous watch lister for us with a lot of room and explosive potential. Long entry is over 1.61, stop 1.41. Target is 1.80s and then 2.00 area.

February 7th Watch List

AAPL – On watch for a possible short if we fail to make new highs. Will see what the market brings first.

Earnings: BWLD, GILD, DIS, K, YUM

February 6th Watch List

ERII – A potential breakout if this can sustain a move above the EMAs. Long entry is over 10.80, stop 10.50. Target is 11.20, then 11.70 short term.

February 3rd Watch List

XOM – Stole this trade idea from David. A nice reversal setup following an earnings sell off. Nice short term room to just under 85.00 on this as well. Long entry is over 83.55, stop 83.90. Will use a Mar17 (monthly) bull call spread. Mar17 85/87.5 call spread for a debit of .60 or better. Alternative is Mar17 85 call at .80 or better.

Earnings: HAS, TSN

February 2nd Watch List

CSTM – On swing watch for a breakout over the top of this flag and resistance spot. Long entry is over 7.95, stop 7.65. Target is 9.00 area.

PMTS – A low volume flat top looking to breakout over 4.80. Long entry is 4.80-4.85, stop 4.60. Target is 5.15-5.30.

Earnings: V, CMG, AMZN

February 1st Watch List

PVG – A nice and big bull flag with liquidity and range. Looking for a long entry over 10.88, stop 10.58. Target is 11.50, then 12.20.

CMG – Another bull flag on a big mover. This is an option trade only…using a bull call spread. Mar17 425/430 call spread for a debit of 2.30. Alternative here is for just the March 17 425 call for $15.75.

Earnings: CME, COP

January 31st Watch List

GNRT – On swing watch for a move back toward 5.70. Watching for a long entry over 4.91, stop 4.60. Add spot is over 5.04 and target is 5.70.

SNCR – On short watch for a breakdow and quick move to 36. Short entry is under 37.60-37.50, stop 38.50. Target is 36.00.

Earnings: AAPL, X, EA, MO

January 30th Watch List

TXN – A big run up following earnings and a flag on the daily. Looking for this to make new highs with a strong market. Long entry is over 79.00, add spot 79.50. Stop under 78.00. Alternatively, Mar17 (monthly) options are in play as well. Looking at a Mar17 80/85 call spread or just the Mar17 80 calls.

Calendar: XOM, MA, COH, LLY, HOG

January 20th Watch List

LC – I traded this name several times last year with minimal success. I like the setup here as price consolidates over the EMAs. There is enough liquidity and range on the daily to justify taking a stab. Long entry is over 5.85-5.92, stop 5.65. Target is 6.30, 6.50.

AAPL – Looking for a bull flag break out back to the +120s. Will be watching this for a quick move over 120.10-120.50. Will look at options premiums at the time to decide on a credit or debit spread. IV is pretty high with AAPL right now.

Earnings: HAL, MCD

January 18th Watch List

CRR – Looking for a quick move to 11.30 and then 12.00 for this big daily bull flag. Long entry is over 10.87, stop 10.50.

BAC – Following earnings news, BAC was also caught up in Trump woes as the whole financial sector got hit. I like this for a long and recovery back up toward 23. Looking at buying some Feb17 $21 calls at 1.40 or so. The alternative on this trade is buy BAC stock over 22.15.

QCOM – If technology continues selling off, I would look to QCOM for a short. Nice test of support, with plenty of room lower. Short entry is under 64.00, stop 65.00. Target is 63 and then 62, if markets remain weak.

Earnings: ALK, NFLX

January 17th Watch List

ROST – A nice bull flag on the daily. This is a previous winner for us with nice room to the upside off support here. I like this for a call spread, Feb17 67.5/70 for a debit of .85-.90. Alternatives: Long the stock over 67.10, stop 66.45 OR long ROST Feb17 67.5 call @ $1.40

Earnings: UAL, GS

January 12th Watch List

CMRE – Here comes the gap! Looking at a nice gap fill trade with room back toward 6.50-7.00. A smaller ATR, but plenty liquid. Long entry here is over 6.25-6.30, stop is 6.05.

KNDI – Back on watch for a breakout over 5.30 after piercing that spot Wednesday. Now we will see if there is any follow through for a move to $6. Long entry is over 5.30, stop 5.00. Target of 6 and tehn 6.50.

NVGS – A good look with light resistance til the next target. Long entry is over 10.75, stop 10.25. Target is 11.75, then 12.30 area.

Earnings: WFC, JPM, BAC

January 11th Watch List

KNDI – Setting up for a possible breakout over 5.30. Long entry here is over 5.20, add at 5.30 for a move to 5.50 and then 6.15, short term. Stop will be 5.00 to begin.

ACIA – On short watch as this recent down trender has a lot of room below it. Looking for short entry under 56.30, stop 58. Target is 52.50 and then 47, if things really pick up. Options spread on this is May17 55/50 bear put spread, debit of 2.35.

Earnings: DAL

January 9th Watch List

No obvious or exciting opportunites to hit my scanner. Not thrilled with SPY price action either. I suspect another down day or two, before we get our buying opportunities.

January 6th Watch List

BIOA – A sweet bull flag on this low floater gives us a chance for big upside. Room is to 6.50 area on this trade. Long entry is 5.66-5.70, stop 5.24.

FLOW – A short setup at the 20EMA. Looking for a short entry under 31.90, stop is 32.00. Targets are 28.50 and 26.75.

January 5th Watch List

TSCO – Looking at a high implied volatiltiy name trading in a tight range just below a gap. I do believe this moves higher, and I think it holds support at 75 and the 20/50 EMAs as well. This is a good opportunity for a bull put spread. Looking at Feb17 75/70 bull put for a CREDIT of 1.35. Target on this is the usual 30%. If we see TSCO breakout over this range, this one will profit quickly. Alternatives are to buy a Feb17 $80 call 1.65 or buy the stock over 77.16.

TAP – My favorite beer to drink when out boating around the lake during the heat of summer. Looking for a break above the 50ema, a test of 100.43 and a move to 102. I suspect this happens if the market remains strong. Looking at a Feb17 call spread 100/105 for a debit of 1.90. Alternatives are buy Feb17 100 call for 3.00 or buy TAP stock 99.60.

RATE – Still on watch for a move over 11.68. Stop will be 11.44. Nice tight range/risk with a big bullish setup..worth a shot.

January 4th Watch List

SPY – On watch for a long over the highs. Looking at an entry over 225.83, target of 228.34.

RATE – Looking at this nice breakout setup for a move over 11.60. That is our entry. Stop will be 11.20. First target is 12, and then 12.70.

FDC – An intersting look at this sideways mover here holding above the EMAs. Range is to 16 or so. Entry will be over 15.00. Stop is 14.65.

DLTR – A sweet reversal setup here as this doji at the bottom foreshadows a possible move back up. Looking at the low IV opportunity here. Will use a bull call spread Feb17 77.5/80 for a debit of 1.30 or better, ONLY AFTER the stock breaches 78.01. Long entry for stock traders will be over 78.01, stop 77.00. Target here is back toward 80.

January 3rd Watch List

SPY – On short watch as I suspect this pull back continues, IF we break down below the previous low. Room down to 221.15 or so. Will use a bear call spread, to capitalize on the high implied volatility. If the market goes higher, it is a great buy spot, but we will need confirmation first. It will be one to watch as the New Year will bring us many new variables. Except some volatility as things shakeout now that the holiday’s are behind us.