Swing Trade Watch List

Swing Trade Watch List

October 26th Watch List

NEE – Looking for a breakout over 125 resistance. A lower IV setup before earnings run up could give us a quick profit here. Looking at a Nov16 125/130 bull call spread for a debit of 1.95. Alternatives are long the stock over 126.00, or long the Nov16 125 call for 3.20.

NVDA – On short watch after crushing this long multiple times this year. Looking for a pull back to the 9ema. Going into this super high IV name with a credit spread/bear call spread. Looking at the Dec16 75/80 bear call spread for a credit of 1.45.  Alternatives here are to short the stock with an entry under 71.25 or to buy a Dec16 70 put for 3.35.

Earnings: BA, VMW, TSLA, FFIV, UPS

October 20th Watch List

Earnings: MCD, PYPL, SKX, GE, MAN, HON

October 19th Watch List

AAPL – On watch for a bull flag break out and new highs. I will trade a bull call spread here. Nov16 115/120c for a debit of 2.47 or so. Alternatives to this are Long the sstock over 118.30 or long a Nov16 115 call for 4.60.

Earnings: AAL, VZ, ALK, MAT

October 18th Watch List

Earnings setups: YHOO, ISRG, CREE, HAL Will be looking to focus on iron condor setups through earnings, and managing open trades. Once we get some trenders coming out of earnings, we will jump on to those.

October 17th Watch List

AVP – On swing watch for a move to 7.00 short term. Big resistance at 6.33 or so. Long entry is 6.35, stop 6. 09. Target is 6.70 and then 7.00. Nice liquid name to get some size on.

AVGR – On swing watch for a breakout over 5. Looking for entry over 4.98-5.00, add spot 5.15. Target is 5.50-5.75, then 6.

NVDA – Still on watch here as we need confirmation of a move higher.

OCN – Still on watch as well, looking for a breakout over the 200 ema. Entry remains the same.

EVH – Short opportunity if healthcare keeps selling with the SPY. Short entry is under 23.65, stop 24.25. Target is 22.00.

October 14th Watch List

OCN – Back on watch after a nice win last week. This thing pulled back and showed big strength in market weakness. Looking for a long entry over 3.75, stop 3.51. Target is 4.15 and then 4.50.

RPM – Still watching for a reversal play. Long entry is clearly over 48.06, stop 47. Target will be 49.50 and then 50.

NVDA – Waiting for a healthy market day to get in on this pull back opportunity. If the 20 EMA fails, this trade is off the table. Friday will be telltale.

GPI – On short watch here if the market keeps selling. This has nice range lower. Short entry will be under 61.75, stop 62.75. Room here is down to 60, and then 59.50.

October 13th Watch List

NVDA – A nice previous winner for us giving us a pull back entry opportunity. I like this for a Nov16 bull call spread. Nov16 65/70c for a debit of 2.75. Long entry is over 66.80-67.00 for stock traders. Also, the single leg Nov16 65c at 4.55 can be traded here as well.

LULU – Still watching for reversal entry, over 57.70. A big downward oversold spiral for this company. Looking to play a reversal out of oversold conditions. Long entry is over 58.04, but you could sneak a starter position over 57.00, stop at 56.

LUV – If energy holds up, we could see LUV break through resistance at 40.50. Long entry is going to be using a bull call spread, Nov16 40/42c for a debit of

RPM – Another reversal setup here. Long entry is over $48.50, stop 47.75. Target is 50.00. If this breaks 48, be ready to bail by 47.75 as it isn’t done selling.

SGEN – On short watch for a breakdown to nearby support at 49.75, which is our target. Short entry is under 52.90, add spot under 52.10. Stop will be 53.65.

October 12th Watch List

JBHT – A nice flat top at 82.00 makes this interesting if energy moves higher. Options aren’t liquid enough to trade, but the stock is. Long entry is over 82.04, stop 81.30. Target is 84.

SDRL – A nice bullish flag after a big move up in energy. If market rallies, look for SDRL to pop. Long entry is over 2.81, stop 2.67. Target is 3.00 and then 3.25 if we get a squeeze over that resistance.

LULU – A big downward oversold spiral for this company. Looking to play a reversal out of oversold conditions. Long entry is over 58.04, but you could sneak a starter position over 57.00, stop at 56.

VFC – On short watch below 54. If the market falls, I think 54 breaks and we get a test of that support area 52. Short entry is under 54, stop is over 55.

October 10th Watch List

CMG – A big mover with a  lot of upside here, testing a resistance top. Looking for a call spread on this, Nov16 430/435c for a debit of 1.90. No alternatives.

CTSH – A high IV gap fill setup. Looking for a recovery in price back toward 53. Due to the high IV in this setup, a bull put spread is ideal here. Nov16 50/45p for a credit of 1.50. Alternatives are long the stock over 51.50.

CRAY – On short watch for a breakdown toward 20.60 support. Several attempts at breaking out, instead, it failed at the 20 EMA. Short entry is under 22.40, add spot under 22. Stop will be 23.10.

October 7th Watch List

AGN – On swing watch for a breakout over 239.00. Going to use options on this one. Looking at a Nov16 bull call spread 240/245c for a debit of 1.75 or less. Alternative would be the Nov16 240c for 3.25 or less.

SNA – Another pricey name with a good setup. Looking for a a breakout over the 50EMA. Nov16 bull call spread 150/155c for a debit of 2.75. Alternatives would be long over 153.50 or buy the Nov16 150c at 5.95 or better.

TGI – On short watch as this BEAR flag is ready for new lows if market falls apart. Short entry is under 26.80, stop 27.80. Target is 26.30 and then 25.60.

October 6th Watch List

TCK – A monster uptrender since January, with extremely low IV. This thing historically pulls back to the 20 or even 50 EMA, then reverses and trends higher. Textbook chart. I want to try some of this for myself! Looking to lock up profits using a call spread, Nov16 18/20c for a debit of .74. Alternatives here are a long entry over 18.00 with stock, or buying the Nov16 18c for a debit of 1.55.

WLL – Today, I got short energy with XLE puts, but I like the flag on WLL enough to keep an eye on it. Long entry is over 9.00, stop 8.69. Target is 9.80.

XNCR – This short watch candidate made it to the list following a falling off after its near parabolic move up to highs around 26. Showing no signs of recovery, This should provide some short opportunity in a down market. Short entry is under 23.28, add spot under 23.00. Target is 22.50 and then 22. Stop will be 24.15.

October 5th Watch List

STT – Up in a down market and testing resistance just below a key pivot/breakout spot. Watching this for an options spread, Nov16 70/72.5 bull call spread for a debit of 1.40. Alternatives to this would be a long entry on the stock over 71.62 or buying the Nov16 70c @ $3.40.

EXPE – Trading at a big top/pivot with great momentum. If the market gives us a push, this goes higher and back toward 125. Extremely low IV makes this setup ideal for a bull call spread if we breakout over 120. Nov16 120/125 call spread for a debit of 2.10 or better. Alternatives would be a long with stock over $120 or using a single leg Nov16 120c for a debit of 5.85 or better.

SWKS – A nice recent trend, higher lows, forming an ascending wedge under big resistance at the 78.00 pviot spot. A bull call spread setup for Nov16 75/80c for a debit of 2.35 or better. The trick here is making sure SWKS gets over 78. Alternatives to the call spread are long the stock 77.89 or long the Nov16 76c at 5.35.

TSE – On short watch for a breakdown under the 50 EMA. After a nice run up this summer, we are starting to see lower highs and lower lows. Looking for a short entry under 54.00. Stop will be 55.00. Target here is 52.30 and then 51.


October 4th Watch List


October 3rd Watch List

AGEN – Watching this big mover for a breakout over the 7.30 area. A bull flag and lots of room to go higher if that breaks. Long entry is over 7.30-7.35, stop 7.00. Target is 8.00 and then 8.40.

AXL – Long entry here is over stiff resistance at 17.40. Stop is 16.90. Target is 18.15 and then 18.85

OCN – About to breech the 200 EMA for the first time in a long time. Watching for the squeeze if that level falls. Long entry is over 3.75, stop is 3.55. Target is 4.50.

BMY – On short watch for a breakdown toward big support at 52. Entry is 53.75, new 52 week lows. Stop will be 54.40. Target is 52.

September 30th Watch List


September 29th Watch List

NIHD – A big flag consolidating at the 20 and 50 EMAs.The room here is to 4, short term. Long entry is over 3.40, stop at 3.19. Add spot over 3.50.

AMAT – A nice pull back opportunity with low implied volatility. That makes this good for a long call setup. I am looking at a bull call spread  Nov16 30/32c for a debit of .70. Alternatives are, long entry over 29.80, or buy Nov16 30calls for 1.19.

IMMU – A carry over after Wednesday selling pressure couldn’t keep this name down. Same setup and same play: Nice bull flag on this bio runner. Long entry is over 3.45-3.50, stop is 3.20. Target is 3.80s and the 4+.

DG – In week and strong markets, this name is threatening lower with a break of support under 70. Short entry will be under 70, probably using puts, looking for a move to 68.50 and then 67, short term.

September 28th Watch List

IMMU – Nice bull flag on this bio runner. Long entry is over 3.45-3.50, stop is 3.20. Target is 3.80s and the 4+.

GPOR – On short watch as this oil name flirts with big support after failing to make new highs. Short entry is under 26.00, stop 27.00. Target is 24.75 and lower.

September 27th Watch List

VIAB – On bounce watch for a reversal after a multi day sell off to oversold conditions. Looking for a long over 35 or closer to 34. Markets will dictate the timing on this entry. Target is 37.00 resistance.

EPAM – On short watch under 66.40. Target is 65 and then 63.75. This big support level will give way to lower targets if market stays week.

September 23rd Watch List

HZN – A big bull flag on this young stock. A pretty light volume name with good range. Small size here or you could get eaten alive. Long entry is over 19.25, add spot 19. 50. Stop is 18.60. Target will be 20.00 first stop..

PTGX – A super low volume stock that hit my reversal scan today. Not too keen on the volume, but the range is impressive. I’ll watch this for a short opportunity, if I can find shares. Short will be under 15.80, stop 16.50. Target is under 14.

September 22nd Watch List

CC – Strong bullish trend, testing IPO highs. Looking for a move back to 16+ short term. Long entry is over 14.85, add spot over 15. Stop will be 14.20.

TSN – Looking for a breakout over 76, after a strong move up, pull back to 50ema support and now a move higher, yet again. Critial spot is 77.05. Looking for an option spread here, NOV16 (monthly) 75c/80c for a debit of 2.10. Alternatives to this trade are Buy the Nov16 75c at 3.00 or buy TSN stock at 75.50-76.

NVDA – A high flyer with a strong chart. Lot of irrational momentum. If this gets started in a bull market rally, look out $70. Long entry here is closer to $65.26 highs. Will use a Nov16 (monthly) 65/70 call spread for a debit of 2.00. Alternatives to this are a long over 65.00, add 65.30. Or, buy a Nov16 65 call for 4.25 or so.

No short watch names.

September 8th Watch List

N/A – There won’t be any watch list til next Monday because I will be travelling to…Wall Street/NYC. I am headed back east for a couple weeks and will try to get some TickerTV time in for next week’s watch list while on a lovely roof top terrace or something fun. Looking forward to meeting up with some of our members while in the area too. As always, I will be alerting trades as they trigger and I will of course, be available to you all by email!

September 7th Watch List

STKL – On watch for a bull flag breakout and move back over 7. Long enty is over 6.88, stop 6.50. Target is 7.20 and then 7.90.

PETX – Big bull flag looking for resolution with a biotech sector recovery. Long entry is over 9.40, add over 9.50. Stop is 9.00. Target will be 10.55 and then 11.75.

FCFS – Short watch for a breakdown below support. Obvius entry is under 50.00, but add spot under 49.50 for

September 1st Watch List


August 31st Watch List

GNCA – Long entry over 5.45-5.50, stop 5.20. Target is 6.00, short term.

TK – Long entry over 7.40-7.50, stop 7.20. Traget is 8, and then 9.00.

Earnings: CRM, CTRP

August 30th Watch List

CVRR – Not normally an oil trader, but this one is a decent setup with a lot of room over $7. Looking for a long over 6.85-6.89, stop 6.59. Target will be 7.50, then 8.

TMST – Long entry over 10.45-10.50, stop 10.00 Target is 11, 11.50. Not a bad look if it can clear 10.50.

PMTS – Looking for a gap fill trade here. This would be a quicker in and out setup, possibly even a day trade. Long entry is over 5.40, stop 5.15. Target here is potentially 7.30 or so.

BMY – On short watch for Tuesday. This is a low IV setup, which means a bear put spread could pay quickly. The catch? We need 58 to fall and the market to be weak. This will be  a trade for a red SPY day, otherwise, we will focus on the long stuff.

August 29th Watch List

WATT – A historically big mover with a bullish setup here. Long entry is over 17.00, stop 16.20. Target will be 19.

V – Looking at this big flat top with multiple taps at 81. I think we get it when the market perks up. Looking at a cheap options play here. The IV is low so, Oct16 77.5/82.5 for a debit of 3-3.05 should do the trick. As usual, 30-50% will be the target.

OCN – Looking good for a breakout into a nice window over 3.44, stop 3.23. Target is 4.50.

RH – On short watch for a move below the 9/50 EMAs as this one has failed to hold the gap. Short entry is under 31.80, stop 32.50. Target is 30.00.

August 25th Watch List

SALT – After some good early success on shippers, I like this for a move back toward 3.50, and thensome. Long entry is over 3.31, stop 3.14. Target is 3.50 and then 4.

HLTH – Long entry here is over 3.25-3.30, stop 3.10. Target is 3.65-4.00.

ALKS – Short entry if IBB continues to fall will be under 44.00, stop 45. Target is 41.00.

Earnings: ULTA, GME, SPLK

August 24th Watch List

VHC – A volatile mover with a lot of room. Just looking for a quick 3-5%, will not over stay our welcome on this one. Looking for a long entry over 2.75-2.78, stop 2.50. Add spot over 2.95-3.00. Target is 3.50 and then 4.00 if momentum pics up.

Earnings: WDAY, HPQ – On watch for iron condor plays.

August 18th Watch List

ADPT – A reversal setup. Long entry is off the 40.00 area or over 42.50. Will stop out under 39.00. Target here is 46.

SPY – On short watch for a move lower from here. The SPY is flirting with the 9 EMA and pretty top heavy.  Would like to use a bear put spread here. Sept16 220/215 for a debit of 2.00 or better.

August 17th Watch List

WAC – Long entry is over 3.73, stop 3.43. Target is 4.15.

ZBRA – On reversal watch for a short off the 70.00 resistance spot. Do or die if it breaks down under this level. Moving up 50% in the last month and a half, this thing hasn’t slowed. If we get a tap and fail of the 70 area, I want to ride this short using the Nov70/65 bear put spread. This low IV setup could really take off for us.

Earnings: CTRP, YY, WUBA

August 16th Watch List

ZBRA – On reversal watch for a short off the 70.00 resistance spot. Moving up 50% in the last month and a half, this thing hasn’t slowed. If we get a tap and fail of the 70 area, I want to ride this short using the Nov70/65 bear put spread. This low IV setup could really take off for us.

MYCC – On swing watch for a breakout to the long side after MULTIPLE taps at this level. We NEED to get over 15.25-15.30, so that will be our entry. Our no BS stop will be at 15.00 and there will be room to 17.20 or so.

Earnings: URBN, TGT

August 12th Watch List

ETN – A low IV grinder pushing its way into overbought territory. This is a reversal setup we are after here. And because IV is low, we will look to use a debit spread, knowing that a shift in trend and a pullback will result in an increase in IV. Oct16 67.5/65 bear put spread for a debit of around 1.25.

WGL – Another reversal setup with some oversold conditions in a raging bull market. The pull back the EMA support level here gives me confidence this could be a good reversal/pivot. Oct16 65/70 bull call spread for a debit of 2.50 or better.

BOOT – A multiple watch list name in the past, but FINALLY looks to be breaking out. This could be a bit chase, but would make for a sweet day trade or maybe a small hold til Monday. Long entry is over 11.25, stop 11. Target is 11.80-12, short term.

August 11th Watch List

– A nice consolidation in a flag. Looking for a breakout on low IV. This is a great opportunity for a bull call spread. Sep16 43/45 for a debit of .75.

Earnings: JWN, NVDA, YY

August 10th Watch List

Nothing super fancy surfaced today, but we do have some earnings to watch out for.


August 9th Watch List

CECO – Long entry is over 7.53, stop 7.20. Target is 8.00+.

EYES – A previous big runner showing signs of life. Long entry is over 4.23, add spot 4.50. Stop is 4.00. Target will be 5.30 and then 5.70.

BCC – On short watch as it test the 9EMA here. Short entry is below 26.00, stop 27. Target will be 23.70.


August 8th Watch List

NERV – A big range potential. Long entry is over 11.90, stop 11.40. Target is 13.20 and then 14.

GLOG – A big resistance top about to pop. Long entry is over 14.20, stop 13.75. Target is 16

IBB – A low IV speculative play. I am bullish if markets continue higher. Looking for a Sept16 300/305 bull call spread for a debit around 2.00-2.25. Target will be 30-50%

Earnings: RAX, IONS, W, VRX,

August 5th Watch List

No worthy opportunities presented themselves!

August 4th Watch List

ENDP – With earnings coming up, news coming out and testing the 50EMA at the mouth of a big gap, this is a sweet long setup (credit to Mike here!) Long entry is over 18.63, stop 18.00. Aggressive target is 25!

FOLD – A previous winner for us with earnings coming up, I like the potential over 6.81. Long entry over 6.81, add spot over 7.00. Target is 7.50-7.75.

Earnings: FEYE, LOCO, NUS

August 3rd Watch List

SKX – On reversal watch for a long. Oversold and super low IV make this a pretty ideal setup for a bull call spread, to capture the bounce. Will be watching this to make new highs. Sep16 23/25 call spread, targeting 30% ROI.

LDOS – Short watch for breakdown under support. Short entry is under 47.90, stop 49.00. Target is 46.50 and then 45.20.

Earnings: FSLR, HLF, TRIP, TSLA,

August 2nd Watch List

ZFGN – Big oversold territory with a sweet gap and earnings coming up. Possible squeeze candidate. Long entry is over 3.30, stop 3.00. Target will be 3.66 for an add and the move to 4. Could see 4.50 and then 5.50 if things heat up.

SAP – On short watch as this reversal setup is finally starting to roll over a bit. Looking for an entry under $87.00. Stop will be 88. You could use options here, but liquidity is questionable. Target is 85 short term, then 83.50.

Earnings names: FIT, EA, HUM,

August 1st Watch List


July 29th Watch List

DGLY – On swing watch for a move back toward 7. Low float and low volume, but prone to big moves. Long on this is over 5.92, add at 6.00. Target is 6.50 and then 7. Stop will be 5.50.

VMW – On reversal watch. In big time overbought territory with super low IV. This is ripe for a bear put spread. Looking at Sept16 monthly expiration. Short for the stock will be under 72.30-72.00 area. Target will be 70 and then 68.

July 28th Watch List

GERN – Long entry is over 2.80, stop 2.70. Target is 3.30.

HTZ – Looking for an obvious short entry under the 50.00 mark. Stop will be 51. Target is 47.50.


July 27th Watch List

TROX – Long entry is over 6.90, add spot 7.15. Stop is 6.29. Target is 7.75 and then 8.20.

GSM – Long entry is over 9.20, stop 8.90. Target is 10, then 10.50 area.

NAV – Long entry is over 13.30, stop 12.85. Target is 14.30 and then 16.

MCD – On short watch for a put spread to capture the move to support. Sep16 120/115 for a debit of around .75 or so, will wait for price to increase to confirm direction.

ZOES – On short watch for a move below 35 support. Looking to start a short on this under 35.50, add 35.00. Stop will be 36. Target is 32.

Earnings: FB, GPRO, GRPN, WFM,

July 26th Watch List

WUBA – Long entry over 50.00. Target is next resistance at 52.00. Stop will be 49.00.

SLCA – Short entry is under 33.50, add spot under 33.20-33.00. Room is down to 32.50 and then 31.30. Stop will be 34.75.


July 22nd Watch List

No setups were present. Earnings were scarce too. Typical Friday action. Look to hit it hard with the earnings starting Monday.

July 21st  Watch List

FRO – Long entry is over 8.21, stop 7.90. Target is 8.55 and then 9.00.

ESPR – Long entry is over 11.58, stop 11.00. Room here into the gap. First stop 13.20 and then 14. Nice setup if biotechs keep grinding.

AEM – Short entry under 52, stop 53. Target is 50. Gold starting to pull back.

Earnings options watch list: CMG, P, PYPL, SKX, V, SWKS, WAL

July 8th Watch List

SWIR – Long entry over 17.20, stop 16.60. Target add spot of 17.50. Target is 18.30

DXPE – Long entry over 16.40, stop 15.75. Target is into the gap and 17.20.

NTLA – Super oversold and beaten down, looking for a quick bounce on this one. Long entry over 19.60, stop 18.65. Target is 21.00 and then 22.50.

NSP – Short entry under 74.88, stop 75.88. Target is 72.35.

POST – On short watch under 84, stop 85.40. Target is near 80. Will use a credit spread here due to high implied volatility. Look for a 30-5o% move.

July 7th Watch List

DRNA – Long entry is over 3.67, stop 3.32. Target is 4.00 and then 4.50 area.

ERF – Long entry over 6.51, stop 6.20. Target is 7.00 and then 7.70, if oil picks up steam.

LLY – Still on short watch for a reversal. Looking for an entry below 79.10, stop 80.40. target is now 76.

TSO – If oil moves lower from here, this will be on short watch under 70.00, add spot 69.50. Target is 67.

July 6th Watch List

NTLA – On reversal watch after getting pummeled following its IPO. Looking for a bottom bounce entry around $20.50 Stop will be 19.50. Down nearly 30% in a week, this has nice bounce/recovery potential.

LLY – On reversal watch for a short after a nice 11% run. This one trades liquid with options and has a low IV rank. Will look for the Aug16 80/75 put spread for a debit of 2.50.

Earnings: PEP

June 31st Watch List

There will be no watch list for Friday, unless an opportunity pops up. I think the market is getting a little wild here and will not look to jump on this fat beast on a Friday.

June 30th Watch List

EDGE – Long over 10.03, stop 9.50. Target is 11, but will look for profits around 10.55. Low volume mover.

ABUS – Long entry is over 3.61, stop 3.36. Target is 3.90-4.00.

BOOT – Long entry is over 8.67, stop 8.25. Target is 9.30 then 10.15.

SPY – On short watch for a failure at the EMAs here and a move back toward 200. Will use an options spread.

June 29th Watch List

NVAX – Holding up while peers have been selling off and testing resistance while maintaining EMA support. Long entry over 7.00, stop 6.70. Target is 7.60.

TSRO – On short watch for a breakdown under 36.50. Target is 33.50. Stop will be 38.00.

June 28th Watch List

No opportunities presented themselves today.

June 27th Watch List

EXAS – Long entry over 11.70, add spot over 12. Target is 12.45 gap opening, then 17 or so. Stop will be 11.00.

SON – On short watch for a move as this taps support yet again in a week market. A break of support at 46.50 could move us to 45. Short entry is under 46.60, stop 47.25.

June 24th Watch List

KMPR – Long entry over 33.15-33.20, stop 32.50. Target is 34, then 35. This is a lighter volume name, so size accordingly.

KEYW – Long entry over 10.00, stop 9.70. Target is 11.00.

HEES – Long entry over 20.51, stop 19.80. Target is 21.50.

PRTY – Long entry over 13.53, stop 13.15. Target is 14.10.

SGMS – Long entry over 10.15, stop 9.75. Target is 10.75, then 11.50.

MMP – On short watch for a possible reversal. Looking for return toward 72. Will short some near 78, or under 77.

SPY – Looking to start a bear put spread on the SPY as it tests these highs yet again. Looking for a Jul16 210/208 put spread for a quick 30% on a market pull back.

June 23rd Watch List

NTRA – Long entry over 12.15 range highs. Stop will be 11.60. Target is 12.60 and then 13.00.

FDX – After earnings, this short setup could go either way off the 200 EMA, so, I want to use a high probability credit spread. Looking at the  Jul16 165/170 call spread. This will get us 30-50% return in a hurry if the 200EMA breaks too.

No earnings plays on watch.

June 22nd Watch List

SLCA – Looking for a long on this one over 34.70, stop 34.00. If this level holds, target will be 36, and then 37.80.

GNC – If support fails here, look out below. Short entry is under 24.49, stop 25.25. Target is 22.64.

Earnings Plays: RHT, BBBY

June 21st Watch List

S – Long entry is over 3.91, add spot over 4.00. Stop is 3.75. Target is 4.20, then 4.40.

TMST – Long entry over 10.41, stop 10.40. Add spot over 10.77. Target is 11.10, then 11.75.

CCOI – On short watch. Short entry below 39.74, stop 40.60. Target is 39.00

June 20th Watch List

TRN – Long entry is over 19.11, stop 18.50. Target is 19.90, then 20.30.

NVDA – A long over 47 for a move to 50. I will look to capitalize on this low IV mover with a debit call spread. The Jul16 monthly 47/50 put spread looks good with a 30-50% target.

INCR – On bounce watch over 38.00. Stop will be 37.00 and target is 40.00.

NBIX – On short watch for a breakdown under the 200 EMA. Short entry is under 44.00, stop 45.00. Room down to 41.50.

Earnings: KMX, LEN

June 17th Watch List

There will be no watch list for this Friday as the market is bottoming (or not) and we have a bunch of open positions right now we need to manage. Also, tomorrow is options expiration day.

June 16th Watch List

ASM – Long entry over 2.38, stop 2.24. Target is 2.55 and then 2.75.

SYNC – Long entry over 3.33, stop 3.07. Add spot over 3.50. Target is 3.75 area short term, then just shy of 4.

PRGO– On short watch for a move lower after takeover rumors subside. Looking for a short under 97.70, stop 99.00. Target is 95 and then 93.

Earnings: SWHC, ORCL

June 15th Watch List

IBB – A pretty exaggerated sell off after testing resistance and falling back to support with the markets. Looking at another call spread on this. We have had some amazing accuracy with IBB call spreads this year. Will use a Jul16 call spread. Buy to open 265 call, sell to open 270 call for a debit around 2.30 per spread.

MGT – A big mover with a lot of volatility behind it. Long entry is over 2.57, add spot 2.64. Stop is 2.35. Target is 3.00. Lot of liquidity and capable of big moves if this bull flag breaks out.

CEQP – Not a big energy fan, but I like the weak setup here. There is room down to 18.50-18. Short entry is under 20.00. Stop will be 21.00.

June 14th Watch List

HBM – Long entry is over 5.20, stop 5.00. Target will be 6.00, then 6.25.

MO – On swing watch for a pull back entry and a low IV debit spread. Nice STRONG chart with clean EMA pullbacks offering good entry. Will look to put on a Jul16 62.5/67.5 call spread for around 2.50 or better.

VOD – Gap fill candidate with super high IV. Looking for a safe bull put spread here as long as support holds. Small risk, small reward. Jul16 28/30 bull put spread.

FOSL – After a few days of selling and pressure in the market, look for this breakdown to new lows if the 26.42 area falls. Will look to enter there, and target the 25.00 area.

June 13th Watch List

CC – Long entry over 9.00, stop 8.50. Target is 9.75 and then 10.50.

DISCA – Short entry under 25.99, stop 26.50. Target is 25.10 and then 24.50.

June 10th Watch List

DLR – On short watch for a reversal. Short entry is under 102.00. I will look to take a starter entry on this, but will use a put spread for a debit. Lower IV makes this attractive for a spread. Will watch the Jul16 100/95 put spread, targeting 30-50% return.

MRTX – Bottom bounce setup here. Looking for a long over 9.83, stop 9.18. Target is 10.21, 12+ and then the gap!

June 7th Watch List

DISH – Will be watching this for a reversal if the 200EMA cannot hold up. A return to 52-51.50 could be eminent. Short would be under 54 or at 56 if this moves higher first.

– Thanks to one of our members for this gem of a setup. Nice gap to fill and a sweet bullish chart. Look for a squeeze and move higher if 34.65 falls. Target is 37, short term. Good option liquidity and moderately low IV, so consider a bull call spread here, maybe a 34/36 Jul16.  If you went long stock, you would need a .75c stop.

DVN – If oil holds up, I like this for a breakout over the 38 area and a move to +40. Long entry starter over 37.70 and then again at 38.01. Stop will be 37.00 for now.

TSLA – Will use a bull call spread (debit) since IV is low. Jul16 220/225 for a debit of 2.50 or less.

BOOT – Long entry over 8.65, stop 8.00. Target is 10.15.

CGNX – Short watch for reversal. Short is under 44, stop 45. Target is 41.60, then 40.60.

June 6th Watch List

ENVA – An interesting wedge forming here along the EMAs. Long entry is over 7.50, stop 7.10. Target is 7.80 for a possible add, and then a move to 8.50.

Earnings: VRX, NAV

June 3rd Watch List

RGLS – Long entry over 6.25, stop 6.00. Target is 6.70 and then 7.00.

BIOS – Long entry over 2.87, stop 2.72. Target is 3.10, then 3.40.

ONDK – Long entry over 5.31, stop 5.00. Target is 5.80, then 6.00.

LILAK – Short entry under 40.15, add spot 39.99, stop will be 41. Target is 38.45, then 38.00.

June 2nd Watch List

LC – On watch for a recovery attempt back toward the gap. Long entry is over 5.05-5.10, stop 4.75. Target is 5.63, then 6.30.

BIOS – This king of fakeouts is on watch again at the same levels. Looking for long entry over 2.87, stop 2.70. Target is 3.10 and then 3.40.

NEOS – A low volume mover with big range. Love the room here. Long is over 11.15, stop 10.75. Target is 12.15 and then 14.

SEDG – Short entry on this reversal setup is under 20.70, add 20.50. Room to 18.40 or so.

Earnings: AMBA, AVGO

June 1st Watch List

PTCT – Gearing up to make a move, If IBB can keep the momentum going. Long entry is over 8.40, stop 8.00. Room is to 9.00 and then 10. This is a volatilize mover but nice setup for a breakout.

SXC Not normally a fan of energy names, but this setup is nice. Long entry is over 6.16-6.20, stop 5.95. Target is 6.90.

CVGI – A strong bull flag with a lot of upside room. Long entry over 3.80, stop 3.50. Target is 4.25, then 4.50.

TSLA – I like this for an option debit strategy. Low IV with a nice bull flag setup. Will be looking at a Jul16 225/230 debit spread.

Earnings: BOX, CTRP, WUBA