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Swing Traders Win Big on Small Cap Stock Trades – $CERU $PXLW $BIOC

Swing Traders Win Big

Swing Traders Win Big on Small Cap Stock Trades

Another day another dollar! Looking at the past 3 swing trade alerts, we have 3 small cap swing trade winners. Each trade was able to profit for us in less than 48 hours. Now, I don’t normally target such short term trades, but I don’t know many people who complain when they are able to lock up profits that fast. The alerts all followed the same process. Scan, analyze and execute.

It is a very repeatable process and requires strict discipline. Sitting and staring at the tick by tick, play by play intraday charts for a trade we want to hold for the maximum of the move can be torture. It is the greatest test of self control I can think of. However, when you understand from both a granular and macro level, the emotional and mental requirements necessary for trading, you avoid THESE kinds of disasters.

$BIOC was first of the swing trade win streak. Long entry was alerted on 2/08/17. Profits were taken on 2/9/17 for a total ROI of 31%. Not bad for a few minutes of work!

$CERU is still open as of the publishing of this blgo. We got long 2/13/17 and sold half for a QUICK 18% gain and holding strong only .02 under the highs. This one has a big gap to fill back near the $2 area if the $1.68 resistance level falls. Look for a possible gap and squeeze conitnuation of this tomorrow.

$PXLW while a nice 7% winner, not our biggest of the week. Alerted on 2/10/17 at $3.83, this squeezed to a high of $4.12 before making new lows. We had plenty of time to lock up profits at $4.11, just under the highs. This was facing STIFF resistance at the $4.20 area and quickly retreated. This trade is a great example of why having a cushiona on a breakout trade is key. Timing the entry and NOT chasing is critical to success…even when a trade fails, we still make money.


Swing Traders Win Big – Video Recap