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TickerTV Review by Warrior Trading Reviews

TickerTV Review
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TickerTV is a really cool concept. It allows traders to instantly stream their desktop and webcam/mic to an audience of hundreds if not thousands of traders. It take a few minutes to setup the OBS Broadcasting software, but once it’s setup, you can start streaming with the flip of a switch. Very cool platform!

TickerTV Review by Warrior Trading Reviews


Today we’re going to take a look at the real-time streaming service known as TickerTV.  TickerTV was founded in 2014 as a Traders Community.  Built by traders and designed for traders.  TickerTV is using a similar video streaming platform (OBS Broadcasting) as Twitch, the popular gaming community.  The concept is simple.  Any trader can join for free and instantly stream their screen of charts, scanners, and stock holdings.  This means a trader can create their own live streaming channel and share the link with the friends or fellow traders.  As we review TickerTV we’ll discuss the various features and review the streaming platform.


Streaming Channels

TickerTV supports hundreds of simultaneously streaming channels and has an infrastructure that allows for thousands of viewers to be watching each channel in real-time.  Utilizing OBS Broadcasting software, the trader providing the feed is uploading their stream to TickerTV servers.  During the upload, the feed is automatically recorded while it’s broadcast out to viewers.  Unlike peer-to-peer video streaming like Skype, TickerTV utilizes a technology similar to technology used to broadcast concerts and events.  This means it can support a much larger audience, but it also means there is a min of a 10-second lag.  This lag is the result of a broadcast being uploaded to servers and then sent out to viewers.  For traders who operate in an industry where every second counts, this lag time could make real-time trade alerts somewhat difficult.  It seems the majority of the TickerTV users, in contrast, to live trading, are operating daily or weekly webinar sessions.  Since the site is free to use, like YouTube, many traders seem to use it to market their own businesses.  Warrior Trading is no exception.  We stream free video lessons and daily recaps from time to time.  Because TickerTV is a demographic of purely traders, it’s a great community to put ourselves in front of.  YouTube, in contrast, it a much larger community, but it’s more difficult to get yourself in front of the right viewer.

Chat Room Functionality

Another nice feature of TickerTV is the free chat room that accompanies each channel.  When a broadcaster is streaming in real-time a chatroom bar is visible on the right-hand side that allows viewers to communicate with each other, and with the broadcaster.  In this sense, broadcasters could run chat room services similar to what Warrior Trading is doing.  It’s a free service, but users can create private channels to limit their audience only to premium members or a list of friends, family, etc.  The chat room feature allows broadcasters and viewers to engage in the webinars and provides a greater sense of community among regular visitors.

Video Archives

When a broadcaster is streaming on TickerTV their broadcast is automatically archived into their own library of videos.  This means as soon as the broadcast is complete viewers can go back and watch it again, or share it on social media, embed on their website, etc.  Like YouTube and other video sharing sites, TickerTV allows visitors to search for videos by keywords, and displays a list of suggested videos while you are viewing videos or browsing around the site.  This again offers more exposure for videos you produce.



TickerTV Final Thoughts

We give TickerTV a 4.9 star rating based on the value, the quality of the service, and the coolness factor.  We give a slightly lower rating for reliability as we noticed that setting up the OBS streaming connection at first is a little confusing.  Creating a streamlined broadcasting process would make this part a little easier, and would likely result in more broadcasters and more active users.  Since the trading community is typically tech savvy (needing to use several different computers and platforms for traders is a must), this may not actually be an issue.  Likewise, Twitch has successfully used the same platform for years and draws millions of viewers.  We use TickerTV for our free broadcasting and I expect we’ll continue to utilize the service to reach a new audience.


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