Have your broker discount commissions to cover the cost of your Warrior Trading Course!Warrior Trading X TradeStation*US Residents and Most International Traders are Eligible


You want the best education and you need the best trading tools. That’s why TradeStation is giving Warrior Trading Pro students a 20% commission discount worth 100% of the purchase of their trading course on futures and options trades.

In other words, Warrior Trading students are eligible for a reduced TradeStation commission rate until the savings equal the amount of their Warrior Pro trading course purchase.

Getting started is simple, and now getting trained to be a professional trader is also affordable! With TradeStation, you will have a dedicated sales rep to that will onboard and support you. TradeStation also offers free software and non-professional data with their Simplified Pricing Plan.

Keep in mind that TradeStation services most countries and the United States, however, they do not accept Canadian clients onto their brokerage.

TradeStation Broker Rebate Program

How It Works…

Step 1.

Purchase our Warrior Pro Course from Warrior Trading.

Step 2.

Apply to open a TradeStation account  using the link found at the end of your Warrior Pro learning path (student access only).

Step 3.

Contact our Account Rep at TradeStation Michael Langle at 954.652.7414 or [email protected]

Mention Promo Code, which students can find at the end of their Warrior Pro learning path.

Have your Warrior Trading receipt available for confirmation of your membership. Members can click here to learn about how to get their Warrior Pro receipts.

Step 4.

Get 20% commission rebates up to 100% of the amount equal to the purchase price of your Warrior Trading Course on futures and options trades.

Step 5.

Your education has been paid for and you are now using TradeStation, one of the best trading platforms. Congratulations!

*Terms: Commissions can be found here.

Ask a TradeStation Representative how to qualify for commission discounts after the above rebate/discount special is fulfilled.