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Trading Consistency – Daily Goal in 30min

Another day, another daily goal! Hitting the daily goal by 10am is the best! We say it again and again that the market experiences peak volume in the first 30min of the day. This is the time to be most aggressive and it’s when I statistically hit my biggest winners.

Today I traded 5 names and was green on 4/5. Not bad for accuracy! Total profits today just under $550 after commissions. Commissions certainly eat into the profits but this is just part of trading.

Reminder!  Tonight our $999 Day Trade Course Sale is ending!  Tomorrow prices go back to $1499



The Strategy Today

Today was all about my Momentum Trading Strategy.  The big winner on was on $ELMD.  I only took 2k shares but locked up a quick $450 winner on the 10% move from 4.59 to 5.00.  I also took trades off the MOMO scanners on $CARA and and $MEET.




The $VRX Short Position

While I was hitting the small caps Mike was shorting $VRX for a multi-point winner.  This was a monster 5point short trade on news.  Congrats to all the trades who hit that with him!

VRX sec