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I made +$33,732.42 on the BEST trading day of my career!

best trading day

I made +$33,732.42 on the BEST trading day of my career!

All right, everyone. So, today is the 32nd consecutive green day, and yes, you’re reading that right. Best day of my trading career, up $33,732.42. Wow. What a day. This is one of those days that really, well, for me, the first time I’ve ever had a day over 33,000. Second best day of the year is 22,000, so my two best days of the year are $55,000 in cumulative profits.

You know what? I didn’t even trade CHFS today, which is the biggest mover of the day. So, CHFS, if I pull up that chart, let’s see. CHFS. You’ll see that this is the stack that went literally from $4 all the way up to a high of 15.23. Even though I didn’t trade this one, I traded the sympathy moves. So, today started pretty much like any other day. I was up about $4000 pretty early on, hit $6000 of profit by, I don’t know, 10:00 a.m. and I was thinking, “Okay, that’s a pretty good day. $6000 is fantastic.”

Then, we had CHFS. When CHFS first hit the scanners, I just was like, “I don’t know.” It popped up, it got halted at 4.25. I think some of you guys jumped into it as soon as it hit the scanner, and were in in the $4 range, which is awesome. But I looked at it and I was like, “Oh, I don’t know.” It ends up resuming higher at 5.40, and it squeezes up to 5.62 and I almost got in right around 5.20-5.30 for the break of 5.60, for the break over over high of day which was over the half dollar, 5.50.

I hesitated. I looked at it and I was like, “I don’t know. I think I might be being too aggressive. This is already up so much after that first halt. I don’t know. It feels too high. It feels a little too risky. I think I’m just going to give it a second. I’ll wait for a pullback.” Well, it ends up squeezing up to 6.87, getting halted again. Then it squeezes up to $8, so now it’s up four points, up 100%. It still hasn’t pulled back and at that point I’m like, “I don’t think I can buy it this high ’cause it’s so extended.”

Ends up squeezing all the way up to 10.55, and of course at that point I was like, “Okay, this thing is done.” It drops on a circuit breaker halt, coming back down, so I figured, “Okay, it’s done. This is whatever.” It drops all the way from 10.55 down to 7.43, and then miraculously it recovers the entire move, and squeezes all the way up to 15 or 14.50. You can see right here, all the way up to a high of 15.23, which is ridiculous. Absolutely crazy.

So, at this point, this is at 10:49 a.m. and I’m just, I’m watching. I’m seeing that huge opportunity, so my first trades of the day started very simple. MOSY, I jumped in this with 10,000 shares at $1.98, $1.99, and I sold it at 2, 2.07, 2.08. So that first trade was like 400 bucks. $450. Started my day with a small trade, $450. Nothing exciting about that really.

MOSY was on our watch list. It was a gap and go trade. Continuation based on the break of pre-market high, so that was my first trade of the day. Then, all of a sudden, QRHC hits my scanners and I jumped into this with 10,000 shares at 1.71 and 1.73. This was the first surprise move of the day. Wasn’t on the watch list. It just all of a sudden exploded out of the gates from 1.60, all the way up to 2.91. So, I’m adding on it and then selling at 2.15, a little more at 2.17.

I guess my order didn’t get filled. Then, you can see on this one I got back in at 2.42. Sold at 2.48, 2.48, a little at 2.73. I added back at 2.60, 2.67. This was all before CHFS. So, this is the one where I made $4036. That was my big winner of the day, and that was a solid trade. This was by 9:40, I’m up 4000 bucks. Then, that’s when I jumped in after we saw CHFS start to break out. The break out started at around, right around 9:55. That’s squeezing up, and on sympathy I jumped in MYOS, because I saw, “All right, look. MYOS is on the scanners. It’s a former runner, it’s a strong stock. I’m going to jump into this.”

Basically here’s the deal. When you have a stock like CHFS going bonkers, it’s at $17 right now, any stock that starts to hit the scanners, traders are going to jump into, because of what? What makes them want to jump into these stocks? It’s FOMO. It’s that fear of missing out ’cause they’re like, “Oh, I’m missing CHFS so I’m going to jump in XYZ. I’m going to jump in the next one” and MYOS was the first one to hit the scanners, and so boom, I jumped right in. I was like, “This one looks like it’s got some opportunity.”

I jump in at 1.40, and 1.41, 1.42. 10,000 shares. I’m in, tried to sell some at 55, ended up adding at 1.60, selling at 1.60, ’cause it didn’t really hold up. Selling at 1.58, so $1500 winner. Even though I wasn’t trading CHFS, I was able to profit from the momentum by jumping into the next stock that started to move. So, I jumped into MYOS and got a little trade on that. Nothing too exciting. Just a so-so trade.

Next trade was another scalp on CRHC. I jumped into that at 36, sold at 39, 43, 44, or 40. A little bit of profit on that one. Sold the rest at 28. Got me up to whatever, $4000 on that name. Then, we had LEDS. You can see this is the big winner right here. Long, 12,500 shares, and on this one, when I saw it hit the scanners, I said, “I know this stock. I know this stock. CHFS is running.” The time was … Let’s see. 10:45, so CHFS was super strong. I see it starting to pop up, and even though it had just popped up from $3 and getting into 12,500 shares at 3.50 was extended, this is one of those days where risk/reward.

I felt that the risk was worth that reward potential, and so I jumped in. It ends up squeezing up to 4.96. It gets halted on circuit breaker. It resumes higher. It squeezes up, I try to add at 61, it don’t get filled. I added at … Let’s see. I sold it at 95 and then I added back at 96. One of the problems that I have or that I had was that I have warnings set on my trades. I turned these off after that trade but I had them set at warn at 11,000 shares.

So, that meant when I was pressing my hotkey, the orders weren’t going through. Instead, it was popping up this warning message. I have to use my mouse to override it, and so I was too slow to do that. That happened to me a couple of times where I was trying to get in and add more, and then my orders weren’t going through because the error message was popping up.

In any case, I add back here at 96. I add more at 5.80, more at 6 … Let’s see. No, last add was 5.80. I sold at 6.23, 6.19, and then the rest I guess down here, 4.87. Added back at 5.48, sold it at $6. I mean, this stock went from $3 all the way up to 6.88. Boom. $24,545.22. I mean, just absolutely an incredible day here.

My account was at $125,000 this morning, so adding 33 grand is a huge day. You can see, this was LEDS. So, then the last trade of the day was on … Well, the last winner of the day was on GBR. Same type of thing. Squeezing up, jumping in. From $1.40 up to a high of 2.22. Capitalizing on these opportunities. These are the types of days that only come along a couple of times a year. It started with QRHC, which was a surprise move. This one, all of a sudden, squeezes from $1.40 to nearly $3, right there.

It continued with CHFS, which became the really strong one, and it’s even now, I mean, just a moment ago hit a high of 17.33. You might not think stocks can go from $4 to $17 in one day, but they can, and we see this happen again and again and again. These are the days that we have to be aggressive. There are days where the market’s going to be slow, we’re not going to see a lot of follow through and those are the days to sit on our hands and be patient. But today was a day to be aggressive and so I did. I saw Jeff G in the chatroom. Let’s see.

He sent me a message on how much he made on QHFS. I think it was $28,000 or something like that. $28,000 on … Sorry, on CHFS. How much you guys up? You guys just tell me in the chatroom. I want to see how much you guys have made today. I’ll drag this up so people can see. So, we’ve got $6000, $22,000, $36,000 Jeff. $1700. 22,000 TJ, 5000, 16,000. I mean, 15,000. Absolutely bonkers. We’ve got 1000 people still in the room right now. We had 1500 in the room earlier this morning. 42,000 Mick. Oh, my God. Absolutely nuts. You guys are killing it.

You know what? I know that there’s some of you guys that are going to be red today. Maybe you don’t trade small cap momentum, you’re trading higher priced stocks. That’s fine. Maybe you’re a beginner trader and this is a day where FOMO can really get the best of you. You get too aggressive. You jump in too high, you stop out as it’s coming back down. I get it. I’ve been there. I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had a day where I lost $30,000.

So, the worst day I’ve ever had I lost 30 grand. Until today, I had this knowledge in the back of my mind that my worst day ever was worse than my best day ever. My best day ever was $22,000. That was earlier this year, and today I just crossed a pretty big milestone in my career, which is that my biggest green day than my biggest red day. That feels really, really good. It took a long time to get here, like seven years, but this is one of those just days that I’ll always remember.

People say, “What’s your biggest day of the year?” $22,000. Well, now it’s $33,000. I’m just so happy with you guys seeing that many of you are doing really well today. The candle has been lit. The ’85 Diesel. Yep. Candle of celebration today is burning strong. I mean, it’s just, this is something that I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else in the world than trading. I love trading. Yes, there are days where it can feel difficult and it can feel frustrating, but days like today certainly make up for it.

So, again, it’s definitely an amazing career. One of the things I say is that trading is easy, which is true. Everything I did today was easy. I could be out digging ditches, or I mean, there’s a million things I could be doing for work. I sat here in a warm little loft office space and made $33,000 in two hours. Not bad. That’s a pretty good life. The reality is, trading is easy, but only once you learn the rules. That’s the hard part. It takes so long to learn the rules.

Mostly because we all have to learn them on our own, except for you guys who are in the chatroom, who are having the benefit of me actually teaching you the rules, but for pretty much everyone else out there, you’ve got to learn the hard way, through trial and error, it’s through losing money. But to see you guys making some of you more money than me today, that’s awesome. I mean, that’s just fantastic.

One of the things I said yesterday is that I’m not going to be able to make $33,000 a day for the rest of the year. That’s not realistic. Today was an amazing day, it’s a once in a year type of a day, but it puts me now as of today, up $264,000 on the year. And in my account that started with $583 on January 1st, right now, I’m at $230,484. I started with $583 on January 1st. I’m at 230 grand.

I mean, that goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can have $500, it doesn’t matter. It’s about learning a strategy. That’s all it is. It’s learning a strategy and learning the rules. Once you’ve got the strategy, once you’ve got the rules, and once you’ve got the discipline to follow the rules, from there it’s easy.

So, obviously in our trading courses and in the chatroom, I give you guys the knowledge, but one of the things that I remind you is that knowledge is not enough by itself to be profitable. Because if you gave me the knowledge right now on how to skydive, you said, “Ross, you jump out of the airplane and then you pull a string.” Does that mean I should jump out of an airplane and just go for it? No, obviously not.

There’s a process where you convert the knowledge into a skill, and that process is practicing. So, that’s what you guys are doing in the simulator. Now, I know some of you guys made good money in the simulator today. 5, 10, 20,000, and you might be feeling that it wasn’t real money. But the reality is, by practicing in the simulator, by trading, and training with sim money, you’re proving that over a long period of time, you can consistently take more money out of the market than you give back. As long as you can do it consistently, obviously you’ll be able to transition to real money soon enough.

So, next Tuesday, November 21st, 1:00 p.m. Eastern, I’m going to host a webinar for the month of November. I’ll be posting links about this on Facebook and YouTube and of course, on our website. What I’ll be doing is I’ll be teaching the three core concepts that every trader needs to master, and that once you master, you will be profitable. It’s just a question of how long is it going to take you to master those three skills? Those three strategies.

So, that’s coming up next Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. Eastern. I’ll put some more info about that later on. And, I will invite students to join us in our Warrior Pro courses, during that webinar. Obviously anyone that wants to check out the classes sooner, you’re welcome to do that, but I encourage you guys to focus on getting education, number one, and training. Just practicing.

Even if you practice for the next three months and you miss some of these opportunities, it’s fine, because these will come around again and again and again. We get that feeling of FOMO, of, “Oh, well we’re missing opportunity” but there’s another bus that’s going to be coming around the corner, and today actually was, I’m really proud of myself for not trading CHFS. Despite the fact that it went from $4 to $18, I didn’t feel like I could manage risk on it. I didn’t feel like I could get a good stop, so I didn’t trade it.

I let that bus leave without me and instead I got on the next one, and it was MYOS, GBR, LEDS, and yeah, I lost on MRDN, but aside from that, it was a really solid morning. So, let’s see. Let me just drop this down here. LMFA, this is the next stock to hit the scanners, LMFA. So, obviously we see this one squeezing up from $2, all the way up now to 3.10. Have we had a circuit breaker halt on it? Not yet, no circuit breaker on it yet.

So, this is one to watch. Traders are jumping on the momentum. They see opportunity and so they want to get a piece of the action. I don’t think I’m really super interested in trading this one ’cause it’s already up so much. It’s up 63% right now, but high of day is 3.10. It might be something to keep an eye on. Let’s see if it pulls back for a second. 2.80, 3.10. Obviously this has a little resistance at 3.82, which is the 200 moving average.

That’s a little bit of a cause for concern. We’re coming into the lunch hour, and I think a lot of traders are slowing down, so I think it’s probably best just to keep the profits you have in your pocket, but we will be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, back in the chatroom, looking for that next opportunity. Now, I didn’t even mention the fact, or maybe I did at the very beginning. Today is my 32nd consecutive green day. 32 green days in a row. I’m now up over $100,000 in the last 33 days. Today obviously being a big 30% of it, but nonetheless, I’m going to write it down here. $33,732.42 on my 32nd consecutive green day. Not bad.

My goal for October was to finish the month without a single red day, and I did it. October was green, every single day. I have the same goal for November. Green every single day. I don’t want to have a day where I lose money this month. I’ve got two months left and let’s see if we can get up to day whatever, 42 or 43. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it.

So, really fantastic there. Our November 100K Challenge obviously is just got blown out of the water here. We’re well over $100,000 for November. I’m personally at $59,000 on the month right now. So, I don’t think I’m going to make another 40 grand in the next two weeks, but you know what? You never know. We have another day like today and I could have another $30-$40,000 day. It’s not impossible. So, let’s just ride the momentum as long as we can, but be quick to adjust our risk if we have to.

If we’ve got to slow down, if I’ve got to go back to making only $500 a day, I’m fine with that. I’ll be totally happy with it. Yeah, so I’ll put up … Let me pull up the November 100K Challenge here. I’ve just got to log in and grab it. All right. So, I’m on my Google Drive here. I think Mike had a pretty good today as well. I think he’s up at least $5000. He had some solid trades on target.

Today just obviously was very, very ridiculous. So, let’s see. Let me just drag this up here. Oops. Sorry, wrong window. All right. So, here we go. November 100k Challenge. All right. So, that’s where I’m at on the month. Big day there. Mike up 5490 bucks, not bad. Jeff hasn’t updated yet. Roberto, down 278. JohnL10, up almost seven grand. Best day of the month for him. Fantastic. Josh, 200 bucks. Shauna, in the red. Let’s see what’s going on with that, but maybe got stopped down on one of those earlier trades. I’ll touch base with her.

Jason hasn’t posted, Arch hasn’t posted, so right now we’re sitting at $46,000 on the day. Did I see Whitetail Deer Hunting? Yeah. Trading from his phone. All right. $146,000 on the month for the 10 of us. So, that’s where we stand right now. What a month. Best month of the year. Well, I guess I’m actually $10,000 shy of the best month of the year. Best month of the year was February, $68,000. That was when I had my $22,000 day.

So, with two weeks left, I mean, well, I don’t know. I mean, the goal is for me to have this be the best month of the year, so I need to get over 70 grand. That’s my line in the sand, arbitrary as it may be. So, let’s see if I can make $70,000 this month, and I can do a little early Christmas shopping. All right, so that’s about it for me today. Fantastic job everybody. You guys, you killed it. Really just amazing day and we’ll back it at first thing tomorrow morning.

All right, so I’ll see you all tomorrow morning, bright and early. We’ll do our pre-market watch list and then get to trading as soon as the bell rings at 9:30. All right, I’ll see you guys all in the morning.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.