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$13,130.03 Trading Momentum

Over $13,000 Day Trading Momentum

Hey everyone!  What an incredible week of Day Trading!  I locked up over $13k in just 5 days.  That’s more than my entirely monthly goal.  This was a funny week because each morning I was thinking nothing looked good, then something would pop up on the HOD Momo Scanner between 9:45-10:45.  The stocks spiking up with big volume and a low float are always good candidates for a momentum trade.  This week was no different, but the resolution was better than average.  Based on my $45k starting balance this week I made achieved nearly 30% account growth.  Remember, this is trading the SAME strategies we review every single day in the Trading Courses.

Since all of the trades I took this week were called out in real-time in our day trading chat room, many of our students in the room ALSO had an incredible week.  Out of the 15 names I traded this week I was only red on 1 ($SGY).  That accuracy is the result of years of experience in the market.  I’ve learned when to sit on my hands and when to be aggressive.  If you want to learn how to trade like a professional, make sure you join our next free webinar!

Verified Weekly Gains (Monday – Friday)

As you can see from the results below, this week gave me some big winners.  Most of my trades are either big winners, or very small winners.  This means that the trade either works out exactly how I expected, or I’m managing the position to avoid a loss, and I’m happy to take a small win if I’m able to.  This level of risk management is why I have been so successful as a trader.  When I see an exit indicator, I immediately head for the door.  Have you fallen into the habit of holding losers too long and selling winners too soon?  That’s the result of emotional trading!  I’ve worked with hundreds of students who had this same problem.  We have a solution for you!  Email me and I’ll tell you me thoughts on this issue.