Full-Time Day Trader Schedule

9:00am our Chat Room is open and I’m live on the mic beginning Pre-Market Analysis.  We review stocks gapping up, earnings releases, the economic calendar for the day, and create a watch list of stocks we like.

9:30am – Market Opens and I’m ready to start trading off our Watch List.  I trade Gap and Go Strategy Trades for the first 30min of the day.  My goal in the first 30min is to make my daily goal.  I typically make my daily goal in the first 30min 4 out of 5 days per week.  Day trading is extremely QUICK and we can make or lose as much as $1k in a matter of MINUTES.  This means you must be prepared to be fast when you enter and exit trades.

Tools required to take part in Gap and Go Trades

1. Stock Broker where you can send orders without Confirmation Windows (you have to send orders quickly) Lightspeed, Speedtrader are good brokers

2. Ideally Hot Keys.  Hot Keys allow you to send orders with the touch of a key instead of typing all the information.  This makes your order execution process faster.

10:30am – We begin to slow down a bit, the Gap and Go Strategy is over for the day and we focus on Momentum Strategy and Reversal Strategy setups.  For momentum, we’ll be listening for breaking news and watching our high of day and surging up scanners .  I subscribe to several news feeds so I can be among the first to get a breaking news story.  I pass this news along to our members and we jump in stocks before the crowd.

11am – Many Traders call it a day here and walk away with the profits from the morning!  This is a great strategy.  Morning Trading is what we call Easy Money.  Afternoons are a Slow Grind and often result in over trading and giving back profits from the morning.

12pm Lunch Time.  The Market is often very slow during Lunch.  Lunch on Wall Street is from 12pm-2pm.  The only trades I take during this time of day are Momentum Trades or Reversal Trades.

2pm-4pm.  During this time of day we focus on education.

Trading Course Students

4pm-5pm Monday- Friday – When classes are in session we have Trading Classes running in a separate class room.

4pm-5pm Tuesday and Thursday – We have mentor sessions for students in the Warrior Pro classes.

6pm – Classes are uploaded for students to watch the recordings and Course Book PDFs are available for download.