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+$40,377.31 in 90 minutes, the volatility is insane right now!

+$40,377.31 in 90 minutes, the volatility is insane right now!

All right everybody. This is another incredible day. I’m gonna go ahead and light the candle of victory here. Today is the best day of my trading career. I said that yesterday when I made $33,000. I’m up $40,377 and 31 cents. Feels like déjà vu, but now today is the best day of my trading career. $40,000 in one day. Wow.

I started this month, my account was at $90,000, $98,000. I’m gonna be over $200,000 or just at $200,000 tomorrow. I don’t even really know what to say. What I will say is that last year I missed DRYS, GLBS, ECDCIX. I was in New York City for some meetings on … Let’s see. What day was that? Let’s just scroll back here. It was November 15th, last year, which is actually very interesting. Literally a year ago yesterday, and then that momentum continued today. I don’t know what day of the week that was. I don’t remember. Yeah I can’t remember off the top of my head.

In any case, I missed trading that day. As I watched GRYS squeeze up from $50 to 60, to 70, to 80, to 90, to 100. I was sitting there in the meeting. I could barely focus because I was like, “This is why I don’t schedule things during market hours. I schedule things after market hours, so I don’t miss these types of opportunities, because you don’t have these opportunities every single day. In fact, the opportunity that we had last year on DRYS was a once in a year opportunity. You know the stock went from whatever, $2 to $100 over the course of three days.

So over the last year we’ve had a couple of good hot streaks. We had some good hot streaks in January. In February for sure. You know March was okay. Things slowed down through the summer, and then everything picked back up in October.

Since October, we’ve just been seeing incredible strength in the market. Yesterday it seemed like it peaked with CHFS. Yesterday the stock CHFS went from a low of $3.78 per share up to a high of $24.45. So yesterday we had a massive move. Now it wasn’t as big as DRYS, but it was enough to get traders excited. Because CHFS was so strong, traders who missed it, me included, went to the next stop for an opportunity. It was LEDS. That was the first one that we saw. Yesterday LEDS ended up hitting a high, from a low of $2.68, all the way up to a high of $10.49, which is incredible.

You don’t think that there’s stocks going up 300, 400% every single day. Typically, we only see these types of moves maybe once a month. If you miss it, then you missed it and you gotta wait for the next one. Right now, we’re in this real hot streak, where we’re seeing one make a big move, and then we see five or six others. It’s FOMO, it’s the fear of missing out, because it’s that feeding frenzy. Traders are … they see something moving and they wanna get a piece because, “Hey the last stock that popped up went from $2 to $24. Maybe this one goes from 2 to 12,” or even if it goes from 2 to 6, they jump in. That’s when it really is a feeding frenzy.

Eventually, things will subside the way they always do, and we’ll go back into a little bit of a lull; a slow period. That slow period could last for weeks, it could last for months, but we know that, inevitably, we will come into another hot streak.

Yesterday on CHFS, we don’t know what caused this move. I mean it just all of a sudden hit the scanners. I’m fortunate because I’ve spent years developing these stock scanners, right here. These are what helped me find these opportunities in real time. Today, for instance, you can see my P&L. I’m up $40,377 on the day. $31,000 is from OPHC; just from that one stock.

So OPHC, let’s look at our scanners here. I’m gonna scroll down. These are all the scan alerts from this morning. So we’ll scroll down, scroll down, scroll down. OPHC, OPHC. Okay. So where was it? It was just shortly after the bell that it first hit the scanners.

These are all color coded for different formulas that I’ve written. Let’s see.

All right OPHC first hit the scanner at $3.68. At $3.68 … $3.60, that was when it first hit the scanner. Let’s look at OPHC. From a low of $2.45 all the way up to a high of $14; $13.96. What a move. What an incredible move.

I saw people on … A low of $2.70. I saw people on StockTwits and Twitter and stuff. Obviously there were some people that got in it early than me. I got in it right under $4 and my average, through this move, was $4.90. I was in right around here and I just rode that momentum, right up to the top.

I actually am kind of impressed. High of day, $13.96. Let’s look at my best exit on this one. Let’s see, OPHC. So there’s my P&L again. There’s $11.92. $13.96. Right there. Even though I was only selling 184 and 92 shares, I actually sold at high of day. I didn’t get in at the bottom, but at least I was able to sell some at the top.

Again, I wouldn’t have been … I didn’t expect today to be anything special. I came in saying, “Look yesterday I made $33,000. I gotta scale back today, even though I could afford to lose ten grand, I don’t wanna do that. I’m just gonna treat this like another day.” My very first trade of the morning was on MRDN and I made I think $103. It was a small trade, a small win. That was the first one. Then I just kept looking and next thing you know we had APHC on the scanners and so I said, “All right. This is the one. I’m gonna jump in,” and you could just see it. It just went basically straight up.

It came back down. I made $22,000 in the first move. Then I added 5,000 shares at … Let’s see. Where was it? I think it was 1,037 or something. No I added it 953. Added back at 953 and 11, and 1,120, which gave me I guess a 1,037 average. So 5,000 shares and I sold those 5,000 shares up around 12. That added an extra $10,000 of profit to the name, which is crazy.

My first $40,000 day. This is my first $100,000 month. The November 100 K challenge was meant to be a team challenge and of course it still is, because everyone on the team is trading and making their progress. As it turns out, this is gonna be my first $100,000 month. I would say I needed it. I came into this month up around $200 K. On the year, now I’m up $300 K.

You just never know when you’re gonna get that big boost from two really good days, or one really good day. It sometimes comes as a surprise. I’m gonna put the chatroom up on screen share. I want you guys to tell me how much you guys made today, in the chat room. All right, so how much did you guys make?

I already saw Kyle. He made $137,000 today. Jess, $8,500. $12,000. $1,300. $27,000 for Mark. $4,200 for Wilson. Sheriff, $9,600. $27,000. Incredible. Great job guys. Really, really impressive. I saw John made $10,100. Ivan got on the wrong side.

Now look, I’ve gotten on the wrong side of these more than once. In fact, I lost $4,600 on KBSF today. It doesn’t … It was a big loss and I’m not super happy about that, but the reality is when you push it and you’re aggressive, you’re gonna have some red days or some red trades. That one was a little bit of a pull back, but for the most part you guys are doing really well.

And Darren, remember you don’t wanna be a follower. You wanna learn to take the entry because you understand the set up, but feel free to email me and I can go over your trades. I’ll look at where you got in, what you did right, what you did wrong. I’ve been doing this for seven years. It took me seven years to have a $100,000 month.

If you think about the kind of trajectory of a trader, there’s the plan, which is, “Okay I’m gonna start trading. I’m gonna train for two or three months. I’m gonna learn. Take some classes. Then start trading with real money and start increasing my share size.” What you don’t see when you look at this big scale, this sort of big picture, are those really big dips.

The worst day I ever had was a $30,000 losing day. Losing 30 grand in one day, I mean that was very painful for me. I had to have those big red days before I got to where I’m at now. Even just big red months, where I had these big dips before I finally got onto a smooth upward trajectory.

My hope for you guys is that we can maybe cut that learning curve in half. So instead of being seven years until you have your first $100,000 month or your first $40,000 day, maybe we can make it three years. Right? There’s still a learning curve. You guys aren’t gonna graduate from the warrior pro class and be making $30, $40,000 in a single day. Some of you might, but statistically that’s probably not what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna take your time.

John, he just had a $10,000 day. He’s doing really, really well. He’s been at it for a couple years. That’s much better than I was doing two years in. Right? His learning curve has been sped up by quite a lot and that’s my goal for you. These big milestones that I had in my career, that we can compress those into like a 12 to 18 month period. For all of you guys that are part of the Warrior Pro class, it’s a 90 day course, but I know that those of you who are gonna do the best, are going to be continuing to work at it for probably the first 90 days, the first three months, and then into month four and month five, that’s around when you transition to real money. Months five and six, you’re kind of refining, tweaking your strategy, responding to your winners and your losers, making adjustments. Between months 6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12; trying to get better and better. Then you enter year two with some confidence, a strategy, and from there it’s, hopefully, smooth sailing

I really want you guys to think of this as a … that you’re gonna focus at least three to six months, but really a year, on becoming a trader. This is an amazing career. I mean I absolutely love it. It’s so much fun and every day is different. Today I thought this might just be another 2 to $3,000 day with small gains and I’d be totally fine with that. Boom, 40 grand. You just never know when you’re gonna have these big opportunities.

Big congratulations to all of you guys in the chatroom who nailed it today. I know you guys would have nailed it even if I was in meetings today in New York or I was whatever, out sick, because you guys are learning the strategy. John, he doesn’t me to say when I’m getting into trades or whatever. He understands the strategy and he’s using the same tools.

Going back and looking at these tools here … The high a day momentum scanner, if I didn’t have this scanner … This is my absolute most valuable tool. It’s the MVP. If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t be able to find that needle in the hay stack every single day. People say, “Well how are you gonna make money day trading? There’s 5,000 different stocks you can choose from.” Sure that’s true, but there’s really only a handful each day that are worth trading; that are actually going to be in play.

Finding those would be difficult, unless you have system and so that’s what we created. We created a system of, “Okay. What are the characteristics of stocks that could go from $4 to $14?” All right. Now we know the criteria, the characteristics and we scan for those. These are scanning the entire market at every moment of the day and as soon as it sees something that fits my criteria, boom, it pops up with an audio alert.

It’s my job to look at it and make the decision of, “Do I wanna buy it,” because I can’t automate this to a black box algorithm just to trade it on its own, because not all of these are suitable. We have to our due diligence. We have to look at it, ask ourselves, “Is this really a good stock,” and, “What kind of a market are we in today? Are we in a market where we’re seeing stocks go from $4 to $8,” because I’m gonna be much more aggressive on those days.

If we’re in a market where we’re seeing stocks popping up and immediately getting slammed back down, I’m gonna scale back. We’ve gotta be able to taper our risk and this is what we talk about. Being able to put the pedal to the metal when things are hot and then at the same time seek shelter from the storm when things are choppy.

My worst day this year is a $15,000 red day. My worst month this year is a $4,000 red month. Obviously it’s disappointing to come in and trade every single day for a whole month, only to close red. Being down four grand is a very small draw down relative to what I do in a up month; a green month. Best month of the year before today was February, $70,000. Now it’s gonna be November with over $100,000. I mean we still have two weeks left in the month. I suppose I could have a big loss. Hopefully I won’t. Hopefully I’ll just be able to add a little bit more profit and tomorrow just try to come back into this market centered, focused.

Take that breath before the bell rings and not think, “Oh well I’ve got $80,000 I can afford to lose.” No, I’m gonna start tomorrow the same as I started today, looking for one trade, doing my pre market routine. Sleeping well, eating well, exercising, sitting down, putting together my watch list of two to three stocks, four max. Then by the time the bell rings, I’m gonna be ready to take a trade.

I’m gonna walk you guys through it tomorrow, and just like every other day this year and for the years to come. We just keep doing our thing. I would say be grateful for the opportunities that we’re seeing right now. Even if you’re a trader who didn’t fully capitalize on this opportunity … Yeah it was Kyle. He made $127,000 or $130,000. But yeah even if you didn’t capitalize on this opportunity today, for whatever reason; you’re a new trader, you’re paper trading, that’s fine. These opportunities will come again. This isn’t gonna be the only time we see a stock go from whatever, $4 to $14. I can flip through just so you guys see about at least a dozen charts.

Here we’ve got first one OPHC. That was today. Also today we had KONE, K-O-N-E. KONE, two days ago, had another really big move. Look at this one here. See that? This hit a high of $8. This was just a couple days ago. This one likes to put in these kind of big squeezes. What’s another one? We’ve got obviously DRYS. We’ve got HMNY. This one just recently went from $4 up to $38. It took about two weeks, but really big move there. We have CHFS, of course yesterday. That was a big mover. From $2 or $4 up to $24. KBSF, we’ve traded this one several times. Here’s two days ago or three days ago, from $2 to $15.

I want you guys to understand that these opportunities will come again and again. Your job right now is to keep practicing. Keep refining your strategy so the next time one of these come around, you’re gonna be able to capitalize on it just a little bit better than you did today. That’s the same for me.

Here’s DCIX from $1.56 up to $28 over the course of three days. We’ll see these again, and again, and again. The awesome thing is that the strategies that you guys are learning, if you really wanna apply to crypto currency, you can. If you wanna apply them to 4X or futures, you certainly can. These patterns are universal patterns. The entries and everything like that … It’s a universal language in financial markets. The bull flags, the flat top break outs, the pull back set ups, the one minute micro pull backs. You’ll see these across all exchanges and all different financial instruments. We just happen to apply them to the US stock market and specifically, the small cap sector of the market, because that’s where we see the most dramatic moves.

To each their own. Some of you guys prefer trading the higher priced stocks like Netflix, Chipotle, Tesla, and that’s okay too. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can totally apply these strategies to those stocks. You’re just not gonna see a lot of 400% movers in the large cap sector. That’s the only thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be very profitable and very successful long term.

Anyways, I just want to say that for those of you that feel a little bummed out that you didn’t make as much as you could have today or whatever, don’t worry about it. Tomorrow’s a new day. Just keep working on improving your strategy, becoming a little better, a little better and we’ll see where you are two months from now, three months from now, six months from now. I guarantee you a year from now you’re gonna be a better trader than you are today. You gotta keep practicing and you’ve gotta train your eye to see these setups and then sort of train the emotions to jump in when you see the opportunities.

Even for me, I have sort of chronically sold big moves too soon. I could have made a lot more on all of the trades today, really, if I held them longer. But you know what, I’m green on the day. I’m up 40 grand and that’s the best day of my career. Victory candle, she burns strong today. I’ll just be very grateful for this fantastic day in the market.

All right everybody? So again congratulations to you guys who did so well today. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. I’m really proud of all of you guys and just so impressed. We’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll finish up the week, hopefully with a couple of good trades. I’m not gonna try to have another $40,000 day. I’ll just take it one trade at a time. Daily goal tomorrow, $1,000. Back to my regular daily goal. Hey if the market’s strong, then maybe something more will come of it, but I can’t be swinging for the fences. That’s not how I’ve built my career.  It’s not swinging for home runs, it’s going for base hits. Base hit one, base hit two, base hit three. Next thing you know, those can stack up to some big days, especially when we’re in this type of market.

I’ll tell you though that traders who swing for the fences are the ones on days like today who obviously are gonna destroy it. I mean you’ll have … If you look on Twitter, StockTwits, whatever, you’re gonna see a lot of traders who made six figures today on stocks like OPHC. Kyle, he’s up over a hundred grand. He’s not the only one. For me, I’m not good at swinging for the fences. It changes my mentality. I’d rather go for the base hit, get some profit, and then take it from there.

Anyways, I’ll see you all first thing tomorrow morning. Hope you guys have a great afternoon. Don’t overtrade if you’re still looking for opportunities. Just make sure you remember scale it down and reduce the risk because we’re getting past the hot period of time. All right. I’ll see you guys in the morning.

Oh hey. I didn’t see you there. Well I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts anytime I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.