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Warrior Trading Mentor Bundle


The Warrior Trading Mentor Bundle is for traders who want to dedicate themselves to trading AND get support from the Warrior Trading instructors along the way.  In order to help get you started as a professional trader, we’ve included 12 months of 3x weekly mentoring, 12 months of Chat Room Access, and 12 months on our Fantasy Stock Traders Simulator.  Our Mentor Sessions are hosted by Ross, Jeff, Ed and Mike on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm EST time in our classroom.  The Warrior Trading Mentor bundle also includes ALL of our Trading Courses.

Included with the Warrior Trading Mentor Bundle

Day Trading Course

Swing Trading Course

Intro to Trading Course

VWAP Trading Class

Position Sizing Class

Advanced Scalping Class

Recordings of our Warrior Pro Study Sessions

Student Case Study: Quits his Job & Makes $196k Day Trading


Special Bonuses Included with the Warrior Pro Course

Bonuses Included in the Warrior Trading Mentor Bundle

Twelve (12) months of 3x weekly Mentoring

Twelve (12) months of Chat Room Membership

Twelve (12) months of Fantasy Stock Traders Simulator


3x Weekly Mentoring – $3999/year value

Tues/Wed/Thurs mentoring with Ross, Jeff, Mike or Ed.

Intensive Trade Review.

Analysis of student performance & Targets, Q&A,

Special Topic for discussion



Chat Room Membership – $899/year value

A Chat Room of Full-Time Day Traders
We set daily goals of $500/day or $100k+/year

We take 5-10 Trades on an Average Day
Momentum Day Trading from 9:30-11:30 EST
Reversals Day Trading from 11:30-4pm EST
Breaking News Whenever Opportunity Arises – All Day Long

We also take 3-5 Swing Trades on an Average Week
Swing Trade Alerts sent out via Email, SMS-Text & Chat Room Alert

1350 in chat- wow


Trading Simulator – $899/year value

Level 2 & Hot Keys
Enjoy real-time Level 2 and Hot Key functionality! This allows you to scalp momentum breakouts with speed and precision control.

Advanced Charting
Improve your chart reading with the advanced charting abilities and access to popular technical indicators including VWAP.

Start With $100k in Buying Power
Trade with $100k in virtual buying power. Test your strategies safely before trading with real money.


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Overview of Warrior Trading Mentor Bundle


Weekly Mentor Study Sessions (Tues,Weds, Thurs)

Typically we will have 2 small group study sessions each week. Our mentors will meet with students in these study groups once a week to review trades from the week and post a progress report. We like frequent meetings because it gives us the opportunity to see your trades and understand your thought process. Mentor sessions are typically 30-60min long though some may run short while other run long. Many students find the mentor sessions have been significant in establishing their foundation as a trader. Our goal is to see you succeed. We will do everything we can to help give you a foundation for future success. All study group mentor sessions will be recorded and archived so students who miss sessions can catch up on material.

Overview of Day Trading Course

The Day Trading Course is our flag ship trading course. It was the first course taught at Warrior Trading and it continues to be our most popular class. Over the years we have taught thousands of students in our live seminars and through our archived recordings.

What makes our course unique is that we teach you not only the fundamental concepts of trading, but we actually share the exact details of the trading strategies we use everyday. I give you a copy of the scanners I use to search the market, and I provide you with a written strategy that outlines my stock checklist, entry requirements, profit targets, and exit indicators.

By teaching you the exact strategies we trade we give you the tools required to be successful. We recommend all students in our day trading course trade in a simulated trading account while they are learning new strategies. When you trade in the simulator we can watch every position you take. This allows us to critique your strategy in real-time. To participate in trade review you must be a member of the chat room or student in the Warrior Pro trading course.

Our Famous Stock Scanners

day trade scanners

$1499 in Free Scanners Settings

Students – Click Here to Download Scanners

The Day Trading Course Includes

15 Chapters of Content
550 page Written Course Book
Written Trading Strategy Docs
Excel Trade Log Templates
$1499 in Free Stock Scanner Settings

Chapter List

Chapter 1. Introduction to Trading Stocks

Chapter 2. Risk management

Chapter 3. The Right Stocks to Trade

Chapter 4. Setting up your charts & Introduction to Candlesticks

Chapter 5. Popular Chart Patterns

Chapter 6. Momentum Trading Strategies

Chapter 7. Momentum Trading Strategies

Chapter 8. Reversal Trading Strategies

Chapter 9. Scanners

Chapter 10. Level 2 Reading Skills, Hot Keys.

Chapter 11. Trade Management

Chapter 12. Trading Plan for the next 3 months

Chapter 13. Overview of Trading Tools

Chapter 14. Parabolic Moves

Chapter 15. Live Trading Review

Proprietary Stock Scanners

My Trade-Ideas Layout and Custom Trading Scanners are the product of years of trading experience and fine tuning.  This package includes OVER 20 unique scanners.

These are the tools I use to base 90% of all my trades.  The only trades I execute outside these scanners are trades based on Breaking Intraday news.

Scanner Settings are immediately downloadable upon purchase.  You will receive an email with the download links.


Swing Trading Course Overview

The Swing Trading Course is designed for new and experienced day traders, part time traders and income traders. The Swing Trading Course provides a different perspective on trading for those looking for opportunities using different strategies over different time frames in the market. Swing trades are generally slower paced (1 day to a couple weeks) and provide more flexibility on entries and exits, as well as helping to diversify a personal portfolio. The swing trading course covers a plethora of risk management techniques, strategies and provides a unique look over the shoulder of a professional swing trader that finds regular opportunities to profit in ALL market conditions.

Students who have taken the course find that they are more confident and knowledgeable going forward, able to cut losses sooner and let winners run longer!

What makes our courses unique is that we teach you not only the fundamental concepts of trading, but we actually share the exact details of the trading strategies we use everyday. We give you a copy of the scanners we use to search the market for opportunities, provide you with a written strategy that outlines our stock checklists, entry requirements, profit targets and exit indicators.

By teaching you the exact strategies we trade, we give you the tools required to be successful. We recommend all students in our swing trading course trade in a simulated trading account while they are learning new strategies. When you trade in the simulator, we can watch every position you take and provide valuable, real-time feedback. To participate in the trade reviews, you must be a member of the chat room or a student in the Warrior Pro trading course.

The Swing Trading Course Includes

5 Chapters of Content – 8 Hours
Free Streaming Course Book
$1499 in Stock Scanners Filters (FREE)
Written Trading Strategy Documents

Chapter List

Chapter 1. Introduction to Swing Trading & Options 101 (The Greeks, Volatility, Options Chains & Leverage)

Chapter 2. Options Strategies (Learn the strategies I trade every day from the ground up)

Chapter 3. Fundamental & Technical Analysis: What you NEED to Know (Indicators, Charting Software, Candlestick Patterns & SEC Filings)

Chapter 4. Risk Management, Volatility and Choosing the RIGHT Stocks (Scaling in/out, Determining Entry/Exit/Stops/Targets, Evaluating Trade Setups & Risk/Reward Analysis

Chapter 5. Swing Trading Strategies & Patterns (Breakouts, Catalysts, Reversals, Continuation & Gap Fills)


Intro to Trading Course Overview

Our Intro to Trading Course is included in all chat room subscriptions and all of our Warrior Bundles. This course sets the foundation for your career as a trader. It is a short introduction to important trading concepts, how to open a broker account, how to understand the markets, etc. This will be a good entry level class for students who are brand new to trading.

Chapter 1. What is Day Trading

Chapter 2. How to setup a Day Trading Account

Chapter 3. The Importance of Paper Trading

Chapter 4. How to setup your Charts & Read Chart Patterns

Chapter 5. How to Buy and Sell

Chapter 6. How to Manage Risk

Chapter 7. What stocks you should trade

Chapter 8. How to Make a Watch List

Chapter 9. How to Identify Safe Entries

Chapter 10. Final Words of Wisdom

Quarterly Warrior Pro Bundle Subscription

Warrior Pro Bundle Quarterly Subscription after you finish the course

Once you have finished the 3mo Warrior Pro Course you will be automatically enrolled in a quarterly Warrior Pro Bundle Subscription which includes over $1499 in quarterly subscriptions.

We give Warrior Pro students a 66% discounted rate of $499/quarter to maintain these subscriptions.  If you don’t want to enroll in this subscription, you can cancel at anytime via the Members Dashboard.

Warrior Pro Bundle Quarterly Subscription includes:

  1. 3x Weekly Mentoring ($999 value)
  2. Chat Room Access ($299 value)
  3. Fantasy Stock Traders Access ($249 value)
  4. Access to new classes & Access to live trade recordings
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