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The Warrior Trading Course Review

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See what our students are saying about the Warrior Pro Day Trading Course

We have worked with so many students over the years and we pride ourselves on being ranked as one of the best day trading educators by a number of leading financial companies.  We have been featured presenters at many premiere financial institutions, including at Trade-Ideas, eSignal, and Lightspeed Financial.  Our courses range from Intro to Trading, Swing Trading, Options Education, Day Trading, and Scalp Trading.  Our Warrior+, WarriorPro, and Warrior Trading Mentor courses include every class in our line up.

We like to have our students give a Warrior Trading Review because feedback helps us improve our classes! In our Survey of 100 recent Trading Course Students we asked 4 simple questions.  We found that less than 20% of our respondents were profitable before taking our trading courses.  This is to be expected because if they were already profitable they probably wouldn’t need the class.  What is awesome to see is that over 80% of our students replied that they are trading profitably SINCE taking our trading course.  We are successfully teaching our strategies and students are trading them in real-time, and making money.  As many of have you have probably heard, only 1 in 10 traders will be profitable.  This means students in our classes are massively exceeding the average success rate of only 10%.

We believe students who take our course already show a higher likelihood for success simply because they are investing in their education.  By attending classes students are showing their dedication to make this career a success.  Our students are hungry for education and we’re more than happy to provide them with our trading strategies, the stock scanning settings, and the support community learning environment.




We asked our students 4 questions


Warrior Trading Review - verified


Warrior Trading Review - verified


Warrior Trading Review - verified


Warrior Trading Review - verified


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