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What a week +$33k and 75% Accuracy!

75% accuracy

What a week +$33k and 75% Accuracy!


What’s up everybody. All right, so we’re going to do our midday market recap. Go over the trades from today. Finishing the morning up $6603.69 which puts me up $33,199 on the week. Not bad. It was thanks to making $15,000 on, well, I made half of it on Monday. 15,000 on Monday and the rest has been spread out over the rest of the week. So, this has just been one heck of a run. Truly the last month has been incredible.

Last month on the 15th I made 33 grand. On the 16th I made $40,000. In those two days, I made $73,000. Best week of the year. It’s really just continued. The only bad day was Cyber Monday. I lost 15 grand being a little too aggressive, but, you know, I’ve made it all back and now I’m working on getting this account up to $300,000 by the end of the year.

So remember, I think it was April, I took out $70,000. So, I started this account with $583 on January First and I took out 70 grand. So when I get to 230 plus the 70 I took out, I’ll be at 300,000 bucks. As of today, I was about $11,800 away. Now after this big win, Monday morning, I’ll be opening around 224,000. So about $5500 away from the goal. If I can make five, six thousand dollars in the next two weeks, I’ll break 300 grand. That will be a really awesome feeling.

Now, I already broke $300,000 in trading profits earlier this, I guess it was in November. I’m at total 329,000 on the year combining both of my active trading accounts. But, in the account that started with $583, we’re sitting at right around 295,000. So right underneath that big line in the sand and like I said, when I cross that line 300, next target’s 350, 400, then 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, one million dollars. So, it’s probably going to take me, I would say if I can make 300 grand, 250 to 300,000 next year, then that’ll put me 66% of the way there. In 2019, I’ll cross over a million dollars.

We talk about how, you know, the strategies that I teach you guys, it’s not about getting rich quick. It’s not about making a million dollars overnight. But it is about teaching you a skill and a strategy that you can use to trade the markets more consistently and more confidently. So over the course of a year, two years, three years, is it realistic to make a million dollars? Absolutely. I mean, the potential is totally there trading the way I trade.

So, very exciting and I’m looking forward to writing myself a check here at the end of the year. I’ll probably take out 200 grand and start January First with 25 to $30,000. So that’ll be nice. We’ll have to think about what I’m going to do with that $200,000. I feel like I got something on my screen. But I’ve got some time to think about that.

Let’s look at the trades today. I see Philip saying, put the $200,000 into bitcoin, buy some crypto. The funny thing is so many traders are talking about how incredible the crypto markets are. If you put $583 in one cryptocurrency … So let’s say, there was a cryptic currency, let’s just say, let’s do the math here. Trading at a dollar. Let’s just think about this for a second.

When I started the challenge, I was buying stocks for the most part between, between two dollars and three dollars. I was buying pretty low priced stocks. So I would buy $583 worth of those stocks. A lot of times it was only a couple, maybe 500 to 700 shares until I was really able to scale up. With a $583 account, you would literally need to buy something at a dollar and have it go up to, I mean, I don’t even know … If you got let’s say … If you bought something at a dollar and you had $583 you’d have 583 shares or 583 coins.

Let’s see. $300,000 divide by 500, 300 grand divide by 583 would be $514. So you’d need that crypto currency to go from a dollar to 514 dollars in one year to make the same return that I’ve made trading stocks.  I’m not saying it’s not possible but dang that would be one heck of a run. It’s just to say that we’re seeing incredible opportunities every single day and we’re seeing them in the small cap market which is really cool.

LFIN, beautiful big squeeze on this. I’m only up $468 on the name. I didn’t get as aggressive as I could have but it’s really nice to see it opening up as much as it is here. So anyways, my trades today, on the watch list we had LFIN. This was a maybe. We were watching it over the pre-market high of 1030 right up here. We were also watching PIXY. This was on the Gap scanner. It was our biggest [gapper 00:06:30] in the entire stock market today. So we obviously are watching this over 540. That was about it. SIEB was continuation. This was a stock that was strong yesterday and continued higher. And then we had DCIX which was [gapping 00:06:46] up this morning on a, I think it was a Morgan Stanley 5% stake.

So my very first trade out of the gates was long DCIX, 2500 shares at 690. So I jumped in at 690. It pops up to a high of 713, I sell at 704, 708, 706 and I sold the rest at 694. So, $354 on that first trade right out of the gates but didn’t hold up.

Next one was PIXY. Right off the watch list. This one we’re watching over five, sorry, over four bucks. No, sorry, I was right. Over five dollars for break of pre-market high, which was 5.40. I jumped in it at 490, 495, and notice these are both partial fills. I didn’t get the full order filled because it was moving so fast. I added at 550. I sold at 592 and then I added back at 593, sold at 604 and 608. That was a big winner. $5718, total profits on the name.

So we had this first push here and then I added back at 564 and 590. So adding back at 564 was right here anticipating the first one minute candle after that little pullback to pop up. So I added back at 560 and I doubled at 590 which gave me 5000 shares at like 575. And I sold at 611, 603 and the rest down here, 592. So, $5700 profit straight off the watch list. This stock, like I said, it was the biggest gapper in the entire market this morning and this was the move that we saw out of it.

LFIN, might trade on that one. I’ll just jump forward to that. Let’s see. I’m going to pull up my time in sales window. So this one is halted right now. LFIN. It was halted at 11:04 and 31 seconds. If it’s a five minute halt, it will resume at 11:09 and 31 seconds. Now, I got in this one way, way, way back down at 1077. Sold at 1125 and was able to capture a little bit of profit on it. It’s all the way up to 17 dollars. It just seems like it had a little resistance up here around 1139. It ended up pulling back quite a bit.

So okay, the high is 1765. In these ones, you know, I put my order at the high of day 1765. Look at that, that’s what you expect to see. That quick break over 1765, that surged all the way up to a high of 1844 but obviously it didn’t hold that level, now it’s at 1805 by 1821.

Little choppy here. High was 44 so I mark the high. We would need to see it break over 1844. But here’s the thing, this is a $17 stock. Look at how quickly it can move. We just went from 1844 to 1644 basically. A two point drop. That’s a lot of volatility. That’s why I prefer trading stocks under 10 dollars because they’re volatile but they’re more manageable. You could very quickly get on the wrong side of the trade on this type of stock.

So, we have two, four, six, eight, green candles in a row. We’re watching I would say for a five minute pullback. I don’t want to buy it way up here. I would say let it pullback, let it consolidate and then we can watch it for an entry off of this gray line, which is our nine moving average. So that would be the safe place to get in.

My entry earlier today at 1085, that was at, let’s see, right here. So see how we popped up and had this little one minute pullback right here. I bought for the break over 1085. It popped up to 1139 and dropped back down. So it’s a small winner for me. It continued higher and then it started to open up a little bit more. By that time I felt like it was too expensive and the spreads. Even right now, the spread is 1688 by 1694, which is a bit of a spread. It’s definitely more risk there because of how fast it can drop.

So anyways, that’s LFIN. SIEB was the last one. Took a couple trades on this. My first trade was actually, let’s see, let’s back this up here. My first trade was at 1140. That was at 952. I got in as it broke over, the VWAP, right here, the volume weighted average price. So I jumped in right here. It popped up to a high of 1178 and it pulled back and then it dropped. And so did a false breakout. And on that one I lost $900. So I was in at 1147 and I stopped out at 1116 for a loss. I then got back in, scroll down, had 1250. So this was 1021. I got back in at 1250 because we saw this little consolidation right here. I jumped in, we popped up to a high of 1287. I was selling at 1282 and 1283 and then I sold the rest at 1244 as it dropped back down. So, I made back the $900 I lost and I’m up $44 on that name.

But you know what, I’m finishing the day green on four out of four stocks that I’ve traded. Finishing the day with $6000 is not bad at all. I’m just really impressed with the follow through we’ve seen this month, this week, the last couple days. It’s really been pretty impressive.

We’re in a market right now where we’re seeing a lot of strength. And I’m getting used to seeing five, six thousand dollars a day. Yesterday, making 1700 bucks was the worst green day I’ve had in like the whole month and I was up 1700 bucks. Now, if we go back to, you know, I just want to put this in context because you have to be grateful for the incredible follow through when you have it. So let me just show you guys right here.

Girl, that’s enough. You go lay down.

So let’s see. Let me show you my PnL here. This is last 90 days. Look at this long period right here. This was in July and in August. Long period where I was really just grinding sideways. I would make profits, I would lose profits. I would make it and lose it. Honestly, I don’t know why this doesn’t let you go back for the entire year. I can start on 1117 but the chart doesn’t go all the way back, it only goes 90 days. I’d like to be able to see the whole thing. You can obviously see, just look in three month blocks. 330, 2017. 90 days. You can see really strong from $583 all the way up to 120,000. And then from 330, I’ll just do 401, come on, 412, 730.

You can see this was a phase where I dipped into the red. I had a little bit of a pullback. I build back up from seven or eight one to let’s say 1030 or whatever. You know, a little bit of pullback at the very beginning, kind of choppy and then opening up.

Even though it’s not the prettiest display, you can see how … My year has been, I mean, it’s obviously been a good year but the middle of it was a little bit difficult. So, having an incredible month of October that was just solid green and the month of November, just type in today’s date … The month of November was obviously awesome as well. I really wish these reports would show more visuals because it’s just kind of a bummer that you can only see 90 days but whatever. You get the idea. We’ll give the detailed PnL. $330,000 before commissions. 71% accuracy. So yeah, it’s all good, but June, July and August were really slow for me. And then in September I lost $4000.

So, yes, having five, six thousand dollar days is awesome and I want to appreciate. I want to be really grateful for it because I know that I could go into another period where things get slow. Here’s my performance by month of the year. So January 17, February 66, March 32, April red. And then May, June, July, August, September. October boom, November, back up in December. So you know, we just have to figure that there’s an ebb and flow. You’re going to have really strong periods, you’re going to have slower periods. So let’s be grateful for the incredible strength that we’re seeing in the markets right now. Stocks like LFIN, SIEB, DCIX, PIXY. Try to book those profits because you know they’re going to have to tide you over during an inevitable slower period of the year.

So anyways, $33,000 on the week here is a great way to go into the weekend, feeling really good about that. I hope you guys all had a really great week as well and I’ll see you back here first thing Monday morning. We’ll start fresh on Monday and I think we’re just going to see continued momentum going right into Christmas because this just looks like a really terrific month of December.

All right, so, that’s it for me. I hope you guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday morning. All right, buy everybody.

Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.