Summer School: Information and FAQs

Summer School 2020 has ended!

Missed the live Summer School sessions? Find the recordings in your education portal!

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Classes Taught in Summer School

Below is the syllabus for Summer School to show which classes were taught and when. These classes are uploaded to the education portal and have replaced the older version of these classes. Please see the full syllabus here.

Warrior Starter

1. Becoming a Day Trader (taught on 6/1)

2. Picking Stocks for Day Trading (taught on 6/1)

3. Account Types (taught on 6/2)

4. Fundamental Analysis (taught on 6/2)

5. Technical Analysis (Stock Charts) (started on 6/2, completed on 6/3)

6. Account Information & Balances (taught on 6/3)

7. Order entry window (taught on 6/4)

8. Market Depth (Level 2) (taught on 6/5)

9. Time & Sales (taught on 6/5)

10. Orders Window, Hot Keys & Hot Buttons (taught on 6/5)

11. Positions Window (taught on 6/5)

12. Scanning 101 (taught 6/8)

13. Preparing to Trade (taught on 6/8)

14. The Psychology of Trading (this was previously recorded and is now available in the education portal)

15. Learning Path on a Timeline & Personality Test (taught on 6/8)


Warrior Pro- Small Cap

 1. Intro to my Day Trading Strategies (taught on 6/8)

2. Risk Management (taught on 6/9)

3. The Right Stocks to Trade & Building a Watch List (taught on 6/10)

4. Daily Chart Patterns (taught on 6/10)

5. Intraday Chart Patterns (taught on 6/11)

6. Level 2, Tape Reading, and Hot Keys/Buttons (started 6/12, completed 6/15)

7. Gap and Go Trading (started 6/15, continued 6/16)

8. Momentum Trading (started 6/22, completed 6/23)

9. Breakout Trading (this is formally “scalp trading”) (taught on 6/24)

 10. Reversal Trading (taught on 6/24)

 11. Short Selling Momentum Stocks (taught 6/25)

12. Stock Scanning (taught 6/29)

13. Trade Management, Psychological Factors, & Recovering from Loss (taught 6/25)

14. Trading Plan & Running a Business as a Day Trader (taught 6/26)

 15. Overview of Trading Tools


Warrior Pro – Large Cap

Part 1
Chapter 1. Intro to Large Cap Trading (taught 7/6)

Chapter 2. Risk Management (taught 7/7)

Chapter 3. Stock Selection (taught 7/8)

Chapter 4. Developing an Edge (taught 7/9)

Chapter 5. Macro & Micro Markets (taught 7/10)

Chapter 6. Establishing Support & Resistance (taught 7/13)

Chapter 7. Daily Chart Patterns (taught 7/14)

Part 2
Chapter 8. Intraday & Entry Patterns (taught 7/14)

Chapter 9. Technical Trading Strategies (taught 7/15)

Chapter 10. Confirmation Techniques (taught 7/16)

Chapter 11. Volume Profile Analysis (taught 7/17)

Chapter 12. Trade Management (taught 7/21)

Chapter 13. Overview of Trading Tools (taught 7/21)

Chapter 14. Trading Plan & Your Business (taught 7/21)

Chapter 15. Recommended Reading (resources will be uploaded)

Notes from Live Classes:

  • Please see the FAQs below for notes on scheduling. We do not have an exact start time for the teaching each day, as it will depend on the market and how long Ross trades each morning.
  • The classes will be held in the Warrior Pro Mentor Room. If you are new, please see this overview on our chat platform to get familiar. Educators and moderators will announce in the chat rooms when the class will start (after live trading and recap).
  • Each day on this page (scroll down) we will document what was taught. If you are looking for the recordings, you can see what has been uploaded on this page, . If you miss a class and are looking to catch up quickly, see the syllabus for the corresponding class title in the existing courses.  We expect the new sessions to be available to view about 2-4 business days after the session.
  • The new classes will cover all the same subject matter, and more, as the previous syllabus. We do expect to teach things in a slightly different order, so the current syllabus is a useful guide but do note it may not represent the syllabus of the new classes.
  • During the class, please note that our educators (Ross or Mike) will not see the chat feed so that he can focus on teaching. These recordings will be our classes for all of you and future students for the next 2 years! He may take some questions at the end that are relevant to the subject matter.
    • We do ask that you keep the chat focused to the subject Ross is teaching as much as possible. We encourage everyone to be focused on learning. Remember that over the time of the courses, everything will be covered.
    • If you do have immediate questions, we encourage you to stop in at the Support Room in the chat platform as a first stop. We can either offer immediate troubleshooting, or get you heading in the right direction.
    • We also have many Q&A session recordings available in the mentor session archives.


What exactly is Summer School anyway?

Once every 18 months to two years, Ross and Mike will record new versions of their Day Trading Courses. This is our core curriculum for the Warrior Pro course, which students typically take on demand. With so many people home right now, we’ve decided it would be a great time to teach new versions. Ross taught his Small Cap Day Trading Course beginning on June 1st, 2020. Mike’s Large Cap Day Trading Course begins July 6th, 2020.

So, Summer School is access to participate as Ross and Mike teach these classes live online. You can view the current syllabus for reference on what will be taught (Starter & Small Caps Courses were covered in June, and Large Cap Course will be covered in July).


What will each day look like?

Ross or Mike will come online and begin broadcasting his pre-market commentary and watch list around 9:10–9:15 am Eastern time, and then trade live for students to watch starting at 9:30 am Eastern time. After trading wraps up, Ross or Mike will do his recap and then begin teaching.

Because each day the market provides different opportunities, we cannot provide an exact start time for the teaching each day as it will depend on what time trading and the recap conclude. We expect that many days, the classes will begin around 11–11:30 am Eastern time. Pro members can switch from the trading room to the Mentor Room at that time.

Each day will be a different section of the course, and teaching could be from 1–2 hours a day. Since course material will vary, we do not have an exact end time for each day, but we expect most days the sessions will end by approximately 1–2 pm Eastern time.


How long will Summer School go for?

The classes scheduled to be taught are approximately 39–45 hours of material, so we are expecting anywhere from 20–30 days of sessions. Classes will be held 4–5 days per week. Since each day the schedule can vary based on market conditions or other factors, we do not have a set end date scheduled for the sessions. Please see the syllabus below to understand where we are in the courses right now.


Will the classes be recorded? What if I miss a day?

Yes, we will be recording all of the sessions. We expect them to be available for viewing within a few business days after the session was held. Once we begin, we will let participants know where to find them in the education portal.

If you miss a day, you can wait for the recording of the session or access the current version of the chapter in our education portal. Please see this guide on when the recordings have been posted and where to find them.


When will these new courses replace the current ones?

Members who have already started watching the old version of the classes will continue to have access for at least 1 month after new content has been put out. All of the new classes will need to be finalized with quizzes and other learning tools, and this process will take some work after the recordings are complete. Recordings will be posted as soon as possible, and additional resources (such as PDFs, quizzes, and more) will be added along the way to improve the educational experience even more. You can find additional updates here.

What about Quizzes and PDFs?

It will take us some time to process these into the education portal. For now, we recommend using the ones in the existing classes. We will update you as they become available.