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News moves the market, and that’s why it's paramount that day traders see and hear the news while it’s still actionable. Waiting until news hits the mainstream media means you’ve missed the move. That’s why we build a breaking news feed right into our platform that includes both written posts and audio squawk. Whether you’re seeing a stock hit one of our scanners, or you’re flipping through charts, the latest news is always at your fingertips.

Subscribers who have our Scanners and Charts will also enjoy the seamless integration of these tools with the news. Don’t lose time switching between multiple platforms- see the scanner alert or headline, evaluate the stock, and review the chart all in one place. Our news service is included with any Pro Trading Tool Subscription level.

Features Our Members Enjoy

Real-time Breaking News Alerts

Traders have to know the catalyst when a stock is moving, and they need that information quickly. Our proprietary news feed posts breaking news headlines in real-time, right into our chat room. Subscribers find that our feed cuts down on unnecessary noise compared to other services, allowing them to focus on the opportunities that matter.

Text and Audio Squawk Alerts
Use our news service in the way you prefer- we offer both text and audio news alerts in our News Room. Headlines are posted here in addition to the chat room, for those who prefer a chat-free trading routine.
Seamless Experience with Chat, Scanners, and Charts
Link windows and customize your layout to easily click on a stock on the scanners and see what the catalyst behind the move is. Our tools put the information you need, like float, relative volume, and more at your fingertips. Customize your layouts for our tools, or use pre-designed ones in our library.
Helpful User Interface
Easily identify if there is recent news with our “freshness” icon so you can quickly understand the reason behind the move. Click through on the headlines when you need to read further.