Seconds matter, that’s why you need to train on a REAL-TIME Trading Simulator


Our Paper Trading Platform Includes

Real-Time Level 2

We have worked directly with NYSE and NASDAQ to give students direct access Level 2 Quotes and instantaneous order execution.

Replicate Reality

Our simulator performs EXACTLY like a real brokerage account except that all trades are simulated. This means you can train in real-time conditions.

Advanced Charting

Improve your chart reading with the advanced charting abilities and access to popular technical indicators.

Start With $100k in Buying Power

Trade with $100k in virtual buying power. Test your strategies safely before trading with real money.

Platform Screen Shots




Understand Your Metrics


Fantasy Stock Traders

We have partnered with Fantasy Stock Traders to provide our students with the best possible Paper Trading Simulator environment. This platform is unique in that is offers REAL-TIME data from NYSE and NASDAQ.  The data feeds that you see will include Level2, Time & Sales, and Charts.  Unlike simulators based on historical data, real-time data allows you to truly practice trading the markets side by side with me in our Day Trading Chat Room.

Additionally, the Fantasy Stock Traders platform allows paper trading students to see where they rank on our leaderboard.  This makes it easy for you to understand where you stand among fellow traders.  What makes Warrior Trading unique, is that when you are trading in your Trader Demo account we will be able to monitor all the trades our students are making. This means we can tell you in real-time when we see you making mistakes or taking unreasonable amounts of risk! This is HUGE. We are able to guide you through the learning curve to being a successful trader by watching you trade in real-time.

It’s impossible to underestimate the value of paper trading and training before you trade with real money.

Paper Trading Simulator

Whether you are a chat room subscriber or a trading course student, we don’t want anyone trading with real money until they have proven they can be successful in a simulated environment. If you can’t generate profits in the Simulator you shouldn’t be trading with real money yet. Most new traders will make beginner mistakes (I lost more than $30k in beginner mistakes) and we’d prefer these happen in the simulator! In the first month trading in the simulator you should be testing our various strategies and getting a feel for the market.

After the first month you should be able to focus in on 1 or 2 strategies that are best suited for your personality and your risk preferences. The process of developing your own strategy is part of our trading courses. While there are many demo trading programs, the reason we want to train you on our simulator is because you can use the same hot keys and learn the same techniques you will need when you go live!

The Paper Trading Simulator will prepare you to trade live at Speedtrader or Suretrader (see our article on The Top 3 Best Online Trading Brokers)

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