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Online Day Trading Community

Welcome! As many of you already know, Warrior Trading runs one of the largest Chat Room on Wall Street! Our goal is to provide our community with daily education and actionable trade ideas. The trading community has gathered around Warrior Trading because we create profitable traders. In fact, in a recent survey of 100 students over 80% of our  Trading Course graduates from that time frame were profitably trading the markets (see verified survey here).  In our Day Trading Courses we do something very few educators do.  We put our students on a 90 day learning path and also have them trading inside our real-time Market Simulator.  We worked with Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to get our students real-time market data.  This allows our students to trade in real-time side by side with our instructors.  This level of instructor oversight and mentoring is practically unheard of in the industry of financial education.


Momentum Day Trading Strategy

When I was learning to trade I struggled for 18 months.  It may be hard to imagine but I spent 2 full years trading before I even turned a profit.  I dug a deep hole learning to trade (over $30,000.00 in losses), but eventually I stumbled onto a pattern in the markets.  I realized almost every single day there is a stock that moves 20-30%.  Check Finviz for biggest gainers or look on StockTwits Feed and you’ll see what I mean.  This is the power of the market.  The trick was learning to jump into these stocks when they were up only 5-10%, then ride the momentum for another 5-10%.  That became the basis for my Momentum Day Trading Strategy.  As soon as I became to achieve consistency I started documenting EVERYTHING I had learned and began compiling these lessons into our Trading Course.  I have since adopted a learning management system to give our students the best experience.

2016 Nominee for Best Educator

Warrior Trading has been featured as an educator by industry leading businesses including Trade-Ideas, Lightspeed Financial, and eSignal, to name a few.  We have been approached by several stock brokers to provide their clients with education.  As you may know, Brokerage Firms are always thinking about retention rates.  The longest term traders are also the ones with a sustainable strategy and the best education.  That’s where we come in!  We provide one of the most comprehensive trading course available today.  As a result of our work in the field of Investor and Trader education, we were nominated in 2016 for Best Educator at the Benzinga Fintech Awards.  These awards were covered by Bloomberg, Investopedia and Marketwatch.  In response to these awards Warrior Trading was put in the spot light as being an up and coming educator in the finance sector.


The Day Trading Strategies We Use

We are active day traders and swing traders that utilize Gap and Go, Momentum, and Reversal trading strategies to profit from market action. To provide our chat room member with the most education, we provide real-time trade alerts via audio and video. This allows traders to see how professional traders profit from the market. Members get to see real-time examples of trades that fit within the trading strategies we teach in our Online Trading Courses. In our trading chat room, only trade the strategies we teach. These include the Gap and Go Strategy, the Momentum Strategy, and the Reversal Strategy. In 2012 I opened Warrior Trading as a hub where new traders could exchange ideas and learn to trade.  Since then I have gone on to teach thousands of students how to profitably day trade.  I give them the exact same template I use to profitably trade the markets everyday.