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Welcome to Warrior Trading!  We are a community of traders, and our mission is to teach you how to trade the markets.  We are active day and swing traders that utilize momentum trading strategies to profit from market action.  In our live Trading Chat Room, we call out all our trades. Every trade we call out is an educational opportunity for our trading course students and chat room members. They get to see real-time examples of trades that fit within the strategies we teach in our Trading Courses.  We only trade the strategies we teach.   We found many our students wanted to understand the exact details of our trades, so we’ve made it simple by only using the trading strategies we teach and write about.  These include the Gap and Go Strategy, the Momentum Strategy, and the Reversal Strategy.


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Day Trader, Trading Mentor



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Forget About Penny Stocks and Mirror Trading … Take the Leap to Join Warrior Trading

Like many traders I heard a lot about penny stocks and wondered if that was the best way to grow a small account.  It didn’t take long to realize that all those hot penny stock email lists and websites are scams.  The majority of people trading penny stocks will lose their money.  None of the strategies used by professional day traders can be reasonably applied to penny stocks.  Penny stocks don’t follow typical chart patterns or technical indicators since the price action is primarily driven by manipulation.  Instead of trading penny stocks we focus on trading well know companies priced between $3.00 and $10.00.  Day Trading and investing in small cap stocks allows day traders to produce big percentage winners without taking the risk of penny stock trading.

Once I realized penny stocks weren’t a good idea, I started to learn about mirror trading.  The practice of “mirror trading”, attempting to follow the trades of another trader, is not a sustainable or profitable strategy.  In it’s core, it is a flawed concept.  You will never meet a trader who has made his or her a living by simply “mirroring” another trader.  Any trading service that claims you can successfully mirror them is misleading you.  The problem is that you will always buy higher and sell lower because there is a delay between their alert and your entry.  The margins for success in trading can be so tight that this lag time eats into profitability.  Most alert services focus on feeding you alerts vs teaching your day trading strategies for independent trading. The reason I know this isn’t a sustainable strategy is because Jeff and I both tried mirror trading as beginners.  I lost over $30k following other traders.  And guess what?  As I lost 30k the leaders were posting winners.  Where was the disconnect?  Due to the delay in alert delivery your winners will be smaller and your losers will be bigger.

Become your OWN Alert Service – Learn Day Trading Strategies and Swing Trading Strategies

The only way to become a successful trader is to study and learn the strategies for success. Warrior Trading teaches trading.  Our trade alerts are provided as examples of trades that fall within our strategies.  Some of our students may follow our trades and generate profits in doing so, but they are taking those trades because they understand the setup, catalyst, and strategy.  We have a mission of teaching all our students to trade stocks independently.  We do not recommend or encourage following our trade alerts.  We teach the skills for a lifetime of financial independence.  Lets be honest, if you are dependent on me to feed you trade alerts, you haven’t achieved independence.  Over the years we have worked with thousands of traders.  Our community is growing because after we teach students how to trade they want to stay with us for the benefits of being part of a large community of professional traders.  These benefits include access to breaking news, many sets of eyes on the market looking for the same bull flag, flat top breakouts, and momentum stocks, and camaraderie of trading the market with a team of like minded individuals.

If you think you have what it takes to be among the 10% of traders who successfully profit from the stock market I want you to join us!  We are building a community of dedicated and focused traders.  I follow a strict set of guidelines for my day trading strategies and I encourage all our students to follow it.  I learned early on that the only way to be successful as a trader is to be disciplined.  We know that not every day will be a big winner, but we can control how big our losses are.  Learning to manage your risk, choose the right stocks, and trade the right strategies is what creates a successful trader.  If you have any questions at all you can reach me via email.  Feel free to Follow me on StockTwits for trades and news.  I hope to see you in the room!


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