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A unique platform where traders discuss and exchange ideas while learning and trading together

Join us live everyday as our educators trade live. View our proprietary scanners, get ideas, and tune in to premarket analysis starting at 9AM ET.

Chat Room Access

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Chat Room Features


A live video and audio feed directly from our mentor's trading station.


Members earn and display badges based on achievements, membership, and activity.

Live Chat

The real-time chat lets the community connect while you trade and learn. Upgrade to a trading course to add chat ability.

Alerts & Announcements

When something important happens, our mentors can notify the entire room.


View the live screen of our mentors while chatting and trading.

Trading Education

Access trading classes through the education portal.

Thoughts From The Warrior Trading Chat Room Moderators

"The Warrior Trading Chat Room is a wonderful community where like-minded individuals gather for a common goal on becoming successful in the Markets."
"I use the Warrior Chat Rooms exclusively to identify stocks in play. No expensive and complicated scanners needed, just the rooms. I like to keep my tools and my trades simple! As a 3rd year Warrior member the simple strategy and simple tools work! I'm enjoying a whole new level of freedom!"
"With trading, having access to stock news is important, but what’s even more important is understanding which news is worth trading and which isn’t. If you’re confused about stock selection or getting the courage to execute a trade, then the choice is a simple one. See you on the inside."
"In the Warrior Chat Room you will find beginner traders and more experienced ones but you will always find a positive, encouraging community where you will learn and grow no matter where you are in your trading journey."
"When I first got involved with Warrior Trading, I was blown away by the quantity and quality of information coming from the Chat Room. It was so good that it inspired me to share my own journey of becoming consistently profitable. The Warrior Trading Chat Room is a place where magic truly happens."

What Our Students are Saying

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