At Warrior Trading you aren’t just an employee; you’re a member of an all-star team!

Warrior Trading is a fast-growing startup that provides skills development programs for aspiring traders and active investors.  We are founded on the belief that the keys to financial independence lie in education.  Our courses have evolved from the first lecture-based classes in 2014 to interactive online learning systems today.  Our team has also grown.  We began with Ross Cameron and an idea in 2012.  Today we’ve grown to a team of nearly 30 members working remotely and in our office in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.   Our growth is thoughtful and calculated.  When we see a need for a new team member, we build a profile for the position and begin looking for the right person.  All of our open positions will be listed below on this page.

Our 6 core values that MUST align with who you are, your life, and your career goals


You own the work you do. You own your department.  You are the master of what YOU do, and others on the team can depend on you to deliver.


You want to contribute to the efforts of the team, knowing that we can accomplish far more as a team than as individuals.  We set goals and milestones and work together to achieve them.

Maximize the Opportunity!

When an opportunity arises, you maximize it.  Making the most of opportunities is what allows the team to make big leaps forward, and it’s also what allows us to push through difficult times.

Honesty and Transparency

You believe in being completely honest and transparent.  We value this in our approach to our members and within our working teams.  This is what creates the trust that allows others to know you will be dependable and accountable!

Rapid Experimentation

You want to get out there and start building, start testing, and get your hands dirty.  Then you’re able to review what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve.  This is what being part of a startup is all about!

Make It Easy

You want to do everything possible to make things easier for others: for other team members, and for our students.  Work smarter, not harder!

Some of the BENEFITS of being part of the Warrior Trading Team

Long-Term Security

Many of our team members have been with Warrior Trading since the beginning.  Team members who align with our 6 core values and meet the criteria of success for their position can enjoy the security of career and income.

Medical Benefits

We want our team members to be happy and HEALTHY.  Full-time members of our team are eligible for medical benefits, including dental and vision.  We offer benefits through multiple insurance providers to give our team members flexibility in their choices.

Personal Growth

We invest in each of our team members by encouraging you to attend conventions, conferences, and continuing education, all paid for by Warrior Trading.  Your success is our success, and we support your growth.

Generous Paid Time Off

Being an “A” Player means getting your rest and enjoying time off! At Warrior, we have a generous time-off policy for team members. We truly believe those who work hard should play (or relax) hard!

Healthy Snacks and Drinks

We stock our offices with healthy snacks and drinks.  We support local businesses by purchasing local and organic foods.  We keep the community going, and we keep you going!

Travel Opportunities

Many of our team members will enjoy the opportunity to travel throughout the year.  We host conferences around the country, and we plan celebrations where all of our team members get together for fun events including Go Karting, Race Car Driving, Golfing, Wine Tasting, and more!

Are you interested in being part of the Warrior Trading Team?

We are not currently hiring. However, please visit this page often!  We will post open positions here as soon as we are looking to bring on new team members!