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Learn to Day Trade & Swing Trade in our Online Trading Courses

Getting Started

As Day Traders and Swing Traders our mission is simple. We are looking for stocks that we expect will move in a predictable direction. We want to take a position with a predefined stop level and profit target. Sounds easy right? In a lot of ways it is. But there are literally thousands of different strategies for trading the market. Every trader has a unique approach to trading. Our goal is to teach you our strategies. I have developed a series of profitable trading strategies for beginners. We have even taught to clients at Lightspeed Financial and Speedtrader. Our Trading Courses focus on the most fundamental aspects of a successful trade.

Risk Management

We have discovered what is more important than picking the right stocks is managing your risk. If you can manage your risk on every trade using a 2:1 profit to loss ratio you can be successful even if you pick the wrong stocks HALF the time. Using an aggressive profit loss ratio helps you set the bar low for your success. This is extremely important! Many new traders attempt to trade without any understanding of risk management and this is the primary reason they fail. That’s why one of the first steps we’ll take is to put you on a trading simulator. While you could use E*Trade or Ameritrade, we will put you on the Fantasy Stock Traders simulator because it has been specifically designed to replicate the same conditions day traders need to experience!

Stock Selection

Once we have taught you the basics of risk management we move into stock selection. We have already told you that you can be wrong half the time and still be profitable, but we want to aim higher than that. We teach you how to find stocks to trade. Out of the thousands of stocks available to trade in the market we have to narrow down your watchlist to a select few. I’ll how you how to use tools including Bloomberg, MarketWatch, and Benzinga. We will do this by creating filters. We only look at stocks trading in a certain range and with a certain amount of volume. Additionally we will create filters for the type of companies that are typically the most profitable for trading.

Stock Scanning

In order to actively trade the strategies we teach you must be able to find stocks in real-time. I found this was the biggest struggle for most of our new students. You may have an understanding of basic chart patterns and risk reward ratios, but when it comes to finding trades in real-time you fall short. This can be an incredible frustrating feeling! And lets be honest, if you can’t find trades in real-time, you can’t profit. This is why we teach you how to scan the market using stock scanners built by Trade-Ideas. This platform is used by hundreds of thousands of traders world wide and was recognized in the 2015 Fintech Awards. All students in our trading courses also get access to my proprietary stock scanners.

Chart Patterns

After you understand risk management and proper stock selection, we teach you how to find stock patterns on charts. These patterns are how we base our risk and reward. We look for chart patterns that have well defined areas of support and resistance. We will use previous support levels as our stop price, or our risk, and we look at previous resistance areas as our initial profit target, or our reward. If the profit vs loss ratio is 2:1 we will take the trade. I teach both day trading strategies and swing trading strategies. For day trading we focus primarily on 5min charts while swing traders focus more on daily charts. The patterns in general are the same. I will show you how to use advanced charting software including eSignal Charting and TC2000 Charting.

Trading Strategies

Learning risk management, proper stock selection, and chart patterns is important, but those alone don’t create a day trading strategy. A trading strategy requires details on the time of day you take these trades, what type of stocks you like to trade, what percentage to success you expect. I will share the template I’ve created. This is the same template I use to trade the markets everyday. By learning my strategy you can quickly speedup the learning curve for becoming a full-time trader.  I teach traders how to find patterns in real-time including Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Flat Tops, Flat Bottoms, and Rubber Band Reversal Setups.

Trading Simulator

All our students are required to papertrade and prove to me that they can trade on a percentage of success that is high enough to justify real trading. If you can’t make money in a demo account, you have no business trading a real account. We have saved students hundreds of thousands of dollars by encouraging paper trading while they are learning. The market will be here for a long time to come. The important thing for you right now is to build up the skills to trade the market successfully. You will learn that once you possess the skills to consistently make $20.00/day all it takes to make $200 is larger share size. Then all it takes to make $2000 is again, larger share size. The hardest part is being consistently green just $20/day. So that is our initial target for all of our students. Profitable trading 4/5 days per week for at least 3 months.

A Life time of Success

In the final week of our trading course we go in depth on how to run a business as a trader. Being a professional trader is an amazing career but there are some important steps you must take to reduce your tax liability and take advantage of small business owner incentives. We will teach you some of the common strategies traders use. Additionally we will discuss the nitty gritty of advanced order execution, advanced Level 2 concepts, and complex technical indicators that are optional. As a student of our trading courses you are invited to retake classes as often as you’d like. We want to encourage you to re-watch recordings and attend future classes.

Don't just take our word for it... See what our students are saying...