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Short Selling Small Cap Momentum

A strategy for short-biased small cap trading.

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Short Selling
Shorting Parabolic Stocks
Shorting Momentum
Short Sale Restriction
Scaling and Averaging
Short Biased Trading


Chris is a Warrior Pro graduate focusing on short-selling momentum stocks. His strategy for stock selection is nearly identical to Ross's; however, rather than buying during the move up, Chris looks to short these momentum stocks off the top of their extensions for a mean reversion back to moving averages or Volume Weighted Average Price. Short selling requires a solid understanding of trading in general and an understanding of the higher levels of risk involved with being caught in a short squeeze. Chris shares the details of finding accessibility of shares to borrow using elite brokers that cater to active short sellers.


Chris has verified $100,000 in trading profits.
His results are not typical. We do not track the typical results of past or current customers. As a provider of trading tools and educational courses, we do not have access to the personal trading accounts or brokerage statements of our customers. As a result, we have no reason to believe our customers perform better or worse than traders as a whole.

Course Content

1. Short Selling Small Cap Momentum
Intro to Strategy
Risk Management
My Stock Selection Process
Trading Edge
Technical Analysis
My Strategy
Trading Psychology
My Golden Rules
Bonus: Live Trading Archives
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