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Trading Psychology

See what we've learned about the mindset of our most successful traders

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Decision Making
Problematic Mindsets for Traders
Emotional Trading
Radical Acceptance


Having the right mindset is critical for traders, and that is why we've developed an entire course on the topic. What makes this course stand out is that it is taught by Ted Walls, MA LMHC, the same person who has worked as Ross's personal trading coach and therapist for over 10 years. Ted is joined by Diane Walls, MA LCSW, in teaching this course that covers the mental roadblocks and frustrations traders will encounter, along with strategies for developing the discipline needed to stick to a strategy and risk plan. Ross credits Ted for helping him become the trader he is today.


Ted Walls, MA, LCMHC is co-founder of Wisemind Trading, a leader on the Psychology team at Warrior Trading, and a Psychotherapist in private practice.
Diane Hicks, MA, LCSW is co-founder of Wisemind Trading, a leader on the Warrior Trading Psychology Team as well as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Course Content

1. Problematic Mindsets and Emotional Trading
Problematic Mindsets and Emotional Trading
1 hr 5 min
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