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Overview of Position Sizing Class


Our standalone classes are short 1 day classes from the Day Trading Course. These cover specific topics requested by our students. This class is included for FREE with the Warrior Pro and Warrior Trading Mentor courses.


Included in the Position Sizing Class

Chapter 1 Risk & (R) Multiples Defined
Chapter 2 Expectancy & Probability
Chapter 3 Capturing Profits & Cutting Losers
Chapter 4 Effects of Proper Positioning Strategies

In this class Mike reviews the important topic of proper position sizing.  One of the most common sources of failure in new traders is over leveraging their accounts on the wrong trades.  By understanding your risk/reward ratios, profit targets, and percentages of success, you can remove emotions from the position sizing decision.  Focus on the statistics required for successful trading.

Student Case Study: Quits his Job & Makes $196k Day Trading


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