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Warrior Pro – The Ultimate Day Trading Strategy Course

Maybe you've learned a lot on your own already about day trading, but you feel stuck each day...

How do you decide what stocks to watch? 🕵️‍♂️ Are you entering and exiting without knowing why and without a plan? You feel like it's one step forward 📈, one step back. 📉

Or, maybe you're earlier in your day trading journey- just starting to research how to go about learning...

It seems like there's so much online, almost like trying to put together puzzle pieces 🧩 without knowing what the final picture should look like. 🖼️

Sound familiar?

That's where learning a Day Trading Strategy comes in.

While you can learn so much online for free, at Warrior Trading we think a few things are really important when it comes to Day Trading Education.

  • Learning from a mentor who has a transparent, accessible, and profitable track record. It's why Ross publishes his broker statements monthly on our website, and has been documenting his trading journey daily on YouTube for years. Green or red, big or small, our students know where he stands each day. After all, you wouldn't learn how to do something difficult that involves risk and money from just anyone, right?
  • Getting educated on an actual strategy that someone has traded, tracked, documented, and grown for years (read more on Ross's story here). Ross trades his momentum strategies each day, and he's developed our courses to include all of the details. Rather than having students rely on chat room call outs, we believe in teaching students how to fish for themselves. Students learn the concepts and details in our courses (all on-demand) and then join in live each morning to learn alongside Ross as he trades. Like most things in life, learning to day trade requires a combination of class time and practice time.
  • Giving students the tools they need to get started. Things like scanners and news to help them easily find stocks (and saving on other subscriptions), access to a trading simulator so they don't have to open a broker account right away or put real money on the line, customer support that they rave about, and so much more.

Here's a closer look at our Warrior Pro membership.

Day Trading Education - Learning the Basics

Warrior Starter Course- The Foundation

Warrior Starter Day Trading Course

The Warrior Starter Trading Course teaches introductory concepts including: Technical Analysis, Broker Platform Basics, Long vs Short Selling, Stock Selection, Trader Psychology and More. This ensures that before students move on to the strategy courses in Warrior Pro, they have the required knowledge to comprehend the strategies. The Starter Course is approximately 19 hours long.

Warrior Starter Course (Updated for 2021)

About 19 hours of videos, with quizzes & additional study materials

Ross's Momentum Trading Strategy - The Details

Warrior Pro Course - The Strategy

Warrior Pro Day Trading Strategy Course

The Warrior Pro Course is approximately 70 hours long and takes students through Ross's strategy in detail. From entries to exits, risk management, pattern recognition, reading level two and time and sales, Ross brings it all together in this comprehensive course. Over thirty set-ups are covered in detail as a part of Ross's momentum strategy.

Over 50 hours of videos, with quizzes & additional study materials.

A Professional Learning Platform

Our classes are on demand in a Learning Management System, allowing us to provide features like:

  • Interactive Quizzes to test knowledge
  • Downloadable resources such as class PDFs, worksheets, etc.
  • Ability for students to take notes and bookmark key moments in the courses
  • Students can learn anytime of day, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
Warrior Trading Quizzes

Test your knowledge as you go with our quizzes.

Expanded Course Material for Traders of All Levels

After educating thousands of traders of all levels, we also have added in course material we know traders need as they grow. We cover topics like transitioning from simulated to live trading, dealing with trading losses, managing market slow downs, and more.

Mentor Sessions Live and Recorded

Warrior Trading Mentor Session

Holding losers too long? It's a common problem. Our Pro Students can access live and recorded Mentor Sessions where we cover topics like this so you can overcome the challenges you'll face in your journey. There are hundreds of hours of Mentor Session recordings available to Pro Students covering a wide range of topics.

Warrior Trading Live Mentor Sessions

Join in Live Mentoring Sessions to get your questions answered, review your trades, and more.


Scanners, Chat, and News

Warrior Trading Chat Room, Scanners, and News for Day Traders

Finding stocks just got much easier. Our chat platform features premium scanners, breaking news, and an easy stock quote widget making it seamless to start evaluating a stock.

Breaking news is posted right in the chat feed, and students can also access premium news with just one click from a ticker on our scanners.

Real Time Data Simulator w/ Metrics (available as monthly add-on to membership)

Warrior Trading Simulator

For students who do not have access to a simulator through a brokerage account, we offer the ability to purchase monthly access to a trading simulator featuring real-time data. The platform includes the same market data Ross uses to trade, basic charts. Best of all? We have built in metrics reporting to understand key data on accuracy, profitability, and consistency.


Live Trading Archives

Live Day Trading Archives

The Live Trading Archives might just be one of the most valuable resources for students.

Watch some of Ross's most notable trades- green and red, and see his trading screen up close.

This allows students to slow down and see the strategy in action. Some recordings even include an overlay of Ross's keyboard and mouse to understand exactly how he placed his orders.

Downloadable Templates, Worksheets and Layouts

From trading plan worksheets to excel trade trackers, discount codes, and more we've got our students covered. A favorite among students? Layout files and demos for popular trading tools.

Warrior Pro Trading Plan Template

Students can access resources like our downloadable Trading Plan template as they develop their strategy.

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