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Overview of VWAP Trading Class


Our standalone classes are short 1 day classes from the Day Trading Course. These cover specific topics requested by our students. This class is included for FREE with the Warrior Pro and Warrior Trading Mentor courses.


Included in the VWAP Trading Class

Chapter 1 VWAP Explained
Chapter 2 Strategy & Tools
Chapter 3 VWAP Pop
Chapter 4 VWAP Crack
Chapter 5 VWAP Fade

In this class Mike discusses the trading around the VWAP.  He reviews his 3 VWAP trading strategies, the VWAP Pop, the VWAP Crack, and the VWAP Fade.  Many institutional and big money traders take positions around the VWAP so it’s important to understand this indicator and how stocks trade around it.  It’s been said that institutional traders look to accumulate positions around the VWAP because that’s the best average cost of the day.  Knowing this we can expect a different type of price action around the moving average.  By learning to use the VWAP you can increase your odds for success as a trader.

Student Case Study: Quits his Job & Makes $196k Day Trading


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