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As noted in the Terms sections upon becoming a member with Warrior Trading, violating these rules can result in immediate termination of your membership without refund. Our chat room moderators have full discretion to delete comments, mute, or end sessions of users who do not abide by these rules.


Please Read Before Entering


  1. Are you using a compatible browser? Only Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are compatible. Members will experience technical issues on Safari, Internet Explorer, Brave, and other browsers.
  2. Have you watched the platform walk-through video? Click here to view it and learn about the custom features of our chat platform!
  3. Have you reviewed our chat room rules below? If not, take a moment to view them before proceeding.

Chat Room Rules

Here’s what you need to know to maximize your experience in our live trading rooms!
If you are logging in for the first time, you need to review this short tutorial before proceeding:
Please open that in a new browser tab, and when finished, return here to proceed into the platform.
*** A reminder that chat room alerts are not buy and sell recommendations, please review our disclaimer for more information.

  1. HOURS: The Live Trading Chat Platform opens by 8:30am eastern each day the market is open, and closes a few minutes after market close at 4pm eastern Monday-Friday. Click here to see more about our chat room schedule and audio hours.Ross and Mike both begin streaming around 9am, give or take a few minutes and stream for their trading sessions, ending when they are done trading.Please note that their streaming times are dependent on market conditions, and are exact. For example, they may begin a little earlier if the market is busy pre-market, and run longer/shorter depending on trade opportunities.
  2. ROOMS: There are a few different rooms in our platform. You can be “in” multiple rooms at a time. A total of 4 rooms and screencast windows can be opened at once.
    • Small Cap Room- Active trading discussion on Small Cap stocks. This is where Ross broadcasts.
    • Large Cap Room- Active trading discussion on Large Cap stocks. This is where Mike broadcasts. Options trading can be found here as well, guided by Arsh in the chat.
    • Off Topic/Coffee Lounge- Connect with fellow students here. Open discussion on brokers, trading software, strategies etc. Sometimes chatter about food, travel, life etc as well.
    • Support Room- Get help from the Warrior Trading Support Team. Come here for technical assistance and general membership questions. We recommend stopping here first with questions, so we can either answer for you or point you in the right direction. Questions about a third-party trading platform should be addressed to that brokerage/company. If you are having any technical issues with Warrior Trading platforms, this should be your first stop.
  3. BROADCASTS: Ross and Mike broadcast each morning that the market is open.
    They will review what they see on the scanners, and go over an initial watch list. You will see them using both scanners and charts. We cover their tools and strategies in the Warrior Pro courses in depth.
    Level 2 and order entry windows are not shown. This data cannot be broadcast live. Pro students can view select past trading sessions with their whole trading screens recorded in the Live Trading Archives.
    Ross and Mike’s trading setups are calibrated to best suit their trading. They cannot make adjustments based on student requests (ie changing colors for indicators etc). We encourage you to focus on watching charts, level 2 etc in your own platform for the best learning experience.
  4. MODERATORS: You will see various moderators online throughout the day to assist you.
    Head Traders/Educators: Ross and Mike
    Trading Mentors/Moderators: JohnL10, Jess B, Celena, Hulk, Roberto, Arsh, Michelle
    Warrior Support Team: Tim, Carina, Arsh, Steph
    Ross, Mike and the Trading Mentors have the top focus each day of trading their accounts. They may call out or note their entry/exits, offer watch lists, add commentary about the market, and answer some student questions. Some also teach live classes, called Mentor Sessions, that are accessible for Pro students.Please note that our moderators share for educational purposes. You should NEVER mirror trade, or blindly follow their trades. It is risky, and highly discouraged.
  5. EXPECTATIONS: Please read through these so you have the proper expectations for your time in our live trading rooms. Note that not all memberships have the ability for you to type into the chat. Most membership levels outside of Warrior Pro and Warrior Starter are listen and view access only.
    • Our Small and Large Cap rooms are for active trading discussion. Please remember to take questions on items outside of active trading discussion to the Support or Off Topic Rooms. Active trading discussion means chatter about stocks moving, trades you are taking, questions on other’s trades, and market condition discussions.
    • Questions. One of the best benefits for our students is the ability to discuss what they are learning or practicing with others. To enhance the experience for the whole community, we encourage you to do the following:
      • Take the courses first. Most of your questions are answered in the classes. We can all get the most from each other when we focus our discussion on questions that are not covered in the coursework, or discuss items that you found confusing in the courses.
      • Moderators in the chat room will answer as many questions as they can. They will prioritize questions that are not ones we cover in our core curriculum.
      • Our support team can answer many of your basic questions, especially about any audio/tech issues with the platform, the simulator, broker rebates, and more. Don’t hesitate to stop in and see us first as you get used to the community.
  6. Rules for the Community: Please review the entire Chat Room Rules above. It is important that you read and understand the chat room rules. Violating them, or our Terms and Conditions (which can be found here:  can result in a restriction or cancellation of your account without refund. 
    • Please be respectful. Our community is intended to be conducive to learning how to, and actively trading. Our rules, linked above, are to support that intention.
    • We expect members to be encouraging, kind and supportive of each other.
    • Conduct that is disruptive or  disrespectful can result in your chatting ability being muted or put your membership at risk.

    Our chat rooms are moderated for everyone’s safety, security and enjoyment. We do not allow the sharing of personal information, and require all chatting to be in English for this reason.