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Day 13 of the Small Account Challenge +$1,002.23 | Ep #14

Day 13 of the Small Account Challenge +$1,002.23 | Ep #14

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Today was Day 13 of the small account challenge and I was able to add an additional $1,002.23 to my account.  This brings me to just over $8,600 in equity, vs my starting balance of $583.15 13 days ago.  It’s been a ride!  Both today and yesterday I had some close call trades.  I was a a little frustrated with my performance yesterday as I lost $600 before rallying and finishing the day up $47.  Today I went green on my first trade +$1k, but then fell into the red -500 on a position.  I held until it came back and turned into a winner, but I didn’t feel like it was the cleanest trade.


This weekend I’ll get to take a little break and then come back Monday morning recharged and ready to go!


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