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Charts for Day Traders

Powered by TradingView, Customized for Warrior Trading
Our Charts are Customized for Day Traders

At Warrior Trading, we partnered with TradingView to harness their charting engine as the base framework for our development. We have customized these charts by adding the technical indicators used by our mentors as default settings so new members can sit down and immediately begin looking at the exact same charts as their mentors.

A prime example of our customization is eliminating ADFN orders from our charts. In recent years, market data has become increasingly filled with delayed and erroneous prints. The result is that when these orders are marked on charts, they create candlestick patterns that are incorrect. In order to preserve the integrity of our charts, we filter out delayed and erroneous prints, giving our members the most accurate charts possible.

Ross's Custom Layout and Indicators
Our members can access charts that are pre-configured with all of Ross's indicators and layouts, making it easy to begin applying what they learn in the courses. These layouts match the technical analysis and trading strategies taught in our courses, along with what Ross uses to trade each day.
Seconds Time Interval
As any experienced day trader knows, the markets move quickly with or without you. In order to help day traders capitalize on fast-moving markets, Ross and our mentors began teaching traders about using sub 1min time frames. As part of our development work, we have released 10-second, 15-second, and 24-second charts to our members. These time frames allow a close-up view of the price of a stock as 1min and 5min candles are still forming. This gives our members an edge over traders purely relying on slower time frames for their entry and exit signals.
Preconfigured and Fully Customizable Layouts for Charts and Scanners
Set your own layouts with your Scanners and Charts just how you like them. Easily identify stocks to evaluate and analyze their charts, all within the same platform. Save different layouts for different times of day (Pre-Market, Market Open, Power Hour) or to any other preference you have. Access suggested layouts from Ross and other Warrior Mentors.
Personalize Your Chart Settings
Adjust the charts to how you want to visualize your data.
Window Grouping
Easily group windows together for both charts and scanners.
Vast Library of Technical Analysis Tools
You'll find tons of technical analysis tools within our charting platform- both those taught in our strategy courses and others as well.
Large Library of Precustomized Indicators
Save time with customized indicators available within our chart library.

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Purchase Day Trade Dash as a standalone subscription, or add it on to our Memberships.

More About Charts for Day Traders

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

Active traders rely on stock charts to place their trades. Using stock charts is called technical analysis. This is in contrast to fundamental analysis, which is the process of estimating a company's true value and potential value by analyzing financial disclosures, reviewing cash flow, and understanding the growth trends of competitors. Technical analysis relies purely on price action. The various prices a stock trades at become recorded in a stock chart and forms a historical look at the performance of a company's share price.

Learn more in our Technical Analysis Guide.

Utilizing Stock Charts

Day traders rely on stock charts to understand historical price action and to predict the future price. Unlike long-term investors who work to predict the price of a stock over the next 5-10 years, day traders attempt to predict the price of a stock over the next 5-10 minutes. These short-term fluctuations in price on volatile stocks are what day traders thrive on.

View our video tutorial on using stock charts.