Mentoring Available with a Live Stream + Chat Subscription


Available Only For Live Stream + Chat Subscribers

An exclusive benefit for Pro Members is the ability to access live and recorded mentor sessions with a Live Stream + Chat subscription. Our Mentors have learned from Ross, developed their own trading styles, proven profitability through our Badge System, and now give back to other Pro members by answering questions and going deeper on certain topics.

Mentoring also includes access to Ted Walls (LCMHC) and Diane Hicks (MA LCSW), Ross’s personal trading coaches who provide regular trading psychology sessions.

The way people used to learn?

When Ross was learning how to trade he didn’t have the benefit of an experienced mentor to help him avoid the rookie mistakes and traps that so many beginners fall into. As a result, Ross’s learning curve was expended much longer than it should have been as he progressed through a multi-year period of trial and error.

In the past, if you wanted to learn how to trade in the financial markets, you needed to get a job working at an institutional trading desk. That meant for people like Ross living in rural areas, either you moved to the city, or you found a different job.

Today, with our live broadcasting classrooms, you can sign in from anywhere in the world and attend mentor sessions hosted by experienced traders.

Get the support you need

When you sign in to our mentor sessions, you’ll be able to listen to our mentors discuss current market conditions, answer questions from attendees, and review their trades and metrics. Whether you’re going through the classes or you’re trading in the simulator, bring your trading metrics, bring your questions, and come to the mentor sessions ready to learn and receive the support you need.

Ready to get started?
Mentoring is available with a Live Stream + Chat subscription for our Warrior Pro Membership. Click to learn more and join.