14-Day Money Back Guarantee


Warrior Trading offers a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee for students who join the Warrior Pro trading course through purchase links made available in our webinars. Only purchases made through these special webinar offers are eligible for money-back guarantee. All other purchases are subject to standard Terms and Conditions.


To Be Eligible for the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

1. Traders must complete their quizzes for the first 4 chapters of Warrior Starter.

2. Students must contact Warrior Trading on or before the 14th day after purchase to request a refund. Requests after 14 days will not be honored.

3. Inner Circle students need to complete Warrior Starter prior to their first mentor session during the 14-day period.

4. We only allow one 14 Day Money Back Guarantee refund per person.


This means you can join today, try the program for 14 days, connect with our community of 5,000 plus traders just like you for support, and if you decide this is not right for you…

* Just email our support team ([email protected]) on or before the 14th day. The only thing we require is that you:

Show us that you have completed all of your homework from Warrior Starter Lessons 1–4 prior to requesting the refund.