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Warrior Trading Profit Trifecta
The 3 Timeless Laws of Profitable Trading

Timeless Law #1 – What separates a beginner trader from an experienced trader? It’s their ability to consistently generate profits on a weekly basis. Consistency is the key to being a profitable trader. Being profitable once, twice, or even a few times doesn’t count, that just means you got lucky. It’s the ability to be able to consistently have more winners than your losers for weeks. We’ll dive deeper below.

Timeless Law #2 – Having consistency is great but what’s important is not all consistency but how much you make or lose on each trade and that’s why having a higher profit to loss ratio is one of the keys to success with trading. Yes, you read that right it’s not about being profitable or “perfect” on every trade. It’s about winning more than you’re losing and understanding why you lost and reducing it each and every time.


Timeless Law #3 – Let’s pretend that you are now consistently trading the markets with a high profit to low loss ration, is that all you need? No, the final core law or piece is how many times you are profitable out of every 10 trades you execute on. You might be profitable only half the time but eventually, when you follow my proven process you’ll gradually win more and more and then as you’re probability for profits increases, so does your freedom.

“Why Following The Warrior Trading Profit Trifecta Is The ONLY Safe, Secure, And Sustainable Path to Freedom With Trading…”

With a community of over 500,000 traders and thousands of people just like you that want to achieve freedom through journey having become students of my proven trading system, we understand you. We know at the start and even during your freedom journey, theirs’s a TON of frustration and lack of clarity, risks, and no clear roadmap to becoming a consistently profitable trader. Which is why as promised let’s dive deeper into this below…

The Profit Trifecta Law #1


Ask yourself: Would you want to learn and follow a trader that’s been able to make money get freedom or profits once/twice OR a trader that has had the freedom for a decade and be profitable every single day, week, month even if the economy changes? The traders that have made money in a few trades aren’t the people that you want to learn from. Below you’ll discover the Top 3 challenges/obstacles that hold 95% of trader back from having this law work for them instead of against them. On the upcoming webinar, I’ll provide you the solution to these challenges but I just want you to be aware of them.


“Top 3 Challenges / Obstacles Of Consistency For Every Trader.”


The first obstacle to establishing consistency for every trader is overcoming one of our most natural tendencies and fight against our fear of missing out. In other words, they have “FOMO”, they react from the market and tell themselves this story and execute a trade without a proven process and system and LOST a TON of money. This could be that they’re profitable and then they should stop but losing money or they’re losing money and they “think” that just one more trade will turn it all around.


The second obstacle and challenge are that they lack structure when it comes to their trading. They don’t have a “proven” plan or strategy that they stick with for short-term and long-term and most importantly they don’t know if the current trading plan or strategy is a good plan and they deviate from it which disrupts the consistency and causes them to have a loss on their trades.


The third main obstacles and challenge for consistency are having quality trading setups. What does this mean? Think of these as the 12 commandments in the bible. Well, just like that there are also principles/commandments when it comes to profitable trading the markets on a consistent basis that you MUST follow in order to have the freedom you want. Breaking these will result in breaking your consistency.

Meet Chris

Trader Success Story #1

Chris is one of our most recent students that joined the Warrior Trading Community and has been following our proven trading system which has allowed him to take his trading and lifestyle to the next level. Watch what he has to say after he attended the webinar and joined the community.

“On This Upcoming Webinar, You’ll Discover How 1000’s of Warrior Trading Student Have Overcome Their Lack of Consistency And Improved Them Till They Were Profitable.”

One of the main highlights on this upcoming webinar is that you will learn Ross’s proven process for trading, the three timeless laws of the profit trifecta that cost him $890,000 to learn and not just what worked for him but has worked for thousands of traders just like you that have learned from him. Now let’s dive deeper into 2nd law of the profit trifecta.

The Profit Trifecta Law #2

Profit/Loss Ratio

Once you have your consistency down then the next thing that you want to focus on which might be the most important thing is how much profit vs. lose when you’re executing a trade. One of the biggest misconceptions of traders is the goal is that you NEVER want to lose any money. That isn’t true. The most important thing is WIN more than you lose. How do you use the slight edge of profits ahead of losses so that you’re profitable at the end of the day. This is one of the core things that you’ll learn on the upcoming webinar is how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.


Top 3 Challenges / Obstacles Of Profit/Loss Ratio For Every Trader


The first challenge/obstacle for traders of having a successful profit/loss ratio is that they don’t know what is their maximum loss threshold and where to edge of the cliff is and so they make the mistakes of pushing past this and losing money on trades.


The second obstacle/challenge of every trader is not knowing when the right time or factors are to selling your losers and holding/keeping your winners close to you. Often times traders struggle to identify which trades they have taken are winners or losers before it’s too late because they don’t know how and when to identify them.


The third main challenge is that traders don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t understand the metrics or key trading indicators that allow for a having a high profit to loss ratio. This results in them being unable to manage the various types of risks that come with trading and they end up having more losses than profits.

Meet Justin

Trader Success Story #2

Discover How Justin Made $3,800+ In Profits without ANY trading experience and after one month of graduating from the Warrior Pro when he joined on the webinar you’re about to attend.

“This final piece is that I will be teaching you on the webinar in depth on “HOW” you can increase your trade win % my principles, strategies, and the details and intricacies of a decade of trading the markets every single day and millions of dollars.

Get the priceless lessons without the hardship, the profits without too many losses and the experience without the all overwhelm that comes with trading on this upcoming webinar.”

The Profit Trifecta Law #3

Trade Win%

The final profit trifecta law is your trade win % which is how many times you win when you’re trading. Most traders have a negative trade win % which is why with each and every trade they end up losing their shirts because they don’t understand what and how to increase their trade win % so that they have a higher probability of success with trading. On the upcoming webinar, Ross will be teaching you the simplest process for you to increase your trade win % and potentially start at 50% right when you start trading which will put you ahead of 93% of traders on the market.


Top 3 Challenges / Obstacles Of Trade Win % For Every Trader


First obstacles/challenge of having a high trade win % for most traders is that they lack the education of not knowing the factors/variables that cause a low trade win % and how to optimize each piece. Imagine this being the dials on a wall and seeing exactly what you need to do in order to get the result that you want. Most traders are trading blindly and they lose money without understanding how and why. We’ll show you what you need to know.


The second obstacle or challenge is that they trade based on “gut” feelings and “assumptions” of what they think is going to happen when they trade without any actual facts, numbers, and trends that allow for them to make a calculated trade. They pray and hope that the trade they’re about to take is going to be a profitable one and their unvalidated assumptions ruin them.


The third obstacle/challenge for most traders is that their mindset is a like a bet or a gamble when it comes to trading and that they will be profitable eventually if they just take enough trades. However, what they don’t know is that trading is a calculated sport. Not math or statistics, but that it’s a proven process system understanding the markets and how to trade. Remember, it’s not “what” you trade… but “how” you trade. We’ll teach you the how on this upcoming webinar.

Meet Crystal

Trader Success Story #3

Discover how this former law school student didn’t have to end up work 60-70 hour weeks and now enjoys the freedom of spending more time with her family while working only 2-3 hours a day thanks to The Warrior Pro Trading System

“These are the three stages that our students potentially go through in one years time with us.”

You’ll Discover The Path Of Least Resistance To Accelerating Your Journey To Freedom. I’ll be giving you the bridge, tools, and knowledge.The question then becomes how much average daily profits do you need to breakthrough to freedom?



Average Daily Profits At This Level



Average Daily Profits At This Level



Average Daily Profits At This Level


“You’ll Discover The Path Of Least Resistance To Accelerating Your Journey To Freedom. I’ll be giving you the bridge, tools, and knowledge.”

Discover The Stories Of The Thousands Of Students From Around The Globe That Have Attended The Webinar, Stayed Until The End And Joined The Warrior Trading Family.

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