Warrior Trading Profit Trifecta
The 3 Timeless Laws of Profitable Trading

Timeless Law #1 – What separates a beginner trader from an experienced trader? It’s their ability to consistently generate profits on a weekly basis. Consistency is the key to being a profitable trader. Being profitable once, twice, or even a few times doesn’t count, that just means you got lucky. It’s the ability to be consistently have more winners than losers for weeks. We’ll dive deeper below.

Timeless Law #2 – Having consistency is great but what’s important is also how much you make or lose on each trade. That’s why having a higher profit-to-loss ratio is one of the keys to success with trading. Yes, you read that right: it’s not about being profitable or “perfect” on every trade. It’s about winning more than you’re losing and understanding why you lost so that you can reduce losses each and every time.


Timeless Law #3 – Let’s pretend that you are now consistently trading the markets with a high profits and low losses. Is that all you need? No, the final core law is how many times you are profitable out of every 10 trades you execute on. As your probability for profits increases, so does your freedom!

“Why Following the Warrior Trading Profit Trifecta is a Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Path to Freedom with Trading…”

With a community of over 500,000 traders and people that want to achieve freedom, we understand you. We know at the start and even during your journey towards freedom, there may be frustration and lack of clarity, and no clear roadmap for becoming a consistently profitable trader. We’ve worked to create such a roadmap to help guide our students towards their goals….

The Profit Trifecta Law #1


Ask yourself: would you want to learn and follow a trader that’s been able to profit a few times OR a trader that has had financial freedom for a decade and is profitable consistently, even through economic changes? The traders that have made money in a few trades aren’t the people that you want to learn from. Below you’ll discover the top 3 obstacles that hold 95% of traders back from having this law work for them instead of against them. On the upcoming webinar, I’ll provide you the solution to these challenges but I just want you to be aware of them.


“Top 3 Challenges of Consistency for Every Trader.”


The first obstacle to establishing consistency for every trader is overcoming one of our most natural tendencies: the fear of missing out. In other words, many traders will have “FOMO” and react instinctually from the market and execute a trade without a process, and lose a TON of money. We’ve heard these stories too often. Many times traders are profitable at first but don’t exit a trade in time, and other times they are already losing money but hold onto that trade or make another, thinking it will all turn around.


The second obstacle is that they lack structure when it comes to their trading. They don’t have a proven strategy to use for short-term or long-term, and they often don’t even know if their current trading strategy is a good one. This leads to a cycle of trial and error with little to no analysis, which disrupts consistency and causes them to have a loss on their trades and no clear idea which strategy it resulted from.


The third main challenge for consistency is finding quality trading setups. There are defined principles when it comes to profitable trading the markets on a consistent basis. You you MUST follow them in order to have the freedom you want. Breaking these principles will result in breaking your consistency.

“On This Upcoming Webinar, You’ll Discover How 1000s of Warrior Trading Students Have Overcome Their Lack of Consistency and Gained Confidence with a Roadmap in Hand”

One of the main highlights of this upcoming webinar is that you will learn Ross’s proven process for trading, the three timeless laws of the Profit Trifecta that cost him $890,000 in gross trading losses to learn and not just what worked for him. Now let’s dive deeper into 2nd law of the Profit Trifecta.

The Profit Trifecta Law #2

Profit/Loss Ratio

Once you have your consistency set, then the next thing that you want to focus on, which actually might be the most important, is how much you profit vs. lose when you’re executing a trade. One of the biggest misconceptions of traders is the goal is that you NEVER want to lose any money. This shouldn’t be the focus. The most important thing is to WIN more than you lose. How do you use the slight edge of profits ahead of losses so that you’re profitable at the end of the day? One of the core things that we’ll discuss in the upcoming webinar is how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.


Top 3 Challenges/Obstacles of Profit/Loss Ratio for Every Trader


The first challenge/obstacle for traders of having a successful profit/loss ratio is that they don’t know their maximum loss threshold and where the edge of that cliff is. Oftentimes they make the mistake of pushing past this edge and losing money on trades.


The second obstacle/challenge for every trader seeking a successful profit/loss ratio is not knowing when to sell the losers or how long to hold the winners. Often, traders struggle to identify which trades they have taken are winners and losers before it’s too late to identify them.


The third main challenge is simply that traders don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t understand the key metrics or trading indicators that they are missing which allow for a having a high profit-to-loss ratio. This results in them being unable to manage the various types of risks that come with trading, and they end up having more losses than profits.

“This final piece that I will be teaching you in the webinar is HOW I increased my trade win % to nearly 70%: my principles and strategies, and the details and intricacies that nearly a decade of trading the markets has given me.

Get the priceless lessons without the hardship, the profits without as many losses, and the experience without the all overwhelm that comes with trading.”

The Profit Trifecta Law #3

Trade Win%

The final profit trifecta law is your trade win % which is the percentage of times you win when you’re trading. Most traders have a negative trade win % and can forget that each and every trade matters to increase this and give them a higher probability of success with trading. On the upcoming webinar, Ross will be teaching the simplest process to help increase trade win % and potentially start trading right at 50% base level.


Top 3 Obstacles of Trade Win % for Every Trader


The first obstacle most traders have with maintaining a high trade win percentage is that they lack the education of knowing the factors that cause a low trade win % and how to optimize each piece. Imagine this being the dials on a wall and seeing exactly where each dial needs to be turned in order to get the result that you want. Most traders are trading blindly and lose consistently without understanding how and why. We’ll show you what you need to know.


The second obstacle or challenge is that they trade based on “gut” feelings and “assumptions” of what they think is going to happen. When traders trade without any actual facts, numbers, or trends that result in calculated trading, they instead pray and hope that the trade they’re about to take is going to be a profitable one, and their unvalidated assumptions can ruin them.


The third obstacle/challenge for most traders is that their mindset is a like a bet or a gamble when it comes to trading and they believe that they will be profitable eventually if they just take enough trades. However, what they don’t know is that trading is a calculated sport. Not so much in the sense of math or statistics, but in the idea that there are proven systems to understanding the markets and how to trade. Remember, it’s not “what” you trade, but “how” you trade. We’ll teach you the “how” in this upcoming webinar.

“These are the three stages that our students potentially go through in one year’s time with us.”

You’ll discover the path of least resistance to accelerate your journey to freedom. I’ll be giving you the bridge, tools, and knowledge. The question then becomes how much average daily profits do you need to break through?



Average Daily Profits at this Level



Average Daily Profits at this Level



Average Daily Profits at this Level


“You’ll Discover The Path Of Least Resistance To Accelerating Your Journey To Freedom. I’ll be giving you the bridge, tools, and knowledge.”

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