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As many of you know, Warrior Trading runs the largest day trading chat room in the world.  We have thousands of members in our community actively trading the markets.  We decided to compile some of our favorites Warrior Trading Reviews & testimonials!  The comments below are a testament to years of trading experience and hard work that went into building the Warrior Trading community.  I hope you will enjoy reading these and please feel free to send us your own submissions!  We greatly appreciate you honest and candid feedback.


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Founded in 2012, Warrior Trading has grown to be the largest day trading chat room on Wall Street.  We have over 2000 active members in our community an continue to grow each month.  Receiving positive Warrior Trading reviews from our students has become an everyday occurrence.  We routinely have students emailing us to say thank you for the education we’ve provided them.  The most positive Warrior Trading review is a survey we conducted with our Trading Course Students.  We found that over 80% of our students are profitably trading the markets since taking our trading courses.  This tells us that Warrior Trading creates profitable traders.  We have even partnered with Stock Brokers who want their students trained by Warrior Trading because they know a customer who stays for live is the best type to have.  If you are ready to take the leap and start your journey as a day trader, we’re here to help you!  Please check out the Warrior Trading reviews here and in the links below.

These include the Gap and Go Strategy, the Momentum Strategy, and the Reversal Strategy.